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    I am just curious what people think about this. I decided to do it about three weeks ago and have had few problems. I decided that it would add to my rping and knock out the annoyence of allowing people to approach me when if it was real, there would be no such consent. I have had only a few problems, and none of them serious enough to convince me to stop. I mean I figure most things i can deal with ic..and if it was a real problem, i could always flee (like from a crazy newlie) . But I was wondering how many other peopole utilized it, and other opinions.


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    I have

    With all of my characters, since day one even. It makes the actions of others towards you much more realistic. If someone sneaks up behind me, and hits me, I cant dodge them.
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      I have ten people (one dead) on Ravelyn's consent list.

      This is my reasoning

      A) Ravelyn doesn't trust people, so she acts wary of newer faces. Meaning that if I can consent allow or deny someone Ravelyn can back away from a Newly trying to hug her, or collapse to avoid a blow she saw coming because she was paranoid.

      B) I think of it as a list of respect. If I respect your ability to RP responsibly with me I put you on my list. If I don't you'll most definitely stay off.

      C) It avoids scroll or accidentally ignoring when someone's closely interracting with Ravelyn. The question 'consent allow' or 'consent deny' is more visible on screen so I can know immediately 'Hey! Someone's trying to get my attention'



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        *OOCly abuses Ravelyn by poking her and hugging her and tickling her while she is afk since Umi is one of the 10 peoples on her list*




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          I'm with Carmen... I consent allow those who I think will be responsible enough to be on that list.


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            I am even more carefull than ravelyn. there are 4 people on my list.. it was 3 up untill recently. But then john doesnt have a whole lot of trust in others. A good idea with him actally..


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              14 on my list.


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                I *was* consent allow all, and had not given it much thought until this post. Normally, if I see someone (read:Newly) acting untowards, I just consent deny that screenname just-in-case and move on.

                However, as I think about it..I am not certain it is at all appropriate for my character to be so approachable at that. I was attacked by some nefarious newly a week ago (I simply left the Courtyard, but as he punched me I had to RP it somewhat)..and
                certainly there have been times people have whispered to me at inopportune moments catching me off guard and leaving me stumbling for surer footing in the situation...

                And after perusing the matter further, I suddenly realize what a keen opportunity it is to entertain ultimate exclusivity.

                I'm switching.

                The yoke or the throne?


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                  i can understand the not consent allow for ravelyn and john, it fits their char. that is why i decided to try consent allow all-britta would have it too..she is always willing to allow people to approach her, at least until they prove that they can't handle it. consent deny "name" works under the consent allow all..



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                    Ryot's got consent allow all.
                    But that's mainly because he's a BIG guy, there are'nt alot of times when he's suprised, but he's also extremely meek, so he's gonna basically always allow people to whisper to him. This has caused a VERY few problems, but I can usually RP my way out of it. Especially in my recent RP fight, consent allow all is quite a boon; and not at all a disadvantage.
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                      Well, while she is an Awakener, past experiences (getting kissed by a naked newly ser or kicked, for example) had made Umi pretty weary of people she does not know. She does not let one approach her that easily, unless it is her beloved, her sister, or her friend, though I had removed Robert from my consent list a couple of times for constantly tickling the poor girl while I was afk (Bad Nimmie, baaaaaad!).



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                        Yaoi has consent allow all.

                        [list=a][*]Yaoi loves everybody[*]Yaoi is way too trusting[*]Yaoi has a pretty good threshold for pain.[*]Yaoi is decently isn't too quick with split-second(minute/hour/day/month) decisions so he couldn't dodge if he tried.[*]Yaoi loves everybody[*]Yaoi treats others as he would wish to be treated (as far as consenting is concerned.).[/list=a]

                        Thank you and have a Blessed Day.

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                          I have recently tried consent allow all too and actually the only reason I've put it off is because I was assessed on dueling skills twice without asking. Sure it is no big deal, but that's the only sort of thing that I would not want to alllow all because it releases certain information. Not that I think it is their mistake, but I think that assessment should be on a seperate consent list, for it is the only thing when something can be taken from you.

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                            On consent, I tend to agree with Carmen. Although my consent list is up around the 10-15 mark: characters that my char trusts IC and whose players' I trust OOC.

                            Assess is a bit trickier. I know it's been kicked around before, but I'm still not certain how assess should be treated.

                            For myself, my character is a language expert (of a sort). In teaching, I tend to couple assess with hearing the other character speaking - basically, assess is the OOC mechanic for my character IC listening to and evaluating the speech.

                            You request of Student "Could you speak some Eastern for me?"
                            Student recites in Eastern "a rianid thain"
                            {assess Student}
                            Student is Apprentice in Eastern

                            As such, I consider assess as passive IC - the actual assess action is only IC discernable if the assessor prompts you to give them something to assess. However, because the assessor needs to assess something tangible, and the parser is incapable of making context based judgements, we end up allowing the assessee to make the call. So it's non-invasive IC but invasive OOC.


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                              I have about 70 people on my consent list. Once I know the player well enough to know their character won't attack, accost, etc, then they get consent.

                              And of course, all dancers get consent.

                              Q: Why not 'consent allow all', then?

                              A: Too many newlies who feel like messing with the weird chick with the doll. Min is not a fighter, not assertive, etc. And having to play the results of being attacked is not fun for anyone in my circle (me, the people who play Min's friends, etc). Better that I just avoid having to play that aspect.

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