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Funny Moments Of Marrach

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  • You hear a squeaky voice echo through the south door. "Pssst! 'ey!

    You say, "I was going to see if the Mistress was about but I can't leave you in here and I don...."
    You call, "Yes?"
    Zephyrus swivels his gaze to the bubinga and iron door.

    You mutter a-lot.
    You step to the bubinga and iron door.

    You hear a scuffle from just outside the south door as if someone or something is struggling with something.

    You regret your feet already, "Damn it all to hell."
    You say, "Stay here."

    A single silk thread descends into the room and a mercenary gnome skillfully descends along the thread! He reaches the floor and grasps his crossbow, scanning the area!

    A single silk thread descends into the room and a stealthy gnome slips soundlessly to the floor where he crouches and looks around dubiously!

    A gnome mercenary runs to the northeastern door.
    A gnome mercenary slams the northeastern door.
    A gnome mercenary closes the northeastern door.

    There is a click from the northeastern door.

    You say, "Hey!"
    A gnome mercenary turns toward you now..
    A gnome mercenary levels his tiny crossbow at you.

    Your duckcall emits a loud "QUACK!" as you blow it. You know that your call was heard by Lieutenant Natasha.

    You run westward.
    A gnome mercenary says, "Ey! Wait!"
    A gnome mercenary grunts small.

    You pause your feet.
    A gnome mercenary mutters, "Peoples!"
    A stealthy gnome shakes his head, "Hoomans!"
    You eye a stealthy gnome and a gnome mercenary, "You're the one with a crossbow!"


    • Burned by a page boy:

      A young page boy replies, in Teanga, "Doctor Mielyr went that way!"
      You snort at a young page boy, "Not Doctor Mielyr, Doctor DOLPH."
      A young page boy responds, in Teanga, "Not all doctors are healers!"

      Royal Chief of Medicine
      Courtier of Her Majesty's Royal Court
      Patron of the Embinders
      Head of the House of the Lord Chamberlain