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  • You glance at the doorway under the steps, "Wow, and with a serious wound she moves like lightening."

    You remind yourself aloud, "I need to deputize her."

    Rikka squints, "I know she got hit by a rat earlier."

    OOC -- You say to Rikka, "I totally read CAR, instead of RAT"


    OOC: Coffee and sleep deprivation does funny things...
    Juliana Dagon
    • Courtier
    • Equerry and Head of House for Lord Dolph
    • Apprentice to the Royal Venefice, Lady Hieronyma
    • Patron and Leader of the Castle's Garden Society


    • (I am forever amused by the castle's cats.)

      A gray cat moves from the southeastern door to the southwestern door.
      A calico cat moves from the northeastern gate to the southern heavy iron door.
      A gray cat stares at a calico cat, which quickly flees.
      A calico cat purrs contentedly.
      Edward Keyland
      Servant to Lord Bernier
      Junior Student- Jewelers
      Harlequin- Unity
      Member- Battler


      • Queen Vivienne consoles Lord Vestio's mind boyishly in Northern, "It's not pink, it's lightish red."


        • Sir Donovon verifies his pale-blue bordered petition in Northern, "This is just a recognition, like 'Yay Jarrod' or are you wanting him posthumously promoted to something?"

          Euphelia tells Sir Donovon in Northern, "Just..recognized. And a plaque in the crafter's hall."

          Euphelia admits in Northern, "I suppose we could propose warden of the coast, but it depends on how far he fell."
          [OOC Page] from Juliee: "I dreamed about Aratan last night. It was the most dull dream ever"


          • Well, it was funny TO ME. Don't judge. Also: bad pun warning.

            > remain fascinated with tiernon's bagpipe

            You move from Doctor Diana to the altar.

            You remain fascinated.

            Doctor Diana allows you to sit her.

            You move from the altar to Doctor Diana.

            You sit down next to Doctor Diana.

            [OOC Page] from Doctor Diana: "You were -really- fascinated!"

            [OOC Page] to Doctor Diana: "What can I say, I was moved"
            Proud member of: WWMHSBA

            "Why don't you all just go submit some plots where you can get pregnant, give birth to you own alt as an annoying child character, have it grow up to be a drama queen, and then you can use IC/OOC crossover to hide the goods you stole and escape from the dungeon that you're locked in due to a badly run rape plot?!" - Age


            • > Catharsis hopefully asks Jacicus in Northern, "Any real news? Elmer still purple and horned, and have you had occasion to see Duke Sol?"

              > Jacicus smiles, "Elmer is fine. He's just... horny."
              > Catharsis deadpans at Jacicus.
              > Jacicus twitches her thin lips helplessly.
              > Catharsis winces imaginatively in Northern, "Oh heavens, we're going to need a female dog."
              > Jacicus laughs outrightly.
              > Catharsis shudders in Northern, "Else he'll start trying ... you know, the furniture or something."
              > Catharsis gazes wide-eyedly.


              • From Court last week:

                Queen Vivienne listens pragmatically to King Auberich in a foreign language, "Caca."

                When you only play a Court character for a while, you really forget how awful Northern is, until you get stuck at a formal function in a character who doesn't speak it at all. Sometimes it is hilariously, childishly funny though.


                • Meryl lifts her blunt chin, "The prevalence of men beating their wives is much more common. I'm not diminishing the struggle of men who are. I am saying that beating your spouse is an antiquated practice to try and ensure obidience and subservience, and just like other old ideas, it must make way for new ones."

                  Myrddin murmurs, "Beating anyone is, ah, is generally wrong."

                  Meryl agrees with Myrddin, "Precisely."

                  You murmur to Merrynn, "I think Bousquet proposed to Meryl with one condition of him being able to beat her. But then she told him off and said she'd stab him."

                  Merrynn confuses herself further with you, "But-I mean."
                  Merrynn practically stutters, "I thought that she...and he?--"
                  Merrynn blankly watches the eastern end of the Dining Hall.

                  You shrug cluelessly, "Love is a strange thing."

                  Meryl tells you and Merrynn both, "I am -not- marrying Bousquet."

                  You hear Meryl, "Oh.."
                  You assume, "Because he likes to beat his wives?"
                  You totally judge Bousquet.

                  Merrynn gapes at your words and Bousquet, "You have more then one wife?!"
                  Merrynn blurts to Bousquet, "Where do you keep them all?! Do you like one better? They can't possibly like this."

                  Bousquet blinks at Meryl, " Quite right sera ... ye are naye doing so. I wouldst naye consent."

                  You point Merrynn to Bousquet's luxuriant mustache-goatee.
                  You murmur to Merrynn, "Probably there."
                  You say, "Little tiny ones."

                  Meryl tells Bousquet, "Well, I consent even less."
                  Meryl folds her arms grumpily.

                  Merrynn murmurs to you lostly, "He stores sera's in his face?"

                  You tell Merrynn, "The tiny ones he do. That's why he's always touching his goatee."

                  Embinder Leader, Adjutant Preceptor of the Battlers, and Senior Page.
                  Honored Guest & Junior Equerry to Lady Etaine


                  • Merrynn somewhat winds herself, but defeats nothing in battle.

                    Ummmm----OOPS At least she won?
                    Merrynn Aduin
                    Junior Equerry to Lady Amoret
                    Lead Apprentice Carpenter


                    • Brook opens her polished spruce violin case, "I will dedicate this song to the Sir anyhow, if I may, for without his encouragement I would ne'er have ordered the instrument in the first place."

                      Brook retrieves her unusual spruce violin from her polished spruce violin case.

