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  • A fat male servant sighs, in Teanga, "How many laws do we need?!."
    You ask a fat male servant in Teanga, "How many stupid people do we have?"
    A fat male servant replies, in Teanga, "Of course."

    sera Eloren Misra


    • You shake your head barely.
      You appear to be confused.
      You wonder, "What did i just watch?"

      You admit to Siward however, "I dont think i'm coordinated enough for what you just did."
      Siward tells you, "Very limber legs."

      Josie moves from the middle of the stage to the stage.
      Josie puts a brassplate booklet on the stage, "We're going to learn some other traditional moves that you'll transition into from the positions."
      Josie answers you aside, "The fundamentals of ballet."

      You uncomfortably hear Siward, "Congratulations.."

      Siward chuckles lightly, "It helps with my sword play."
      Josie erectly straightens her body, "Arabesque. This is done on one leg with the other leg raised behind the body ..."
      Josie keeps her right leg downward.
      Josie backwardly extends her left leg.

      You straighten your black brocade long-sleeved doublet reasonlessly, "Dont move like that while sparring. --"

      You turn your bright sunset golden eyes to Josie.
      Josie straightens her left leg completely, "Extended in a straight line."

      Josie balancingly holds her arms.
      Siward smiles lightly at you, "Of course not. But it will be handy if one needs to move like that in sparring."
      OOC -- Josie says, ""

      Siward kicks his right leg backwards.
      A solid hit! Siward's right leg has been faintly bruised!

      OOC -- Siward says, "Oh gawd"

      Josie bird-like poses her body, "Like flying."
      Siward winces lightly at his right leg.


      • 10:40 [Carla] A saucy female servant arrives through the wooden door. 10:41 [Carla] You shoo a saucy female servant. A saucy female servant leaves through the wooden door. CARLAALMIGHTY!!!

        Embinder Leader, Adjutant Preceptor of the Battlers, and Senior Page.
        Honored Guest & Junior Equerry to Lady Etaine


        • Carla agrees with you agreeingly, "Aye."
          Josie nods noddingly.
          You smile smilingly.
          Carla frowns, "It hasn't worn off.."
          OOC -- Josie says, "I accidentally typed shittishly shit"
          OOC -- Carla says, "lol!"

          OOC -- You say, "o.O how do you accidentally type that?"

          OOC -- Josie says, "I was trying stand standingly, sit sittingly"
          OOC -- Josie says, "None of them worked, then sit turned to shit, like it sometimes do .."
          OOC -- Josie says, "Doo .. hah. See what I did there?"

          OOC -- You say, "LOL"
          OOC -- Carla says, "lol!"
          OOC -- Josie says, "Wow, sorry. I'm goofy tired."


          • You tell Aratan convincingly in Northern, "I lost my earring in here. Can you find it?"

            Aratan glances at your small ears in Northern, "..Both of them?"

            You nod earnestly to Aratan in Northern, "Uh huh"

            Aratan musses his sparkling titian hair in Northern, "What do they look like?"

            You vaguely tell Aratan in Northern, "Small ones, silver, light colored stone"

            Aratan nods.

            Aratan asks you in Northern, "Do you remember where you were in the room the last time you remember having them?"

            You gesture somewhere in Northern, "Over there"

            Aratan assumes about the immense fireplace indicatively.

            Aratan squints at the rug-laden grey stone floor in Northern now, "I'll start here, if you want to start by the chess board?"

            You nod unmovingly in Northern, "Uh huh"

            You block the north double door continually.

            Aratan meanwhile crawls on the rug-laden grey stone floor in Northern, "It'll be easier if we both look you know."

            You fib to Aratan in Northern reassuringly, "I'm looking"

            Aratan pauses briefly in Northern, "Ah- oh. It's a pebble. Never mind."

            Aratan resumes searchingly.

            You glance over your right shoulder now-and-then.

            Aratan crawls here-and-there on the rug-laden grey stone floor.

            Aratan gradually dusts his knees and his pair of black calfskin side-laced pants.

            Aratan squints at the rug-laden grey stone floor endlessly.

            You ask Aratan now in Northern, "Find them yet?"

            Aratan shakes his head in Northern, "Nope."

            Aratan continues searchingly.

            You appreciate Aratan in Northern, "Thank you, keep looking."

            Ezraella arrives through the east doorway.

            Ezraella curtsies to you.

            You curtsy to Ezraella.

            You beckon Ezraella to yourself quickly.

