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    just out of old would you consider your main char to be...and how does that affect their behavior?

    I am old. I will be the first to admit it, perhaps thats why, in a fantasty game I want to play a younger char...I see Britta as just past jailbait age..which helps explain to me why she is so reckless and rebellious. She is young enough to be influenced fairly easy by the characters she respects...but usually she is drawn to those who are entertaining to skout or abigail...or are pseudo father in Quilp (don't ask..but I think that was true...she *craved* his was so dysfunctional) or Nutmegger (another few *respectable* people that she admires)..she also looks up to Ravelyn...

    But I like to think her age is what makes her not think of long term consequences to her actions, her dangerous flirtations without considering that she may have to follow through...ect. ect.

    I am curious of others responses...


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    Compared to my friends in this game, I'm a youngling. And I don't trust my RP ability enough to play an age I have no experience with. That leaves Jen in the somewhat undefined realm between 18 and 22.

    How does that affect her? She is naturally cautious. Perhaps overly so. She is also very much a 'react'er. She's intensely loyal, almost to the point of blindness, and very likely to explode in her defense of those she loves. And, dear gods, she's moody.

    Are these affected by age? I think possibly. I like to think that balance and perspective come with age, smoothing out the more extreme rough spots and leading to an overall calmer individual. And 'calm' and 'balanced' are two things she definately is not. (no matter what facade she might present to the world)
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      I would say Faith is about 22, but I really don't know. She acts like she's 17 when playing around, she acts 40 when she's way too serious (rarely), and she acts like she's 5 years old when around people like Umichan, Diana, and Myrth. Seriously, she's ALL-AGED...whatever the heck that means.



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        Yaoi is older than time itself since he insists that he is at least part (if not compeltely) Elfin. Now as for how he acts/looks I'd place him at being about 27 years old, probably less.

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          Seriously, she's ALL-AGED...
          I know exactly what you mean, Carrie! That's kind of how I'd describe Ady... she can be all grown up and mature when the situation calls for it, and silly and playful when the time calls for it. She's been called naive by more than one person, and I think that's because of her impulsive /optimistic/ refusal-to-even-acknowledge-negativity behaivor. What few people realize is, the conscious effort that she puts forth into making herself this way.

          I've always pictured Ady in her early 20's, and I think her experiences, both past and present, effect her general nature moreso than her age. In a lot of ways, she's still figuring out exactly who she is, like I was doing at that age.

          Hmm, well, late 20's now, not sure if I've figured it out even yet!



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            john is in his late 30s-early 50s.. its hard to tell becouse he doesnt show the age to much.


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              *high-fives Krysti*


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                Dariel's somewhere between 32 and 36.

                Of course, he currently looks like between 102 and 106.

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                  Malvolio is in his late 40's, early 50's. He might seem older, though, due to his health problems.


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                    Actually, now I can't remember. I was getting mixed up with another character. I think she was closer to 19 when she died.

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                      Amazingly, Maya was 29 when he died.

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                        Between 18 & 23 is where I place Kender
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                          Dolph's probably about 19-20, a bit younger than the player, but not too much.. so I can play him believably

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                            Lyssarian's young...let us say she's between 18-20.

                            Shoudn't this post have been posted a while ago?
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                              It was.



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