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#5 - Harry Gets Pissed.

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  • #5 - Harry Gets Pissed.

    Thank you, thank you, for my sister's copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

    Unluckily for her, I came home before she did and saw the unopened fed-ex box lying on our kitchen table.

    - Moi.
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    Currently working my way through chapter 10. I would be farther along but, you know, work . Still, loving it so far.
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      Screw all that waiting in line and possibly not getting a copy. I bought mine at 12:30am at Walmart for 17 bucks. Didn't have to wait in line, didn't have to fight for a copy. They had hundreds. On a very very large cart. I'm plowing through it as we speak.. well not right now.. I'm typing.. but afterwords... PLOW!!

      ~~Runs away~~
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        Oh you lucky lucky people. I can't even attempt to get one since I live in the middle of no where without transportation

        *goes back to re-reading the others for about the hundreth time*
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          Should I mention I haven't even read the four other books? A classmate lent them to me, but I have yet to open them.

          Too many other books to read...
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            Read them. Trust me, it'll fly by so quick you'll be back to the other books in no time
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              Hmmmm... Haven't read any of the Potter series, but have seen the first installment of the movies. How are the characterizations in the book? If they're any good, I might give the books a whirl (or at least the first two).
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                If you even kinda liked the movie, read the book.. The characterizations are much better, and Rowlings doesn't treat her readers like idiots. She delves into the psyche alot better than some adult writers even do.

                The plots are driven so fluid that the reading is almost oddly quick. It's amazing how fast I can go through a 700 page book like Goblet of Fire. I'll probably finish OotP quickly as well.
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                  I haven't seen a store that sells it since it came out! *runs out to buy it*

                  I couldn't do anything else in my life until I finished any of the Potter books. I'm a total loser. *Sigh*

                  A glutton for punishment.


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                    Never read any of the books.. never watched any of the movies..I think I'll keep it that way.
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                      Originally posted by Rikka
                      Never read any of the books.. never watched any of the movies..I think I'll keep it that way.
                      That's like walking into a videogame store and say "I don't play videogames, and I never will."



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                        You utter children! Those books are for 10-year-olds! *smug self-satisfaction*
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                          I know more adults than children that have read and loved those books.

                          They're not so simply written that only children will enjoy. And don't knock it till you try it.
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                            First book was rather.. bleah. Really simplistic and rather trite. She got better at writing in the 2nd one and hit her stride by the third.

                            I could barely stomach the first one. Was on par with 'the babysitters club' that I remember from when I was 8 yrs old. But I was house sitting and bored brainless and had nothing else to do so... I read them all, since they were sitting there in a pile on their kitchen table.

                            Fast dreams. simple language, easy to digest. The material gets a bit more sophisticated as the characters themselves grow and get brain cells.


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                              I've read hundreds of books in the same genre, but books written for adult audiences. These are better than half of them.

                              *carries on reading*


                              p.s. - if you like these, you may like Tamora Peirce's work - who was about before, but I never hear mentioned, and has ...
                              *tries to explain*.

                              I like them.

                              They are a completely different type of stories to Harry Potter, but they tend to have the theme of a character developing over 4 books, then you'll see another character a bit further in the timeline - different situation, different personality - developing over another 4 books.
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