                      Brook moves from a classical maple arm chair to the wooden floor.

                      Brook sets a polished spruce violin case and a bubbly shi flute on the wooden floor briefly.

                      Sir Donovon interestedly hears Brook.

                      Brook lightly gathers an unusual spruce violin bow in her fingers.

                      Brook inhales preparatorily.

                      Brook readies herself mentally.

                      Brook draws an unusual spruce violin bow ineptly over an unusual spruce violin's four strings.

                      Brook cat-like screeches her unusual spruce violin.

                      Brook feelingly closes her heavy lidded deep green eyes.

                      Sir Donovon pains his ears helplessly.
                      Sir Donovon smiles all-the-while at Brook.

                      Brook plays her unusual spruce violin disgracefully.

                      Keyland bares Brook's unusual spruce violin politely.

                      Brighde holds her expression frozenly.

                      Brook faster-and-faster works an unusual spruce violin bow on an unusual spruce violin's four strings.

                      You escape mentally.

                      Keyland inwardly flees.

                      Brighde smiles somehow at Brook's unusual spruce violin and Brook.

                      Brook introduces her voice reasonlessly.

                      Brook sings nasally, "A la LAAA! La la LAH!"

                      Brook intersperses her voice with her unusual spruce violin.

                      Sir Donovon attends Brook with his attention dedicatedly.

                      Brook sways rhythmically with her unusual spruce violin.

                      Brook rotates her unusual spruce violin in her pair of faille gloves solemnly.

                      Brook plays her unusual spruce violin upside-down.

                      Brook somehow holds an unusual spruce neck with her knees.

                      Keyland deadpans at Brook wordlessly.

                      Brook sings on-and-off, "La la laa a la ..."

                      Brook suddenly finishes.

                      Brook stills an unusual spruce violin bow gravely.
                      StoryPlotter Odjit points to her kohl-lined button eyes.
                      StoryPlotter Odjit points to you.
                      StoryPlotter Odjit draws her finger over her throat slowly.

                      OOC -- Rhomulus says, " you realize... of all the people on here you're one of the few to make me look up a word?! lol"


                      • You note a scarred courier laughingly, "You kidnapped the courier?!"
                        A short courier says, in Teanga, "Of course."
                        Merrynn Aduin
                        Junior Equerry to Lady Amoret
                        Lead Apprentice Carpenter


                        • Merrynn wanders toward your right side.
                          Merrynn leans into you smilingly, "Mornin."
                          You hug Merrynn, "I got a surprise for you I worked on last night."
                          Merrynn beams at you excitedly, "Really?"
                          You bob your head to Merrynn.
                          You gesture Merrynn to a long wooden bench, "Sit! Eyes closed and hands out."
                          You glance sneakily at your white linen purse.
                          Merrynn sits down next to you.
                          Merrynn closes her bright iridescent cobalt blue eyes instantly.
                          Merrynn trustingly lifts her smooth hands to you.
                          You shift closer to Merrynn, "Ready?"
                          Merrynn nods certainly.
                          You try again, "Are you -ready-?"
                          Merrynn grins broadly, "very ready."
                          You watch Merrynn's sensual lips.
                          You lift a thick, grainy liquid anticipatorily.
                          You intercept Merrynn's words.
                          You pour a thick, grainy liquid in Merrynn's full mouth.
                          Merrynn spews instantly.
                          Merrynn gags on the stone floor helplessly, "I'm dyin."
                          You shift your watery pale grey eyes, "Surprise...?"
                          Merrynn pleadingly hopes to a barmaid.
                          A barmaid gives Merrynn a water jack.
                          Merrynn needfully gulps at her water jack.
                          Merrynn swishes her water jack in her full mouth.
                          You assure Merrynn, "It's -gooooooood-!"
                          Merrynn spits a clear liquid on the stone floor.
                          Merrynn wrinkles her nose, "its terrible!"
                          You say, "It's yummy. -L~o~ve it-"
                          Merrynn inches herself from you now.
                          Merrynn tells you, "I can never trust you again."


                          • When speaking about Inquisitor outfits and what would be intimidating...

                            Brook ventures quieter in Northern, "I find codpieces intimidating ..."


                            • Quilp arrives through the south doorway.

                              Quilp tromps to the long table, "Heard the faery glide past. Must be done."

                              You bow humbly to Quilp.

                              You tell Quilp, "Thank you for lending us the weapons to use."

                              Quilp grunts at you, "Stuff it."

                              Lord Sicard inclines his rugged chin to Dame Catharsis, "Shall we, then?"

                              You shift your round deep blue eyes silently.

                              Bousquet almost chokes.

                              Quilp plods back to the south doorway.

                              Quilp leaves through the south doorway.

                              Lord Sicard smiles to the south doorway, "He is always such a cheerful character."
                              Ser Kobe
                              Junior Equerry to Lord Vestio
                              Battler Teacher
                              Mummer for the Unity of the Arts

                              Linguistics Project Assembly Teacher


                              • Ignoia jerks his thumb between Merrynn, "We're not doing -that-"
                                You tilt your head somewhat, "Oh. You're just so casual, I assumed."
                                Merrynn just stares at you, " Not that either."
                                Merrynn reddens her face further.
                                You confuse yourself entirely with Merrynn and Ignoia.
                                Merrynn awkwardly shifts her derriere against a liquor bar.
                                You blink your round mismatched blue-toned eyes, "Well, uh, sorry."
                                Merrynn mumbles, "Just friends for a long time."
                                Ignoia coughs once, "A -long- time."
                                You grin, "Oh, then she's fair game."
                                You wink your azure-edged hazel left eye at Merrynn, "Hey Girl."



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