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Funny Moments Of Marrach

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  • Aptaliesin
    *cleaned a bit for the scene focus*

    Filusae emerges from a shimmering red portal with a cool glow of golden light.
    Filusae twirls herself twice.
    Filusae approaches Radorcha.
    Filusae pads to Radorcha unasked.
    Filusae cups her dainty hands outwardly.
    Radorcha unsurely eyes Filusae.

    Filusae huffs, "An oddity."
    Filusae shakes her dainty hands together.
    Filusae freezes.
    Filusae decides otherwise, "Nah."

    Radorcha appears to be unsure.
    Filusae bounces to the northern side of a razed village.
    Filusae keeps her obsidian and red calcite locket, "Bye!"
    Filusae moves from Radorcha to the northern side of a razed village.
    Filusae leaves through the northern side of a razed village.

    Radorcha realizes, "Ah ..."
    Radorcha appears to be uncomfortable, "That whole experience was an oddity."

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  • Aptaliesin
    Not sure that its a "Funniest moment" but its a sorta cute moment that deserves a kudos. this character is so consistent. XD

    Taite finishes harvesting a pile of iced debris.
    Taite harvests a twig.
    Taite sees her twig, "Just a twig?" (was expecting a negative next. a complaint.)
    Taite says, "I like twigs. They are good for snowmen." (oop, nope, she's still taite.)

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  • Yolanda
    You grin at Tine, "Patrolling gives one permission to behave like a cat. Although if Gareth throws a leg behind his ear and tries to lick himself, run."

    Tine gapes horrifiedly at you, "What?"

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  • Blodwen
    The top of the high staircase tower.

    A burning crimson serpent beast and a fiery orange serpent beast are standing near here. Two wooden cedar buckets are sitting near the lower steps. Lady Charmiam, Captain Galatea, you and Brook are standing near the lower steps.

    Captain Galatea draws a shimmering sword blade.
    Lord Vestio arrives through the lower steps.
    Captain Galatea has readied for MCombat.
    > You have readied to join MCombat. You will voluntarily join the next MCombat fight that begins in this room.
    Lord Vestio has readied for MCombat.
    Lord Vestio charges inwardly, "Ahhhhh!"
    Brook is no longer readied for MCombat.
    Lady Charmiam has readied for MCombat.
    Brook has readied for MCombat.
    > You startle with Lord Vestio, "Ahhh!"
    Captain Galatea squeaks, "Ah~"
    Captain Galatea stumbles forward.

    Captain Galatea charges too.
    * - - - + - - - + - - - + - - - + - - - + - - - + - - - + - - - *
    * - - - + - - - + - - - + - - - + - - - + - - - + - - - + - - - *

    Brook exhales pleasantly, "Ahh."
    A burning crimson serpent beast exclaims too, "Ahh!"

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  • Tine
    Originally posted by Yolanda View Post
    Sir Adahn blows hornily.
    (Along the same lines, I will never forget seeing this

    > Lady Galatea sluttishly raises a white steel shortsword blade.

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  • Brook
    Taite arrives through the western door.
    a clockwork quintain appears through the shadowy portal!
    a serpent beast appears through the shadowy portal!
    a clockwork soldier appears through the shadowy portal!
    a mechanical spider appears through the shadowy portal!
    A thin ironwood clockwork quintain wheels in from a nearby exit!

    A fiery crimson serpent beast appears in a swirl of flame!
    A slender oak clockwork soldier emerges from the shadows!
    A large mechanical copper spider emerges from the shadows!

    Taite curtsies to the long, low passage.

    Taite squeals.

    Blodwen pauses briefly, "Oh."

    Taite leaves through the western door.

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  • Yolanda
    Sir Adahn blows hornily.

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  • Taite
    Originally posted by Bgman377 View Post

    Lord Dolph finishes eating his mouse.
    I laughed so hard my tummy hurts!!!

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  • Brook
    Dame Eeva confesses to Filusae apologetically, "I cannot, in good conscience, give you a 'long-slashy-axe'."

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  • Bgman377
    A moment in the hospital....

    You hand your mouse to Lord Dolph.

    You grossly harass Lord Dolph.

    OOC -- You say, "OOC"

    OOC -- Lord Dolph says, "left over stuff he inherited from severin or whatever"

    Lord Dolph finishes eating his mouse.

    OOC -- Lord Dolph says, "OMFG"

    OOC -- You say, "yeah, mits had that cage for .."

    OOC -- You say, ".. WHAT THE F***"

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  • Brook
    Rikka begins to examine a dead scarred, bluish-grey ogre's distressingly chiseled abdomen.
    Rikka says, "Man, someone did their sit ups. Geeze."

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  • Tine
    Jakt sidles to Private Terentia obsequiously, "Old meat, sera?"

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  • Aptaliesin
    I'm copying a post from In character here, I bubbled into my coffee sniggering.

    To Her Majesty's Guests--

    On my patrols this morning I came across several piles of bones. Assuming these are the remains from the recent attack of undead, I have removed them from public space so as to keep our halls clean and safe. They shall be dealt with accordingly.

    However, if by some off-chance you have simply misplaced your own skeleton, please contact me with your bodily measurements and I will see to it the correct bones are returned to the correct body.

    By Thy Deeds!
    Constable Hjilda Westergar
    Skeletal remains she found laying around after some fighting with the undead. XD

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  • Atmos
    ===Welcoming back some more old faces!===

    You nod to Cordon then, "...Lucus will be ecstatic to see you."

    Ennah hears you, "He might even -smile-!"

    Trenna amuses herself with your words, "Ecstatic?"

    You consider, "Well..the Lucus version of ecstatic."

    Cordon quirks his scarred lips aside, "Yeah."

    You display your face aloofly, "Hm."
    You barely flare your nostrils, "Welcome back."

    Tamiko snickers at you, "Oya, that's him."

    Trenna shakes her head entertainedly.

    Cordon abruptly laughs at you.

    Squire-Princess Maeveen claps for you, "That looks just like him!"

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  • Miria
    5 Years Later..

    Captain Galatea gazes at you.
    You move from a stairway to the courtyard to Captain Galatea.
    You bump into Captain Galatea's back.

    Watchwoman Miria is a tall, leggy woman of pale complexion with a full head of flowing silvery blonde hair, long and worn in a neat bun. She is wearing a steel ermine pin, a steel duckcall, a grey leather high-collared jerkin, a pair of grey wool pants, a steel keyring, a white linen long-sleeved shirt, a grey leather club sheath, a pair of grey leather steel-toed boots, a grey wool Winter Watch cloak, a pair of grey leather gauntlets, a grey leather belt from which hangs a grey leather pouch and a grey leather Winter Watch scabbard, a black-steel hairpin, a steel and poplar round shield worn on the back, a grey cotton brassiere and a pair of grey cotton panties.

    Captain Galatea regards you in a foreign language, "....."

    You find Captain Galatea, "Hey!"

    You seem to be pleased, "Am I late?"

    Captain Galatea tilts her head at you, "...Miria, hello."

    You bow afterwards.

    Captain Galatea hesitates, "I... by like five years, yes."

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