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    For Jayland it's either 'The King of Nothing' by Seals and Kroft, or 'The Living Daylights' and "Living a Boys Adventure Tale' by A-ha, or "You Only Live Twice' by Nancy Sanata (You know, Frank's little girl)

    For Tamm, it can be "Dance (While the Music Still Goes On) by ABBA. "Want You So Bad" by Heart or "Tonight, and the rest of My Life" by Nina Gordon.

    Interesting enought, a theam song for Cassandra is "Cassandra" by ABBA..

    Darren brimhall


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      I can't decide between "The Dance" from Edward Scissorhands (Instrumental) and "The Same Deep Water as You" by the Cure.


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        Until I think of something better, Zen's theme is Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 in A Major.
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          Dariel revealingly ejected: Garbage? Why do I feel prompted to ask "Stupid Girl"? (And duck real quickly right after I said it)
          Heh. Quite simply?

          Displacement. Thanatos. Catharsis.


          Frustration-aggression hypothesis: Aggression, rather than occurring spontaneously for no reason, is a response to the ...frustration... of some goal-directed behavior by an outside source.

          Goals, of course, would include such basic needs as food, sleep, love and sex.

          So. What didn't you have to eat today, I wonder?


          The yoke or the throne?


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            For Henki: Mussugorsky's "The Gnome" from Pictures at an Exhibition
            For Maya: Mussugorsky's "Night on Bare Mountain"

            I see a pattern...

            <-> V. Mayakovsky <->
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            The moon rising over the eastern hill is a joyful comrade.
            Besides these five companions, what other pleasure should I ask?"

            - Yun Son-Do (1587 - 1671)


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              lesse... it would have to be 'I will be here' by myself, its a song I wrote for my buddys wedding
              "Without Shade there is nothing. Nothing is a sad existence. For in nothing, there is the absence of opportunity. Look to the Shade and you will find opportunity abound." -- Mortarion Tray'untare


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                Think well, I once again am undecided...

                I just don't listen to the music I used too, I am now emersed in early eighties music, none of which fit Britta..
                I guess I would have to choose Just Like Heaven by The Cure...
                I know it may not seem probable to many..but she is *multi faceted* not just Queen Bitch


                The song is about love, which is imporatant to Britta, and escape, which is her singular goal


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                  Yaoi's Theme Song

                  OK.. I've had a few people approach me ooc and ask for te lyrics to "high School Confidential" so I decided to type them out after listening to the song a million and one times.

                  High School Confidential:
                  Carol Pope

                  He's a cool blonde sheming trick
                  You want him so bad you feel sick
                  The boy can't help it
                  He really can't help it now
                  Teenage branders stalk him in the halls
                  They tease him with cat calls
                  He's a combination Tom Cruise, Zac Otoul
                  High School .. High School.. Confidential
                  high School .. High School .. Confidential

                  What's that man, doin with him
                  It's that guy and he's screwin' with him
                  Can you feel the sex and sweat
                  He makes you cream your jeans
                  so you won't forget.
                  High School... High School Confidential
                  High School .. High School Confidential

                  He drives a loaded jeep
                  with seats in the back
                  If you don't do him soon,
                  you'll have a heart attack
                  When he flashes you a look,
                  you wanna burn his books,
                  Give up high school

                  well .. well..well..well..
                  High School .. High School Confidential
                  High School .. High School Confidential
                  [repeat five]
                  [fade to silence]

                  <FYI this is a highly upbeat dance tune common in most British Discos.. just though I'd let you know>
                  [Signed with a simple yet all too elegant and over-the-top Y]


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          've finally gotten me on this one...I can't think of a single one....but...I can think of...more than one!

                    Here ya go...

                    'Sweet Surrender' by Sarah McLachlan

                    'Angel' also by Sarah McLachlan

                    'I Believe In Love' by The Dixie Chicks

                    There are others...but...I can't think much at 2 in the morn...




