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christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat....

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  • christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat....

    say santa claus came to marrach (which i vote for by the way) If your main character put anything on their christmas list, what would it be? And have they been naughty or nice enough to recieve any gift for that matter?

    competly bored on a sunday morning
    where are all you people??
    what is sleep??


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    In Marrach:
    Yaoi would like
    a purple leather collar, tightly fitted and embroidered with hearts. Adorning the collar are several steel studs (not men) that shimmer in the torch light. Engraved masterfully on the inside of the collar in an angular flowing script are the following words : 'The Marrach Race is a lot like a granola bar, take away the fruits and nuts.. all you've got are the flakes'

    In Chat:
    Alex would like:
    A Pair of Blue denim baggy pants tightly fitted (baggy but tight enough to not fall off)
    A purple silk shirt tightly fitted
    A pair of black leahter boots comfortably fitted
    A pair of purple cotton toe socks comfortably fitted
    A purple denim back pack casually fitted (to put my stuff in)
    A tongue piercing 10 guage prefered
    and BOOKS

    Thank you for listening and have a nice day,
    Kai St.John Lanceaux
    [Signed with a simple yet all too elegant and over-the-top Y]


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      Honored Guest status


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        Oh if we can include rank...

        Yaoi wants to be A Knight or a Herald


        Alex wants to be a Frre-Emoting Story person with all those tools at his disposal....
        [Signed with a simple yet all too elegant and over-the-top Y]


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          I've been naughty give me a spankin'

          I think that er, I have been GOOD! The one thing abi would like to see in game is er, don't take this the worng way, but she would like to see Gwenvar speachless, thats right, what is gwenvars bear came out of the inner bailey and stole gwen's voice. Then gwen's accent would have something to play with..! hahahah A little spite for4:30 in the morning... Real life I think I would like a nap... BUT NOOOO like I can sleep....bah humbug

          "or the name of my dream;
          I am powerless to measure the road
          that leads to no country, prehaps,
          or truth's pure mutation
          that might blow itself out in the daylight
          of afterward change to the glow
          of a firefly's vagary at night"
          "Black Island Memorial" ...... Paul Nervuda
          pee for enjoyment not employment


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            Garrik's a carebear, of course he's been good

            Garrik wants a couple chairs, and a sera to enjoy the joy of the castle with.

            I.... I want... *thinks*...I want nothing. I'm happy where I am
            To conquer without risk, is to succeed without glory


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              Stix wants to know what those damned elves are for. (Double meaning in that. *grin*)


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                A comfy chair, an overstuffed footstool and a sofa (in Strinne green pattern) and an escritoire for Remillard's room ...


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                  Nothing that is easily had is worth having.

                  Have a nice day.
                  'If you're going through hell, keep going.'
                  -- Winston Churchill

                  POLITENESS, n.
                  The most acceptable hypocrisy.
                  -- Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

                  'Hitler had a good 20 to 30 IQ points on Bush, so comparing Bush to Hitler would in many ways be an insult to Hitler.'


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                    Originally posted by Stix
                    Stix wants to know what those damned elves are for. (Double meaning in that. *grin*)
                    actally you can learn that before christmas (heheheheh)


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                      A sturdy bookmark with a red tassle and a mug of hot chocolate.

                      - Carmen


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                        Originally posted by John

                        actally you can learn that before christmas (heheheheh)
                        Hey, no hints.


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                          Mintle would probably ask Santa for set of metal shelving, filled to the brim with little pots holding every kind of herb she could name....

                          Of course, she's been so naughty, this year, she'd probably receive a full set of odorless cooking flavorings.


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                            IC, Umi would totally adore to get a lute or another musical instrument. And Santa better say she's been a nice girl, otherwise she'll smack him with her sword's pommel...

                            And I really want to replace my avatar's black leather waist cord with a whip in the Welcome Room... *bribes the coders some more* And a pair of sunglasses (with blue-tinted glass) ... And a shiny halo. And a stuffed weasel like the one Rogra had in the Oldbie Deathmatch!

                            In real life... Hmm... I'd do anything to get a violin and learn how to play (a childhood dream), or getting a cable modem... Or a digital camera. But hey, I am poor, so are my parents, so I'll just enjoy staying home with my kitties... I miss my kitties... *pouts*



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                              *wonders why all the things I want to post are ALMOST ALWAYS after Gaby*
                              Seriously, I'm not obsessed with the Queen of the UP.

                              In CM: Men to be head over heels in love with Faith so she can order them around and be the Queen of the OB... (I am so kidding. Don't hurt me.)
                              A damn horse.
                              Lots of poordy gowns and trinkets.
                              A damn dog.
                              FOOD! All kinds of yummy food from cakes to turkey!
                              A Harry Potter wand
                              A damn cat.
                              POWER. Mwahahahaha.
                              A Hugging Apprentice.

                              Wow, I thought Kai would say that Yaoi would like Prince Bertram from Santee Claws.

                              Joyful Hollee-days~




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