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Your Dream Burial

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  • Your Dream Burial

    Had this conversation with some guys in my section and thought it might be interesting to bring it up here. How do you want your funeral/ burial to go?

    Personally, I want a furneral pire on a boat. First I want the boat to be on the launch. A select group of my children, my wife (If I don't kill her first *eyeshift*), and a small group of my closest friends. I want it to be as much of a celebration as possible, with readings from my writings and my favorite myths.

    Then, when the party is over and done with, I want my oldest son to light my pire and then all my children to launch the boat into the water. Then, another boat will tow my death boat out until it is just far enough to be seen from shore, where the flames will consume it and myself.

    A little over the top, but I like it.
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    I think I am just the oposite of you... I just want my family to wrap me in garbage bags and burry me in the backyard.. or toss me over the neighbor's fence or something.. I am really not picky. Whatever they want to do works for me.


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      I want to be buried sitting up, legs splayed atop a large elephant.

      Don't ask.

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        Cremation. I don't want my family spending the rest of their lives mourning by visiting some burial plot.

        So, afterward they can toss my ashes to the wind, or mix them with dirt and plant a tree for all I care. I just don't want them sitting on a mantle where people will be all dreary about it or mourning the same way they would a burial plot.

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          I'll be dead when they bury me, so why should I care?
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            Cremation... and then the leftover bits added to the garden. I like roses, but if we're still living where there's clay soil: well, nix the roses; any flower will do, really.

            Being a chef, I would like my family and friends to spend a couple of days cooking and eating some of their favorite things that I've made for them in the past... and talk, and drink, and generally have a good time.

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              I rather like the idea of being closely wrapped around someone's unsuspecting throat.
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                You would.
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                  I don't know whether to be impressed or just creeped out by the LifeGem thing.
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                    Originally posted by Lucus
                    I don't know whether to be impressed or just creeped out by the LifeGem thing.
                    If not amused, I'd choose the latter.
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                      Why choose at all?

                      Inconsistent and conflicty feelings occasionally can be fun.
                      The yoke or the throne?


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                        Cremation, that's for sure.

                        Ashes spread over the sea if possible, though I'd leave much of these things for my family to decide as they're the ones who has to live with the loss and might or might not need a place to remember and place flowers.

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                          Originally posted by Dariel
                          I'll be dead when they bury me, so why should I care?
                          You hope at least...

                          Cremation, with ashes spread out on a lake or in the ocean.
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                            In my opinion, burial rites are for those left behind not the person who is dead.

                            I favor cremation for myself as it seems to conserve the most space. However, I don't really care what happens to my ashes. And I suppose there is little I can do if those in charge of the arrangements have me stuffed instead.

                            Having been in the position of arranging funerals for several of my loved ones....I tried to respect their wishes, when known, and to show respect for the person they were. I am not a practicing Catholic but I made sure Masses were said for those who were. Some religions do not believe in cremation, I would never cremate someone who believed and practiced one of those faiths, even though, I think cremation is the best way to do it. And further, if I was not in the role of decision maker, I would not criticize the decisions made.

                            Death comes to us all. And in the end we don't really have a say over what happens to our bodies. That is left for those who survive us.



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                              I don't know about the funeral itself, but there better be one hell of a party afterwards.



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