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You know you are a complete CM addict when..

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  • You know you are a complete CM addict when..

    1)You set Skotos as your homepage, despite the fact that you google constantly.

    2)You'd far rather attend a CM social function than a RL one.

    3)You inwardly consider it one of your life's greatness achievements when you are promoted to the IB.

    4)Not only have you played 24 hours straight, you actually look forward to the weekends so you*can*.

    5)You instantly recognize the other players that are as addicted as you are and wonder how they are doing it with so little sleep.

    6)You've tried (unsuccessfully) to hack your firewall at work and are seriously considering compromising your personal value system in order to get the Sysadmin to give you access.

    7)Your friends are worried about you and are beginning to use terms like "Intervention" and "Ten-step" in your absence.

    8)Your friends are worried about you and are beginning to use terms like "Intervention" and "Ten-step" to your face.

    9)Your creative writing becomes regularly interspersed with adverb/verb constructs such as "inwardly sigh" and "pointedly remark".

    10)Refusing to acquiesce to sleep (evil beast) you are instead sitting here at 6 in the morning trying to come up with other signs of addiction because even though no one is actually playing, you just aren't quite ready to go.

    Not that I'd personally know.

    The yoke or the throne?

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    *chuckles* I guess we are all guilty...



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      I've got some...

      (11) You start calling everyone around you ser, and sera.
      (12) You start to worship Natura Balance...and are then taken to an asylum.
      (13) You decide not to pet your dog; because he/she MIGHT make your hand itch for thirty minutes.
      (14) You try, unsuccessfully to write down, and decrypt EVERYTHING that EVERY servant in the castle says, and translate it.
      (15) You try, successfully to write down, and decrypt EVERYTHING that EVERY servant in the castle says, and translate it.
      (16) You carry on a three-hour conversation with the "well-equipped" courier.
      (17) You spend more time with your "significant other" in Marrach than you do with your real-life "significant other"
      Originally penned by Dionar
      Ryot was a mistake, and it was corrected. Threads have been locked because the conversation degraded into personal attacks and name calling.


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        ...when you come up with a list of signs to know by whether you are a complete CM addict...
        'If you're going through hell, keep going.'
        -- Winston Churchill

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        The most acceptable hypocrisy.
        -- Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

        'Hitler had a good 20 to 30 IQ points on Bush, so comparing Bush to Hitler would in many ways be an insult to Hitler.'


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          You know you're addicted when...

          18: you find yourself using the words Mayhaps,and Maysay.
          19: You realize that you are constantly asking for the leaves of you betters before you exit a room
          20: You know more about Ravelyn than you know about you brother
          21: You can recall the exact meaning/ origin of the names for several colours (cornflower,sepia, vermillion etc..)
          22: You start making a list of the things that make to a Marrachaholic
          23: You invent a word for being addicted to CM
          24: You can't remember what things you've written IRL but you know what you've said/done/thought in Marrach
          25: The Skotos Forums are your therapy
          26: You find yourself getting mad at a particular character when interacting with people IRL
          27: You begin to relate things RL with things IC
          28: You name your mean obnoxious self-centered dog 'Quilpy-Poo'
          29: You spend time comign up with pet-names for the characters in Marrach [Liitle One(Palek), Quilpy-Poo , Nonsense-Boy (Dariel) , Queeny]
          30: You can't quite remember what you ate last nighte IRL , but you know exactly what you ahd for dinner in Marrach
          31: You can tell anybody IRL exactly what has happened for hte last two months in Marrach.
          32: You call the Queen a whore and don't get shunned for it.
          33: The Prince knows you on a first name basis
          34: You put: 'Marrach's Cute Fruit' on you resume
          35: You actually wrote down the different 'bedroom' actions.
          36: You've formally complained that your room is too small, even though you can fit just about anything into it.
          37: You get mad when that last golden-silver harp doesn't fit in the tiny bag you like to wear on you belt.
          38: You have a Gold-Silver Harp like Santlar's and have officially named it you focus
          39: You know what a focus is and how it's supposed to be used.
          40: You frequently find yourself thinking inaudibly but still saying it so people can hear you.
          41: You can't stop making plots in your head late at night
          42: You dream about the castle
          43: You honestly think that there is a magic bud where you can get an Azure Rose in the middle of a snowbank.
          44: You can't look at somethign without creating a text description in your head.
          45: You find yourself saying the word 'Gilwiner' whenever there's a new person at work(or school)
          46: You can't remember what things you've written IRL but you know what you've said/done/thought in Marrach
          47: You can't sleep without checking for scrolls
          48: You justify everythign you do IRL some way so as to explain getting farther IC
          49: THe pinicle of your lifetime is having a personal talk with Queen Vivienne
          50: Your role-model IRL is StoryPlotter Corvis and Morte
          [Signed with a simple yet all too elegant and over-the-top Y]


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            51: You replace Jefferson's face on your 20 dollar bills with the face of the Queen, Hamilton on the 10 with Boreas, Lincoln on the 5 with the Prince and Washington on the 1 with Lunfal.


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              52: you spend your entire week-end in the mac lab in college so you can play.
              53: The security guards at college know you by your name, and get worried if you don't show up one day.
              54: People around you know more about your character than yourself.
              55: You are actually starting to lose weight because you are so absorbed by what is going on IC that you forget to eat.
              56: When all the names in your address book on your email acount and buddy list on your ICQ are the names of fellow Marrachians.
              57: You usually introduce yourself as "Hello, my name is Gaby, and I am a Marrach-aholic."
              58: you are seriously considering meeting some of your fellow Marrachians to see if they are as fun as their characters.

              Should I continue? Mmmm... Nah, I'll go play. I am starting to have withdrawal here...



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                I guess we are all kind of sucked in!

                I have another reason:
                ~ You are addicted when you reply to every forum posting as well.

                All i know is that i am sucked in and i am buggin the heck out of my parents with it!
                ~*~Abagail Galanodel~*~
                ~*~ Yeoman of the Royal Guard~*~
                ~*~ Honored Guest~*~


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                  *wonders what it would be like meeting Gaby and all of Faith's friends*

                  Woah...trippy, man.

                  79847592078340759406243. When you want to meet all of your char's friends. POOL PARTY AT MY HOUSE! WHOO!



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                    You'd find me boring actually. It took everything for my friend in NH to make me speak when I went to her home for 4 days in March. And whenever I said something, she teased me about my French-Canadian accent.

                    And yes, my spoken English is horrid!

                    Unless you give me enough sugar, I might be fun enough and do the CHOO-CHOO with Khalea and you.



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                      Khalea, Umichan, and Faith stealthily enters a Marrach Noise room.
                      Khalea, Umichan, and Faith clear their throats silently.





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                        Oh, and let's add no. 61:

                        You know you are a complete CM addict when you pick up some habits your character has.

                        I swear Marie-Claude is going to kill me if I make the CHOO-CHOO while at college again.


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                          stop responding so damn fast.

                          Love you still, Gaby.


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                            Not my fault if you are a slow reader and poster! *hugs back*


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                              Heh, our list is better...brought to you by your friendly TEC player.

                              Signs your adicted to TEC.

                              Originally posted by Marnevel
                              Dunstvangeet's right
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