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Brag about your storypoints traits alterations.

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  • Brag about your storypoints traits alterations.

    I was going to post in the "Buying with Good Looks" thread just to show off my latest trait alteration on Umi, but I already posted like 5 times on that thread.

    So I'm creating a new ones. Just because. Bwhahaha!

    So, since I'm curious, what trait alterations have you people made on your characters with storypoints?

    With Umi, I've had two;[list=1][*]Watery golden eyes instead of her original watery amber eyes. (And back then, only Myrth, Ravelyn, and I think Jeffery had unique eyecolours. >_>)[*]Silken blue-black hair instead of silky blue-black hair. (I don't think I've seen anyone else changing their hairtypes. Whee! I might just start a trend.)[/list=1]

    If I get another alteration on her, it's probably going to be the haircolour. The hyphen in "blue-black" is driving me mad for some reason. I might just submit to the temptation and pay 50 points to get it de-hyphenated.

    Yes, I'm a freak. Anyone surprised?
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    the only trait ive changed is kitts eyes, i admit i jumped on the band wagon when everyone else was doing,it was done shortly after she healed from her binding so there was a reason for the change

    so now kit has enchanting amber eyes,not enchanting like the ability enchant someone, but eyes that you love looking at

    ive been keeping my points till i can think of a proper word to change her body type, from buxom too.... well i havent thought of the word yet, but when i do.. it will be changed(everyone thinks kitt is fat,shes not)


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      Priam's stubbled chin. Mmm.
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        I adore Priam's chin.
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        "Why don't you all just go submit some plots where you can get pregnant, give birth to you own alt as an annoying child character, have it grow up to be a drama queen, and then you can use IC/OOC crossover to hide the goods you stole and escape from the dungeon that you're locked in due to a badly run rape plot?!" - Age


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          Uwaine is a frail corpse-like man of pallid complexion with a head of feathery white hair, long and tousled. Bleak limpid eyes return your gaze from beneath thin eyebrows and a high forehead. You also note his fine nose, ashen lips, dour mouth, pointed jaw and hollow cheeks.

          That's 5 separate alterations, with 7 words changed/added altogether. (A withholding of deforming curses to Valora's player, who helped me get started on them.)

          I've still got plans for a custom robe, once I get the storypoints scrounged up. And maybe spidery fingers. Or claw-like hands. Or . . .
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            Vidula has two as well:

            1. Albino skin instead of white skin. (And Vidula remains to this day the only character with this alteration.)

            2. Full head of hair instead of bald.
            - this was because char gen didn't have an option for white hair, so I made her bald, but got irritated with people ruffling her hair-raisingly, and that she was looked at in general as a 'miniature Niis' - <_< Yes people said this...-, so I had it changed and had a hair stylist OOCly make her hair white.

            Something I want to get done in the future:

            --Change sensual lips (which soo don't fit Vidula) to soft lips

            --Change bright pink eyes to bizarre pink eyes.

            I am very proud of Vidula's appearance. The only albino who is obviously such.
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              I changed Agee's hairstyle, but not her hairtype, Gabs... Oh so close.

              Ageelia is a poised woman of light complexion with a head of soft dark brown hair worn in multi-layered cascading waves with a widows peak. Deep dark brown eyes return your gaze from beneath ordinary eyebrows and a smooth forehead. You also notice her small nose, pale pink lips, heart-shaped mouth, short jaw, and fine cheeks.


              - Bodytype from delicate to poised.
              - Hairstyle from something to worn in multi layered cascading waves.
              - Large dark brown eyes to deep dark brown eyes (as in the color, not the emotion).
              - Lips from sensual (ugh) to pale pink.
              - Custom tattoo: "A white dove has been inked over her hip, its scarlet tipped wings spread in flight. Two thin ribbons, also inked a rich scarlet, wrap around the dove's tail, and twist around her back to the opposite hip, encircling her waist. A silver sword is clutched in the dove's feet, and a peace branch is held securely in its beak."

              And a mess of other STP expenditures.

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                What alterations? Britta woke up perfect, swear!


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                  Changed Val's eyes. I figured it was a good way to betray her nature...

                  Honestly can't think of anything else worth changing on her.


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                    Rikka is an exotic, toned woman of nut-brown complexion with a full head of feathery auburn hair, shoulder-length and layered. Almond-shaped sea green eyes return your gaze from beneath arched eyebrows and a smooth forehead. You also note her small nose, luscious lips, full mouth and high cheeks. You can see she is distinctly scarred.

                    From just toned to exotic and toned
                    green eyes to sea green
                    sensual lips to luscious lips
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                      Namida is a graceful, slender woman of tanned complexion with a full head of soft golden-brown hair, waist-length and worn in tendrils. Almond-shaped hazel eyes return your gaze from beneath arched eyebrows. You also note her fine nose, sensual lips and dainty ears. An ink-stained slender pair of hands.

                      Slender hands --> ink-stained slender hands.
                      Tall, slender --> graceful, slender

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                        A pair of muscular arms.

                        Wanted to spend some points and it was the only thing I wanted to change on Nex. Partially because of the char pic I picked out way back when, but also because of his training with the sword since he woke.
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                          I seem to remember getting something done, but I can't remember what it was for the life of me...

                          :-/ That's disturbing.
                          Andeh ^_^


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                            Well, finally decided and got Di's nose fixed from the old mistake in character gen. So, she's gone from chiseled to fine nose a couple of days ago.

                            Have considered, and probably will adjust her hair from waist-length to hip-length for growth realism. And am also considering changing her body type, which is athleticto something more descriptive... but haven't decided on that.

                            Yes, alot of people did the eye thing... but her deep-set amber eyes are exactly how I pictured her so I will leave those alone.

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                              Almond-shaped Smoky Silver eyes <instead of dark grey>

                              *loves Agee's hair*

                              And that's all, I have no spts as I only have Trist to deal with so..

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