            Aratan crawls on the rug-laden grey stone floor.

            Ezraella steps to you.

            You instruct Aratan further in Northern, "Keep looking"

            You whisper Ezraella in Northern aside, "The spirit is trying to lure Aratan, I'm trying to distract him"

            Ezraella wonderingly watches Aratan.

            You murmur to Ezraella in Northern lowly, "He's searching for my earrings I didn't lose"

            Aratan really focuses on the rug-laden grey stone floor.

            Ezraella hears you cleverly in Northern, "Good idea"

            Ezraella louder asks you in Northern, "Was it the very small ones with the emeralds?"

            Ezraella assumes in Northern, "Or the opals"

            Ezraella conspires with you.

            You agree with Ezraella in Northern, "The opals, for sure"

            Ezraella skims a cream cashmere rug in Northern, "Oh dear"

            Ezraella encourages Aratan in Northern, "You are ever the gentleman, Master"


            • Merrynn bows her head to Ignoia, you and Myrddin easily.
              Ignoia grins at Merrynn, "Meeeer!"
              Ignoia expresses, "Carla's dead!"
              You snort amusedly.
              Merrynn stares at Ignoia, "say what."
              You shift your deep-set hazel eyes amusedly.
              Ignoia foggily navigates his mind, "Mn... Uwaine killed her with lightning. Not clowns."
              Merrynn blinks at her scroll also, "ah hells..."
              You helplessly snigger, "Clowns."
              Ignoia stresses to you, "Not clown, Red."
              Merrynn raises her arched eyebrow confusedly, "Uwaine turned into a clown?"
              You cackle helplessly.


              • Everly seems to remain calm.
                Kimmi recoils and seems fearful!
                Elora recoils and seems fearful!
                You are suddenly inflicted with magically inducted fear!
                Nemmeth recoils and seems fearful!
                Kaori seems to remain calm.
                a busy, spindly gnome treasurer seems to remain calm. <.< Ha!


                • Josie inquires opportunely of a fairy, "Can you grow body parts then? Why don't you heal the people who have lost important things? That would be ... remarkable."
                  A fairy lazily asks Josie in Teanga, "Would that be fun?"
                  Braedan tilts his darkened fallow eyes to Josie.
                  You translate a fairy then, "Would that be fun?"
                  You glimpse at Braedan's wooden leg.
                  Marisol smiles at a fairy, "Loads. Tons. Lots of fun."
                  You admit, "I would be impressive. Like, living wood."
                  Josie supposes to a fairy, "Might make you some friends. I couldn't say what is fun for you."
                  A fairy distracts herself with Braedan's amputated left leg.
                  Josie laments to a fairy, "I don't have a fae mind."
                  A fairy launches herself from Josie's right shoulder.
                  A fairy moves from Josie to Braedan.
                  A fairy zooms to Braedan now.
                  Braedan rests his weight on his foot and his wooden leg.
                  Braedan squints close-by at a fairy.
                  Marisol peeks at a fairy and Braedan hopefully.
                  A fairy hovers near Braedan's amputated left leg.
                  A fairy flutters her pair of translucent wings rapidly.
                  Josie hesitantly tilts her kohl-edged smoke blue eyes toward a fairy and Braedan.
                  Braedan eyeballs a fairy warily.

                  A fairy knocks on Braedan's wooden leg.
                  A fairy listens to Braedan's wooden leg now.

                  You take a quaint nickel castle-shaped box from your grey boarskin pouch.
                  You begin to examine your quaint nickel castle-shaped box.
                  Braedan tilts his darkened fallow eyes toward the translucent crystal roof long-sufferingly.

                  Josie pitches her voice elsewhere, "Heal me." (as if the leg)
                  You amuse yourself with Josie.
                  Braedan snorts faintly at Josie.
                  A fairy presses her sharply pointed right ear to Braedan's wooden leg gaspingly.
                  A fairy listens harder.
                  A fairy hugs Braedan's wooden leg now in Teanga, "But if I heal you ... you will become a tree again!"


                  • Dolph tells you, "I'll bring you a honey flavored one."
                    You beam at Dolph, "You be so nice. Thanks."
                    Dolph winks at you, "Thanks though. You can pay me back some other way. You'll think of something."
                    Dolph shrugs, "Also my cigars are sweeter on the tongue."
                    Merrynn nods, "by kissin ass."
                    You tell Merrynn, "I donae kiss arse. I bet they stink."
                    Merrynn confesses, "I like the smell, not the taste."
                    You cackle at Merrynn.
                    Dolph confuses himself with Merrynn, "Of arse?"
                    You smack your right leg laughingly.
                    Dolph chuckles helplessly.


