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  • Armswoman Juliana defers to you in Northern, "If I were a chronicler, I'd describe those less than forthcoming as short-sighted, bald and drooling."

    You blindly inspect your gnarled hands with your squinty cloudy eyes.

    You baldly rub your scalp.

    Armswoman Juliana totally misses your squinty cloudy eyes.

    You check your thin lips dryly.

    Armswoman Juliana realizes you and her words in Northern, "Oh damn, I did not mean you at all. I was referring to someone like, uh, [REDACTED]"

    Armswoman Juliana shifts her vibrant blue-green eyes to-the-left.

    You remark wryly in Northern, "You know, I've always admired the Watch for their sensitivity and attention to detail."
    StoryPlotter Odjit points to her kohl-lined button eyes.
    StoryPlotter Odjit points to you.
    StoryPlotter Odjit draws her finger over her throat slowly.

    OOC -- Rhomulus says, " you realize... of all the people on here you're one of the few to make me look up a word?! lol"


    • You take a spoiled meatball.
      You sigh then.
      You drop a spoiled meatball.
      A small hound takes a spoiled meatball.
      You widen your heavy lidded deep green eyes at a small hound, "No-oo-oo!"
      A small hound takes a bite of his spoiled meatball.
      A small hound barks excitedly at you.
      You worry about a small hound, "Elmeeeer!"
      You tell a small hound, "Drop it."
      A small hound drops a spoiled meatball.
      A small hound peers at you.
      Crisis averted.


      • Brook informs you innocently, "It makes the most lovely, musical sounds."
        Brook nibbles her raspberry marbled dark chocolate and sweet berry truffle.
        You blow your stained maple whistle and you hear an ear-splitting noise that sounds like ~~Tuh-WEEEEET-eeee-WHEEEEE-teeeee-eeeeeet!~~
        Brook claps laughingly.
        Brook totally entertains herself, "I think 'tis in good hands now."
        Deputy Siward winces at your stained maple whistle and his large ears.
        Deputy Siward rubs his large ears helpfully.

        sera Eloren Misra


          Favor, Disfavor and Reputation

          What is Favor?
          Favor is a positive response to an individual's efforts. This can manifest in physical form, in the form of time or other intangible rewards.

          What is Disfavor?
          Disfavor is a negative responsive to an individual's follies. This can manifest in loss of position, time, or other intangible rewards.

          Excessive Disfavor:
          [You see two stickfigures. They seem to be arguing over a shoe. In another block, the girly stick figure is seen storming off. The boyish stick figure is shrugging with question marks over his head.]
          [Below the above stick figures, you see the girly stick figure hiring a cloaked stick figure. The next image is the boyish stick figure with a knife in his eye. A big NO sign has been drawn over this image.]
          [Another box has been drawn to the side, with the girly figure scheming with three other girly figures, followed by a box with the boyish figure walking oddly. A check mark is by this set.]
          [You see a pirate ship with a skull flag. You see another ship with a white flag. You see a bunch of dodgy stick figures raiding the other ship and then the other ship sailing away. A check mark is by this image.]
          [You see another pirate ship, skull flag a flyin. You see the other ship, not surrendering. The next image shows the pirates throwing people off the other ship and sailing away with two ships anyway. Bye Felicia.]

          For some reason, I found this super funny. I had just went in a few days after the Lecture and was reading the board and this was there still. I had not gotten a chance to read it during the lecture.

          sera Eloren Misra


          • A bald guard arrives through the bubinga and iron door.

            A brawny guard arrives through the bubinga and iron door.

            A freckled guard arrives through the bubinga and iron door.

            You wonder about a freckled guard and a brawny guard and a bald guard, "Hi boys. Here for a trim, or has Hugo been trying to purloin haircare product again?"

            A brawny guard replies, in Teanga, "I'efhan eindllui onn, I imh't trueumb."

            A bald guard points at a freckled guard.

            A bald guard leaves through the bubinga and iron door.

            A brawny guard leaves through the bubinga and iron door.

            A freckled guard leaves through the bubinga and iron door.
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            LPA Instructor • Artist and Jongleur • Seeker of the Faith


            • > realize my faults
              Watchman Siward has no faults.

              Commoner, (Honored Guest)
              Bodyservent to His Excellecny Lord Boreas, the Winter Knight
              Watchman of the Winter Watch
              Senior Awakener of the Awakeners
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              • OOC -- Doctor Diana says, "Total iggy for like just whole minute"

                Doctor Diana dances.

                Watchman Siward chuckles softly.

                Watchman Siward shakes his head.
                You stick your tongue out at Doctor Diana.

                Watchman Siward still talks, ""

                Doctor Diana dances with Watchman Siward.

                Emerick dances a lively jig.
                You babble incoherently.

                Emerick hops up and down.

                Doctor Diana flicks her tongue at you.

