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  • Atmos admits, "Not just yet, it seems. I was beginning to think I'd be playing with myself."
    > You casually reply to Atmos, "How is that unusual?"
    "Glory follows virtue as if it were its shadow."
    - Marcus Cicero

    "So far as he is able, a prince should stick to the path of good but, if the necessity arises, he should know how to follow evil."
    - Niccolo Machiavelli

    "Men should be either treated generously or destroyed, because they take revenge for slight injuries - but for severe ones they cannot."
    - Niccolo Machiavelli


    • Theresa molests you first.

      Theresa bangs your right leg in Northern, "Not a virgin anymore, are you?!"

      Theresa skips away.

      Theresa opens the northern white oak door, steps inside, and closes it behind her.

      [OOC Page] from Theresa: "You awake from sleeping while standing up to realize you have just had the oddest of dreams, but you know it had to be just a dream, because that doesn't sound like T at all."

      My therapy bills are now being forwarded to Theresa's player.
      Trisan Allanon
      ~ We journey to be great.
      Should we never achieve greatness,
      At least we have a great tale.
      Thus, mayhaps we achieved greatness after all. ~


      • Theresa chooses her words now, "I am getting mixed signals from you, and it is confusing me."

        You pause your head then, "Mixed signals..."

        You awkwardly loiter with your strong left hand, "I thought it was pretty clear..."

        Casual game of Twister