                    • Okay.

                      Is BigRedV in reference to like a menstruating vagina?

                      Asking for a friend.


                      • LOL! no. It was because she had big, red hair and her name is Vasilisa. Though, after I realized people might not understand it as well as I do >.>


                        • Meanwhile at the middle of the bridge.....

                          Lord Boreas remarks then in Northern, "Meowulf apparently stuck an earspoon in his ear, capered down the stairs west of here, slipped on ice, and rammed it into his brain. I remember being surprised, because I was sure there wasn't one there."


                          • Part of a scroll..

                            "here is all my money I don't know what decorum is but I think I needed to send that too so if I find it in my room I will send it later"

                            I laugh every time. <3
                            Lady Sinvy
                            Lady of Her Majesty's Court
                            Mistress of the Cellars
                            Sponsor of the Courtesy Circle


                            • Ezraella smoothes dragon-like a misty blue chiffon skirt and a misty blue velour trailing skirt over the pale marble floor.

                              Ezraella moves from the pale marble floor to the eastern ascending stairs.

                              A bald guard bows deeply to Ezraella in Teanga, "Good to see you again."

                              Ezraella leaves through the eastern ascending stairs.

                              You hear a woman calling "dragon-like, what does that even mean?!" from the eastern ascending stairs.


                              • A single silk thread descends into the room and a burly gnome tumbles down the strand clumsily! He falls to the floor before standing and huffing aloud!

                                You swivel your bright deep skyblue eyes around the northern half of the workshop.

                                Vasilisa lifts her strong hands, "I...."

                                A stealthy gnome slips his tiny crossbow forward.

                                A gnome mercenary calls aloud, "Chicken is cooked!"

                                A burly gnome scurries away.

                                a gnome mercenary fires a tiny crossbow at Vasilisa; a tiny, steel needle soars through the air and strikes her as she tries to dodge then tumbles to the ground!

                                A burly gnome stomps out through the northwestern door.

                                A stealthy gnome grunts, "It's burnt!"

                                You blink slowly at the northern half of the workshop.

                                A gnome mercenary yells small, "Fire in the house!"

                                A gnome mercenary runs randomly.

                                A stealthy gnome scrambles around the northern half of the workshop.

                                Vasilisa just blinks, "What..."

                                You check Vasilisa, "Did that hurt?"

                                A gnome mercenary runs toward the southwestern gate.

                                Vasilisa tells you honestly, " No."

                                A stealthy gnome sprints too.

                                Vasilisa says, "What is going on!"

                                You turn, "I better go get that one."

                                [few moments later]

                                A stealthy gnome replies, "Birdies are hungry!"

                                You, a stealthy gnome and a burly gnome are standing near the northeastern gate. Vasilisa and a gnome mercenary are standing near the northwestern gate. A white-steel bell in a koawood frame is hanging against the southern heavy iron door. The Embinders roster is hanging next to the southwestern door. A small mosaic tile of various brightly colored jewels, a small mosaic tile haphazardly piled with randomly-placed mudstones, a small mosaic tile of shiny onyx and glittering green-jade and a small mosaic tile in shell and pearl are hanging above the large fireplace. A large amaranth is standing near the large fireplace.

                                A gnome mercenary warns Vasilisa, "Don't tell nebody!"

                                A burly gnome says, "Chirp cha cha!"

                                A gnome mercenary tosses two smooth black marbles.

                                A smooth black marble explodes with a brilliant flash of light, a clap of thunder and large, thick cloud of smoke forms and obscures your vision for several moments.
                                A smooth black marble explodes with a brilliant flash of light, a clap of thunder and large, thick cloud of smoke forms and obscures your vision for several moments.

                                A gnome mercenary yells, "Flee!"

                                A stealthy gnome points at you, "Hooman!"

                                Vasilisa covers her deep-set hazel eyes, "Hell."

                                A stealthy gnome scrambles again.

                                A burly gnome says, "Person!"
                                Natasha Danaher
                                Courtier in Her Majesty's Court
                                Squire to Dame Galatea
                                Lieutenant in the Regular Army
                                Cosmetic Consultant
                                Apprentice in the Healers
                                Apprentice in the Clothiers