                You allow Emerick to dance Dolph.

                Emerick moves from an ornate mahogany couch to Dolph.
                You catch Doctor Diana's tongue.

                Emerick dances arm in arm with you.

                Doctor Diana runs through the large, well-lit infirmary.

                Watchman Siward wags his hips.

                Doctor Diana runs through the large, well-lit infirmary.

                Doctor Diana flaps her arms.
                You circle Emerick in an intricate dance of footwork.

                Emerick moves from Dolph to Watchman Siward.

                Emerick dances cheek to cheek with Watchman Siward.

                Doctor Diana sings bird-like.
                Royal Chief of Medicine
                Noble of Her Majesty's Royal Court
                Avowed Seeker of the Faith


                • Merrynn leans into Liir lightly, "We need games or somethin...this quiet is makin me nervous."
                  Liir muses to Merrynn, "Think of it this way, at least they are all together right? Safety in numbers?"
                  > You consider Merrynn's words.
                  Liir smiles at Merrynn, "I can make it noisey, but I'm not sure everyone would appreciat ethat."
                  > You say idly, "I spy with my little eye something that begins with a T."
                  Merrynn chuckles at Liir.
                  Liir asks, "Uh, the Tub?"
                  Merrynn perks her small ears at you.
                  > You shake your head at Liir, "Nope. Not the tub."
                  Merrynn tilts her head, "towel."
                  A low voice rings from the darkened corners of the room, ''Terror?''.
                  Liir widens his round mismatched blue-toned eyes.
                  Black and purple smoke begins filtering into the room from the various cracks and crevasses in the castle stone. Suddenly the air around you implodes as the mist coalesces into a robed being in the center of the room!
                  Watchman Siward peeks at the northeastern corner of the room, the bathing area in the northwest corner, the southeastern corner of the room and the southwestern corner of the room.
                  Merrynn gasps then.
                  Liir swears lowly.
                  A spectral churning black and purple robed man slowly rises from the center of the room.
                  > You stand up.
                  Watchman Siward reaches for his sturdy larch practice sword.
                  Merrynn narrows her bright iridescent mauve eyes at a spectral shifting black and purple robed man.
                  Kobe blinks.
                  Watchman Siward takes a sturdy larch practice sword from his grey leather belt from which hangs a grey leather pouch, a grey leather Winter Watch scabbard, a steel duckcall and a grey boarskin club sheath.
                  Liir stands in front of Merrynn.
                  Liir bristles protectively.
                  You attempt confidently, "It was towels not terror."
                  Kobe takes a conventional larch practice sword from his black goatskin belt from which hangs a golden suede coin bag, a scroll and a honorary silver medallion.
                  Kobe wields a conventional larch practice sword.
                  Watchman Siward moves away from the south door.
                  Watchman Siward stands between a spectral churning black and purple robed man.
                  A spectral roiling black and purple robed man coldly intones, "Well you cannot blame a man for trying."
                  ~ Initiate Kaori Zaihou ~
                  OOC: Signature last changed on 3/24/2018


                  • Priorities.

                    Princess Maeve gaspingly asks Duke Lucus, "Are you okay?!"

                    You wave your silvery chunk of rock candy at Princess Maeve.

                    Princess Maeve distracts herself with you, "Oh, candy."


                    • Doctor Diana smiles at you warmly, "We are indeed suckers for balls."
                      Doctor Diana pauses at her words.
                      Ser Kobe
                      Junior Equerry to Lord Vestio
                      Battler Teacher
                      Mummer for the Unity of the Arts

                      Linguistics Project Assembly Teacher


                      • A short courier comments hastily, in Teanga, "I was just thinking about you."

                        A small hound sniffs boredly.

                        You glance over your right shoulder.

                        You ask a short courier in Teanga, "Me, or the dog?"

                        A short courier responds, in Teanga, "That mangy mutt Elmer keeps stealing my pants!"

                        Rikka snorts now.

                        You laugh aloud.

                        A small hound blinks lazily.

                        A small hound sighs calmly.


                        • The couriers make some of the most boring moments hilarious, sometimes, with their accidental yet oddly relevant replies.
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                          Noble of Her Majesty's Royal Court
                          Avowed Seeker of the Faith


                          • Lilly tilts her head, "He did?"

                            Lilly hears you, "He did?"
                            You nod to Lilly, "He did."

                            Sir Launfal smiles at your words, "He did!"
                            Royal Chief of Medicine
                            Noble of Her Majesty's Royal Court
                            Avowed Seeker of the Faith


                            • Tiernon Tormented

                              Tiernon tells Dolph plaintively in Northern, "It's my tooth..."
                              Doctor Diana lifts her fingertips to Tiernon's dimpled chin.

