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  • a revisit

    Hey. I played a long, long time ago. You might even say in a galaxy far, far away. But in any case, I introduced a loved-one of mine to CM gameplay and was met with warm welcome and genuine role-playing. When I stole the keyboard from him (my boyfriend) to say ooc hello to a couple of old friends (Diana and Ophidias), it was mind boggling trying to remember the command to send and ooc page. But the dormant brain cells kicked back in finally I "recall"ed the command.

    It was FANTASTIC having a few brief lines of dialogue with old gaming lady friends. And while my man friend got bored and logged into his favorite online game, I was left with an idea munching at the edges of my brain, whispering suggestions that I find the money to pay-to-play once more.

    In any case, I just wanted to say "Hihi!" to any of those older-type players I gamed with maybe a decade ago (probably a little less, depending on my random appearance), and wish you well. An elephant never forgets, but as mortal mammals they expire. The internet NEVER FORGETS. And the internet never dies.

    It's so nice to run into old friends. Thanks, CM. You are my first true love, and the biggest skeleton in my closet. c;

    - Chronicler -

    Knowledge is a weapon.
    I intend to be formidably armed.

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    Glad to see you roaming the virtual halls, even if only for a moment or two!

    Darvius and I (Isaria) just came back a couple of months ago after several years of school, careers, and baby.

    There are many stories to tell, and sometimes it feels like there aren't enough people to tell them with, so come back and play for a while!

    Jen, Isaria's player
    Mistress Isaria
    Courtier of Her Majesty
    Head of House for Lady Charmiam
    Royal Seamstress


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      Glad I got to talk to you for a little while. We would looooove to have you return to play with us! I recently returned a few months ago, and I talked to another old player tonight who is thinking about returning as well. I say bring it! let's foster another age of "The Queen is a Whore!"

      OOC -- Sometimes, when I am rping, and I respond to someone instantly, instead of idling for 5 minutes after someone asks me a question, I worry that I give the appearance of being over-eager.~Stace


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        Wow. It certainly has been a while! I'm glad your doing well! ^_^

        Jacicus Solambia
        Courtier of Castle Marrach
        Doctor of the Royal Healers
        Retainer to Lady Sinvy
        Fellow of the Royal Collegium


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          I don't play myself at the moment, but great to see you around again. You're definitely not forgotten.


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            Did something get put in the water that everyone is popping their heads up again?
            OOC -- Euphelia says, "Stupid fat cat got tangled in cords and dragged my craptop across the room "


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              Yes! We jump back and forth between other games, other activities and hobbies..but ultimately, there isn't a single one of us that DOESN'T have an amazing memory or experience from this game. (Hopefully...)

              And we want more of those. So what the heck, let's give it a go.

              So much fun seeing my friends again!

              Mistress Isaria
              Courtier of Her Majesty
              Head of House for Lady Charmiam
              Royal Seamstress


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                One of the best parser whippers there ever was...


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                  Hihi to you too!

                  Nice to see that you're doing well. :-)