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  • A request.

    You might have been wondering why I haven't been around lately, or perhaps you haven't. Here's the long and the short of it.

    Thursday night my Dad went to bed, just as he did every other night. My friend Gary came over around fifteen minutes later, and when I went out to open the door - I found a note and two empty pill bottles on the table.

    We tried to wake Dad up, and then we called 911. He had taken around 80 Elevil and 25 Xanax XR. Apparently Elevil becomes toxic towards your heart when you overdose, and his heart stopped on the way to the hospital. The funeral was today.

    It's been...shit. It scares me because he was the one who was there for me when I came back from Wisconsin. He was the one who told me that everything was going to be okay, and that life would go on. And then this.

    This isn't a pity post. I've had more than enough pity in the last three days. But on the note, he asked for people to pray for his soul. This isn't a sermon. I don't care if you're Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Wiccan, Atheist, Muslim, or what the bloody fuck ever. I'd just appreciate it if you could say a few words. I don't care what bloody religion - that much goodwill directed towards one person HAS to bloody mean something.

    I appreciate it, and I'll be back when things settle down and whatever.

    -Greg Bateman Sr.-

    -Born: 04-02-56-

    [Edit: Obit A bit about him. Oi.]
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    Hmm.. sorry to hear about it that man

    I'll make sure to have a spacial prayer tonight...rather this morning cause that's waht it'll be before I get my lazy butt off this chair


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      Man that's harsh, I'm so sorry to hear about it.

      He will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers, as will you be.

      *massive hugs & condolences*



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        You and your father are in my prayers.


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          I am so sorry Greg, I know how much he meant to you. You are the one in pain now, he's at peace. I will light a candle for both of you.


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            Oh Greg, I am so sorry.

            I will say a prayer for your father and your family.



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              My prayers are with you, your family and for your Father.

              Sincerely, Karen


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                weve said our prayers for you both and will be here for you when your ready...


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                  Very sorry for your loss.


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                    I'm sorry to hear what happened. I was tring to think of something more to say than that, but I don't realy know what to type. Sometimes images and words on the screen can not convey exactly what we wish to say.
                    Xewe Golianor

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                      I don't know what to say, but you undoubtably know how I feel. All of my prayers.


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                        Words do not come easy...

                        I won't pretend to understand the circumstances surrounding your father's death. Though loss is one thing I've grown familiar with...this particular situation runs deeper than most can fathom. I've always been a believer in the fact that one is never handed more than they will be able to prayers for you and your family's strength will be lifted up on my side. Hold on, Greg. We're all here when you need us.

                        My husband and I extend our sincere condolences.
                        StoryCoder Nova


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                          Our Prayers go to you and your family. Keep in mind he'll always be there with you in your heart and in spirit even if you don't see him.