                              Dolph admits curiously in Northern, "I've never worked on a tooth"

                              Ophidias replies to Lord Mirshan in Northern soft-spokenly, "I think so, Ye Lordship. It is his tooth that seems to be acting up now and again"
                              Doctor Diana turns Tiernon's face delicately.

                              You widen your variegated silvery-lilac eyes in Northern, "What if his teeth have to come out!"

                              Ophidias horrifies herself with you in Northern, "Then he would have to eat soft foods."

                              You nod to Ophidias in Northern, "Like a baby! Ohmygoodness!"

                              Dolph tells Ophidias amusedly in Northern, "I don't think he'd lose all of them..."
                              Tiernon glances askance between you and Ophidias.

                              Ophidias imagines Tiernon childishly in Northern, "Goodness"

                              Meryl tuts at Tiernon in Northern, "This is why I don't eat sweet things most times."
                              Tiernon keeps his expression straight-facedly.

                              Dolph winces at Meryl's words in Northern, "I eat sweet stuff all the time"
                              Dolph decides to himself in Northern, "I better cut back"

                              You unhelpfully tell Tiernon in Northern, "Get a cleaning stick for your teeth from the Carpenters!"
                              Dolph blinks at you in Northern, "A what?"

                              Brighde hears you too in Northern, "A what?"

                              Brighde worries about her teeth suddenly.

                              You ask Dolph and Brighde in Northern, "What?"
                              Dolph also worries about his teeth.

                              Ophidias cluelessly hears you in Northern, "Ye shove a stick in ye teeth? that does sound quite painful"

                              Brighde covers her thin mouth self-consciously in Northern, "We have those?"

                              You blink at Ophidias in Northern, "That sounds awful!"
                              Heulyn just palms her face.

                              Ophidias mirrors your expression in Northern, "It does, indeed"

                              Doctor Diana sighs in Northern, "Hells bells..."
                              Brighde confuses herself utterly with the Inner Bailey courtyard.

                              Doctor Diana requests in Northern, "Stay here a moment?"
                              Meryl nods to Brighde in Northern, "We do. They are little and bristly, to make your mouth feel clean."

                              Tiernon worries now about Doctor Diana's words in Northern, "Is it really bad?"

                              Doctor Diana smiles at Tiernon in Northern falteringly, "I just need my kit."
                              You curtsy to Doctor Diana in Northern happily, "Have fun pulling teeth!"
                              You really assume.
                              Dolph gasps softly at you.
                              Tiernon worries about his teeth seriously.

                              Heulyn attemptingly reassures Ophidias and you in Northern, "I am sure that he is not going to lose all of his teeth."
                              Tiernon raises his light eyebrows alarmedly at Ophidias.

                              You smile at Heulyn in Northern, "Oh, that is good! Ohmygosh what if he loses all his teeth but his front!"

                              You lose your mind in Northern, "He'll look like a bunny!"
                              Dolph snorts suddenly.

                              Tiernon stares at you aghastly.

                              Lord Mirshan glimpses at you in Northern bemusedly, "Are you alright, Mistress?"

                              Dolph really feels for Tiernon in Northern, "Oh my oh my oh my"
                              Brighde widens her blue-flecked olive-green eyes at you.
                              Brighde laughs abruptly.
                              Heulyn rubs her right temple with her fingertips.
                              Ophidias glimpses between Tiernon and you fleetingly.

                              Meryl tells you in Northern, "We have Ivory, Maybe you'll have to fix a mouth plate with little teeth?"

                              You seriously nod to Meryl in Northern, "Oh yes, and we have WHITE ivory, I can make him some fake tooths"

                              Ophidias supposes to Tiernon in Northern caringly, "Let us go someplace ye can relax. How about the Library? It should be quiet there."
                              Tiernon covers his mouth with his hands now.

                              Dolph murmurs to himself in Northern, "They have a stuffed rabbit in the library..."

                              Tiernon muffledly answers Ophidias in Northern, "library is fine"

                              Meryl muses in Northern, "Library won't be quiet much longer... My new office is going to be there, alll my beautiful trumpets..."

                              Tiernon starts at Meryl's words in Northern, "Wait...what?"

                              Tiernon tells Meryl in Northern, "You can't put trumpets in my library!"
                              Lillian-Rose Annabella Grace (aka "Lilly")
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                              * Chief Scribe of the Chambers


                              • Atmos attemptingly coaxes Adayne, "Laaaast piece."

                                Atmos airily maneuvers his dark-gren faery cake, "Here comes the dragon..."

                                Atmos aims his dark-gren faery cake for Adayne's full mouth, "Looking for his....cave..."

                                You stare at Atmos now, "If she stabs you, I will not blame her."

                                Atmos shrugs at you, "Neither will I, but at least she'll have cake."

                                Adayne blinks attentively in Eastern, "Cake."

                                Atmos nods to Adayne, "Cake."

                                Adayne watches Atmos' dark-gren faery cake.



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