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  • Marrach-related dreams

    I thought maybe we should have a thread of dreams we've had that involve Marrach - whether you see the client in the dream or you're actually in it.

    Last night I remember seeing the client in my dream, and on the who list was 'Princess Viceran'. I wish I could remember the rest of that dream.

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    Well..I remember having a dream where Queen Vivienne searched through my bag, suddenly turned into my Grandmother and started singing songs from HMS Pinafore..-.-

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      I have dreamed multiple times of Marrach...mostly about the Duelists....

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        Well i had two really...

        One was me looking outside the gate of the castle and seeing a huge river just in front of the gate, which was weird since water didnt came in...

        Second was Trist and Eryus in Toys R US fighting over a dog robot... *eyeshift*
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          I had one where someone woke me up and told me that I was late to a duel and when I got there the entire castle was standing there all carrying swords....yeah, then the swords all turned into those pretzels...and I hate pretzels so I ran away, then I woke up



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            Well, I always dream of CM, but the most important dreams I have are about my characters. For instance, Vidula. I wasn't sure where I was going with her when I first created her, but I had dreams after Ryot called her 'little rat'. I dreamt of her in an alley, talking to the rats, eating with the rats, sleeping with the rats. I dreamt many things about her, and wrote them down. That is where her story comes from.

            I do it with every character I have, so I guess I can credit the sand man for my stories? Hmmm...I'll have to figure out a way to ask his permission to use those stories. Anywho! That's what I dream about.
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              I had a dream that I figured out who sir davog was in real life because he was my mama's lawyar but he was also a bald drag queen in real life who had an addiction to cotton candy. (no offense davog)

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                Oddly enough, I almost never remember my dreams, but last night I do remember having a Marrach dream. It was in parser, and all of us new knights were being taught the proper way to dance (can't remember if Sansie was the one teaching). But my alarm went off before it got very far.

                (who is not a lawyer, bald or a drag queen, and I can take or leave the cotton candy )


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                  I dreamed the Royal Sorceror showed up (Bzzz). And performed a ritual that would bring the answer to the Castle's problems. I think I've been watching Bruce Campbell VS. The Army of Darkness way too much - anyway, there I was: with my sidearm and a shotgun and plenty of ammo and cool stuff in my sports bag. The rest of the dream was about me showing the 'boom stick' to everybody, blowing some heads off.. fun fun fun. The weird thing is that I met Dekard in my dream, and I became good friends with him. Go figure.
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                    I've had several Marrach dreams since I started playing. That's just the sort of mildly obsessive, addicted person I am. What I find most odd about them are that they are usually a pretty even split between fairly striking visuals and parser text.

                    Sometimes they can get pretty odd. Here is one I actually wrote down...

                    (12/7/02) Marrach Dream: I sit surrounded by characters, but not in the castle. I particularly remember Master Quilp having a line of model ships on the shore of a lake.

                    A man appears with dark hair, gnarled hands, and greenish fingernails. He wore mostly blue. (parser examination).

                    Suddenly everyone's face goes blank and all activity stops. Three people I've never met get up from their seats and begin to walk away, faces still vacant as if in a trance. I spring to block their path and ask what they're doing. When they tell me they are leaving I ask them why.

                    This attracts the attention of the dark-haired man. He stares directly at me and begins to push through the dazed crowd until he is standing in front of me. The green-fingernailed, gnarled hand is swept in front of my face while the man speaks. After the hand passes, even though I am fully aware of the situation, I am under his control. He begins to leave and I have no choice but to follow, unblinking, along with those I had earlier questioned.

                    I remember at one point, while following the man, passing so near to Gareth that our fingers brushed together. But he was dazed like everyone else and could not help me.

                    After a bit more of the dream I believe I am somehow transformed into a mouse and shut in a cage in the well-appointed study (parser examination) of the dark-haired man. I think there was also a second man sometimes that the dark-haired man spoke to...

                    Sometimes they're nicer than that, but that was one of the more detailed ones I've had recently. If you can call a year and a bit ago recently.
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                      *giving this post a little bump*

                      Well, whenever I'm playing CM regularly, I almost always dream in text. Lousy dreams mostly, or just flat out bizarre. The standard for them is that I'm thinking what I'm going to type, and my fingers type something -completely- different. I apologise profusely ooc, correct it, then it happens right after... over and over until I get so frustrated with not being able to connect my thoughts with my fingers that I log out.

                      Recent text dream screwups:

                      Headbutting Alrik out of the blue. No reason, just randomly in the middle of conversation. (I have no idea why.)

                      Unthinkingly kissing Boreas' cheek like Di does with a lot of people. (Think that one was after an rp night with Loar joking about dropping in on Boreas and having to pay a 'toll' for waking him up.)

                      Slapping Viceran's arse in the middle of a talk. (And this one I think I know where it came from. Came right after that post in FMM about Zhane and Percy and on the heels of that rumor about Vic's rump last time.)

                      Tilting my wine to Samia's gown instead of to my lips. -.- Then Di freaking out because she loves Samia, and I think she ended up permanently banned or something. (I think this has to do with all the ooc talk about seamstresses lately. Not sure.)

                      Then other odd stuff. Like last night I remember dreaming that Di was in the practice hall with Gareth and some other people and Di was being a smart-ass and suddenly I get a:
                      Gareth asks you to help him improve his sarcasm skill. It actually accepted, and that was followed by a slew of ooc "omg" type remarks... very odd and completely random.

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                        It hasn't happened recently, but I used to dream in Parser form, seeing it play out on a computer screen. That's scary, believe you me.
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                          Wow, I forgot this thread, I had so many scary CM dreams lately.

                          1st : I was sitting around in this mini salon in the castle with Corian. Suddenly, Bertram comes in all elegant and dashy, looked a bit like Vittorio, blue black hair and all. So Bertram makes a comment at Corian and then leaves to walk around the castle. Next thing I know, were in the yard, watching Bertram dead, Pinned to the west wall of the yard with Pegan daggers - murdered by Sylver. Cant remember the rest.

                          2nd : Trist is leaving her room only to find out the aim of the game was changed, the castle is filled with water and your goal is to keep your head up and not be eaten by gigantic fish. I didnt like CM anymore in that state, not to mention the wet smothered scrolls and the fact a huge red Locus fish ate Trist the moment she left Hastings' room.

                          3rd : Trist leaves her room only to find out that CM has been developing technologically - it was HORRID. We had trains! And you needed to switch three trains just to get to the dinning hall from the guest hall! Trist was sobbing and there were inner tubes (not sure of the term) in the fountain of the inner yard.
                          Anyway, no trains for CM, lots of stairs but we'll walk, thank you.

                          I'm a weirdo, I know
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                            The last CM dream I had was a bit scary I must admit.

                            For some reason Boreas was holding a social/banquet thing with the whole Winter Court there, including Bertram and the Queen.

                            Then for some reason, I am called to stand before Boreas, he wishes to talk to me about something, in front of the whole Winter Court.

                            I remember being scared and certainly not wanting this to happen.
                            I wake myself before I reach the dias where Boreas sits.

                            (details missing as it is a few months ago I had this dream)

                            I always tend to dream it as pictures and real dreams, with myself being the role of Namida. There has been many odd and wierd dreams over the years, and those most suited and in theme with the game and what's going on in it, I implemented and let Nam have as dreams IG. There are quite a few in her dream-journal.

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                              Ive never met this person IC or spoken OOC. But i know her first name and its the same as my fiance's first name.

                              Last night dreamt of Elvii, discussing and learning about her past, or trying to. Was really odd.

                              But i dream about CM all the time. I'll prolly use this post -alot-.