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  • Final Goodbye

    Heya everyone,

    Don't know if you have heard it by now, but if you have then it is probably true. I remember creating my main character Ophidias back in November of like....I think it was 2000. I have RP'ed with many WONDERFUL players/staff (too numerous to list), and had the pleasure of having my characters interact with all of you.

    In case you missed it I got married on June 19th, and my husband's work takes him all over the US. I will be without internet for an indefinate amount of time, and we will be living in our 5th wheel trailer (it's not as bad as it sounds, hell it even has a fireplace in it) traveling to hell and back.

    So with all of this in mind I have decided to put Ophi to "Rest" from a severe illness. No I won't kill her, I am simply putting her to sleep (sounds more like a pet than a char I think). I apologize to everyone in the faith because I know this is bad timing. I have been a little run down trying to get everyone/everything in line for the last few months just in case something like this was to happen. I will probably be on sometime this next week just to set the faith in order with all the information before I go, but that will be about it. We are going to be leaving this upcoming weekend or so.

    It is really hard to say goodbye to all of you and I will miss all the experiences I had here. I origionally created my character hoping to have her be a "Lady" someday, but it seems that just as I was about to reach that goal I need to leave.

    Just as a final thought to ponder on: we are all people and we are all different. I have noticed in the past that we have been divided on these boards. It has either been from personal issues, or someone mad at staff etc. No matter what "catagory" you have been grouped into I have always appreciated you for simply who you are. I can speak from experience on understanding how it feels to not have your character where you wanted them to be (hell I didn't even reach my goal in four years) and I can also understand how easy it is to point the finger and blame someone else for it. Just because you are volunteer staff doesn't mean you always get what you want when you want it. It may seem like it to an outside view, but we are players too, and some of us have been here since the game was created and we do not get paid for doing the things, and helping people (damned if we do/don't because we hardly get the promotions because it makes us look bad :P). We also wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the various players in the game making things fun and interesting. Cheers to both sides of the fence because one couldn't work without the other.

    Special hugs for Khalea, Umichan, Finna, Robert, Dariel, SP,SG,SC staff, Viceran, Astana, Cassandra, Caltos, Samia, Corian, Oxer, Sindale, Pete, Myrth, Sansamor, Illiana...hell I could go on all night but I will stop myself there.


    aka: Ophidias
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    Kylette (this one's for you Kyle from long ago)
    The fat black cat
    and too many others to count that I have deleted and created over the last few years.
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    *squeezes you*


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      Going to miss you Kym you have been great. Hopefully you will one day find a point where you will be able to get back in the game again, even if only to say hi. Take care and lots of HUGS in your new life.

      Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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        Noise posters get "apple" pie and "peach" cake, too. And more *hugs* for Kim.

        *waves* Have fun out there.
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          I am sorry that i didn't get to RP with ya more then the tiny bit I did. (The trunk thingy with Aleena was cute, & fun, and I miss simple RP like that.) Your one of the few peeps here, that I -never- heard ill words towards, and to lose someone like that will hurt CM bad...

          Sounds like your gettin ready to have a friggin blast, and I hope ya do. Good luck with your new life, and hope every mornin brings new adventures.....

          You'll be missed, but not forgottin....



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            Nuts, was really hoping you'd do Umi and I's wedding. Good luck to you hun
            "It was like getting hit by a freight train carrying eighty tons of SEX!" Pintsize Questionable Content

            *pokes garter* What do i do with it? Lucus


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              aww, this is bad timing for the faith... I hope Charmiam comes back... and I hope Kylette comes back to torment kyle more.

              I hope you come back.

              but more, I hope you have fun and life is good with your husband and your life.

              Keep in touch, PM me with yahoo messneger. My ID is Fizgot. (and tell me who you are in CM so that I can know who Im talking to)


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                You know how I feel sweety, just hope we can 'go to coffee' and create a little havoc before you go...*sniffles* I love you and your hubby.
                *goes before she cries*
                ~~~~Sera Khalea~~~~
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                  Awww, take care out there sweety, Neerie will miss Ophi (well you know she's been missing her for a while :P) but I'm glad to see you happy. Big hugs!


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                    Later kid.

                    Have fun on your trip.

                    >Oxer nods to you.



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                      I'll still come back and torture you guys when I get a chance You will find some weird newly asking for a sword while chewing on Dariel's leg or something

                      Khalea I will get a hold of you for "coffee" soon hun, and thank god my pies turn out nothing like Ophi's.

                      Just wanted to say thanks again. Man, I had some really good times on this game and I will miss it horribly. Who knows, maybe in time I will get internet access back and I might come back with it.

                      *~Ranowan Ophidias~*
                      Poets Brotherhood Patron
                      Alumni of the LPA
                      Poets Brotherhood Guildleader


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                        *finally caves in to a goodbye post*

                        I saw you, never met you, we exchanged words - once? Twice?
                        Managed not to try her pies.
                        Have a good one -
                        Sad to see you go,
                        Glad you have good reason,
                        Hoping maybe you'll come back some day,
                        And it won't seem so bad to lose another person
                        I never got to know.

                        *cough* I'm in a sappy mood, so sue me.
                        CARE BEAR STARE


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                          Going to miss you. I hope that you enjoy your marriage, and that your trip to hell and back takes you past many wonderful sights and experances. I hear the actual destination is sort of boring, but hay isn't it the journey that matters?
                          Xewe Golianor

                          ((ooc: The cake is a lie))


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                            No journey is boring. It isn't the sights that matter, but the people you meet.

                            There are many adventures ahead of you, Kim. Good luck.
                            "Make sure the fortune that you seek is the fortune that you need."

                   - Dreams of Divine Lands.


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                              Take care! Enjoy the sunshine!

                              As Robin Williams told the egg, "Fly and be free!"
                              ~ Gareth Beaumains ~

                              ~ For Love! For Valour!
                              ~ For Honour! For Glory!
                              ~ Onwards to Adventure!