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    I had a conversation with another player the other day and I mentioned how different the castle might have been if Tredias had been given the chance to do what he wanted to when he first awoke. Which of course, since I'm such a comic book geek, made me assume that somewhere out there is an alternate time line where everything is slightly skewed from what it is in our Marrach, which shall hence forth be known as Marrach A.

    So what do you think goes on in Marrach B?
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    My god, what a fantastic thread. Let me think for a while and get back to you on that one.
    - Ser Magnus Creeley


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      Everyone has blue hair (for Lucus' Marrach B, of course).
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        I win.

        Though that would most likely be c or d. B would be the fiery death.
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          Ragnarok, Ragnarok, Ragnarok.


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            Magnus would be a masked vigilante.

            ... With grappling hooks.
            - Ser Magnus Creeley


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              Originally posted by Magnus View Post
              Magnus would be a masked vigilante.

              ... With grappling hooks.
              I thought he already was one.

              Anyway, I think Kitra might not be the little angel she is in CM right now.


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                In Marrach B, Brohm would be something like Mortarion.


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                  >.> <.<

                  Cordon would be the leader....

                  And Lucus would be his follower...

                  /hopes & dreams
                  Duke Sol glances over you inconsequentially, "Ah. One of those."


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                    Rikka would be the head of the courtesy circle.
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                      Bauh would be a Doctor

                      Doctor Bauh. I like it already.


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                        So is this like Earth-One and Earth-Two, or like Bizarro World?
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                        Kyramor: Not usually


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                          I definately get the Bizzaro World impression.
                          Duke Sol glances over you inconsequentially, "Ah. One of those."


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                            Lord Boreas would be the same... only sans goatee! *le gasp* >_>
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                              Everyone will be bald...
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