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                      Theme Song

                      Well I can't exactly say Khalea has a 'theme' so to say but I will reveal it's all about inner power. that's what I try to convey. I feel that my characters need to portray certain things but may SEEM like others. I will only do this for Khalea becasue doing it for the characters I have built upon with so much love sweat tears and time would take entirely too much of everyones time especially my own. Lea (as well as myself) enjoys doing things a little differnt than the norm. I decided going throgh the music library at work (corp. owning 6 radio stations) simply would take too long so I routed among my own belongings to narrow it down. I will post here two songs I enjoy from one of my my milions of CD's. Billie Myers: Growing, Pains

                      ~OPPOSITES ATTRACT~
                      We (I)
                      Are (am)
                      Perfectly Flawed, Strangely Familliar
                      Gently Savage, Exceptionally Normal
                      Liberally Selfish, Clearly Confused
                      Imprudently Modest, Elegantly Wasted
                      Helplessly Protective, Oddly Even
                      Profanely Blessed Outdatedly Modern
                      ...Bridging the devide...
                      Youthfully Mature, Safely Insecure
                      Calmly Anxious, Intimately Exposed
                      Uselfishly Possessive, Stupidly Clever
                      Dangerously Harmless, Indifferently Similar
                      Cautiously Madcap, Sensibly Light-headed
                      Irrationally Sane, Differnt Twins
                      Invariably Always
                      Us (me)

                      *In short - I make lea everything and anything she desires to be.

                      ~MOTHER, DAUGHTER, SISTER, LOVER~

                      Mother Daughter sister Lover,
                      Her needles and pins hold the pieces together,
                      She'll thread your Pearls with her words of wisdom,
                      In the palm of her hand, your future is there running through...

                      Mother Daughter Sister Lover
                      There's no perfect choice, as you walk in your future,
                      Be still a child on your bed of eggshell,
                      Behind your first steps, it's her shadows that cushion
                      ...your fall...

                      All questions will simply beg, the most innocent replies.
                      She'll make you a daisey chain, And cry as you walk away.

                      Mother Daughter sisiter Lover,
                      Her needles and pins hold your pieces together,
                      She'll thread your pearls with her words of wisdom,
                      A shoulder to cry on,
                      She'll leave all the lights on for you,
                      Yeah she will leave them on for you...

                      All questions will simply beg, the most innocent replies.
                      She'll make you a daisey chain and cry as you break away.

                      Mother Daughter Sister Lover
                      One day soon you'll be one or the other,
                      You'll offer forgiveness, my savior, my sinner,
                      And then you will see that the circle begins here with...
                      Mother Daughter Sister Lover,
                      Father and Son Brother and Lover
                      One day soon you'll be one or the other.
                      And then you will see
                      that the circle begins here

                      We can grow together.
                      We can walk together.
                      We can laugh, we can cry together.
                      Mother Daughter Sister Lover,
                      Father Son Brother and Lover,
                      One day soon I'll discover what will or the other.

                      *This one really struck some cords for me and had alot of realivance to Lea as an awakner since that is a major part of her life (Behind your first steps, it's her shadows that cushion your fall...; as well as a few other lines). I felt the egshells represent the precarious position characters are put in as they strive for place and posistion in the castle.

                      I cant say for definate if these are Khalea's 'main' songs...but merely facets of one of her many sides of her or another.
                      I am sure others feel the same way about the songs chosen for their characters. Love you all!

                      the player and character known as ~lea~
                      ~~~~Sera Khalea~~~~
                      ~Seeker of the Faith~
                      ~Seamstressing Student~
                      ~Trainer, Student, and friend to all~


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                        Wow, I downloaded all these songs into a playlist (except for that 'Diary of Dreams' song, too obscure to find). It makes a really great if not eclectic mix. You guys have awesome taste in music.

                        Parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

                        Horace Epistles


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                          Except I just gotta cringe everytime 'I'm Too Sexy' comes on.


                          - Deiwa
                          Parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

                          Horace Epistles


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                            Hmm, well lets see here:

                            Well what first pops into my mind is TANK!, the opening theme song for Cowboy Bebop. I also have the theme for NeoRanga as well as the credit music for TenchiMuyo! when there are multiple women who are after me in the same room.

                            (OK SO IM AN OTAKU!! BUT IM A PROUD OTAKU!!)

                            for "regular" music, id have to say "Sandstorm" from Derude
                            "It was like getting hit by a freight train carrying eighty tons of SEX!" Pintsize Questionable Content

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                              Simply, "Kryptonite" by 3 doors down
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                                Ildara... Have you ever heard of Audiogalaxy?
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