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  • How tall!

    Curious, don't ask me why - but how tall would you say your character is? I mean sure we have towering people - but everyones view of towering could be different. I mean, towering to a short person could be normal to a tall person - though then you have people who are towering to tall people. *babbles momentarily*

    So anyway, about how tall feet and inches would you say your character(s) are?

    Adayne - 5'11 - 6 Lord I gotta edit, I imagined Ada being taller than Dav :P *snicker*
    Sinvy - 5'7
    Dawn - 5'5-5'6
    Triffle - 4'2

    Yes, I'm nosy.
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    NIzhoni is 5' 9"

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      Uh. I just go by what the parser tells me...

      Stix is average height.

      Barinboff is short.
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        I've always seen Destasia as 5'11".

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          Priam is 6' or so.
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            Martina is around 5'4".


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              Well, I don't think of Glyphe as any height in inches, but thinking about it, I'd say five nine. Riony always seems short to me, so probably five five.


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                Maya is about 6'2".
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                  Ryot is about 6'5 or 6'6.

                  He's basically two inches taller than me, has more manageable hair, and is slightly less evil.

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                    Belziel is about 6'2''.


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                      I see john as 7'3". 7'6" with his tall boots on. Or as avaria has put it a few times, freakishly huge.


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                        Namida.. A bit taller than I am r/l - about 170 cm (would that be like 5'8?)

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                          I guess Elsie's about 5'2"?

                          Pretty damn short!
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                            *pokes lydia* Same height as my mom and I tease her constantly. In a good natured loving way of course, small fry.



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                              I have -always- had this vague impression that Johnathan is about the tallest thing to hit the hallways since the Recent Awakenings started.
                              Priam: You know what's a bad idea?
                              Kyramor: Not usually