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  • Taite says, "Elmer. Do you want to go to the outer dining hall with me? Maybe they have something that you'd like."
    A small hound hungrily looks about for a cat.
    Tiel tells a small hound, "I've seen cats there as well."
    A small hound salivates needfully.


    • A young page boy murmurs, in Teanga, "Trouble's coming, I can smell it on the wind..."
      Dame Hannah glares at a young page boy.
      A young page boy announces, in Teanga, "Oops..."

      >.> hee. Dame hannah the evileye.


      • <.< I forgot to copy it so it's not exact but still soo funny.

        Vasilisa consider her iron tray, "I suppose this can still be used as a weapon."
        Dame Galatea agrees, "No one likes hot liquid in their face."
        Dame Galatea supposes, "Unless it's a shadow or mechanical spider who is not bothered by it."
        Blodwen says "Whores do."
        Dame Galatea turns her gaze to Blodwen
        Vasilisa snorts at Blodwen's words "Likely."


        • You extend your painter's palette to Erindrin, "We should definitely do this more often."

          Erindrin eyes your oxblood muslin handkerchief, "M-hm..."

          Erindrin takes a painter's palette from Yolanda.

          Erindrin places her three painter's palettes in her natural paper package.

          You offer your oxblood muslin handkerchief to Erindrin.

          You remark about your oxblood muslin handkerchief, "It wasn't always this color..."

          Erindrin takes an oxblood muslin handkerchief from Yolanda.

          Erindrin gooily rubs her paint-stained hands with her oxblood muslin handkerchief, "What colour was it?"

          You impishly twinkle your heavy lidded sloe eyes, "Not until I had to staunch someone's spurting artery with it."

          You possibly jest.

          Erindrin actually squeaks.

          Erindrin throws an oxblood muslin handkerchief away.

          Erindrin accidentally aims at you.

          You catch an oxblood muslin handkerchief.

          You reassuringly smile at Erindrin, "I'm kidding. It was alway that color."

          Erindrin squints at you.


          • Odjit's here! It's business time.

            StoryPlotter Odjit approaches the eastern ascending stairs.

            A bald guard salutatorily welcomes StoryPlotter Odjit.

            StoryPlotter Odjit leaves through the eastern ascending stairs.

            A bald guard chortles helplessly.
            Honored Guest
            Royal Purse Bearer
            Guildmaster of the Embinders Association
            Bodyservant to Lord Sicard Dunseny
            Elder Teacher of the Battle Guild


            • Dame Umichan counts on her fingers, "Erm..."
              Dame Umichan recites, "Elmer is a dog."
              Dame Umichan adds, "Who leaves his half-chewed meatballs."
              Dame Umichan tries, "Lying on the ground. Wasteful."
              A small hound yaps jovially.
              Dame Umichan shrugs, "Poetry was never a strength of mine."
              A small hound yaps happily.
              A small hound pants brightly.
              Adeline also giggles at Dame Umichan, "I'm sure he loves the attention."
              A small hound dances spritely.
              A small hound leaps into the air happily.
              A small hound playfully scampers about.
              A small hound bounces mirthfully around Adeline.
              Elora grins at Dame Umichan, "In few words you have summed up the truth of our fine canine friend."
              A small hound yaps whiningly at Jerisa.
              Dame Umichan says, "Oh, I didn't know about the love part."
              A small hound moves from Merrynn to Dame Umichan.
              A small hound pads playfully to Dame Umichan.
              You suggest to Dame Umichan, "Elmer does love meatballs."
              Dame Umichan moves from Lady Amoret to one of the central dark marble benches.
              Dame Umichan pets a small hound, "That is true."
              A small hound whines approvingly to Dame Umichan.

              [a few moment later]

              A small hound yaps happily.
              You hush a small hound, "Shh, this is a gathering for art."
              A small hound skips gladly.
              You tilt your head at a small hound, "Do you speak of your love for meatballs?"
              A small hound barks at you naturally.
              You smile softly at a small hound, "I do nay speak Dog, I am afraid."
              A small hound barks at you happily.
              Dame Umichan says, "I believe that is a yes."
              A small hound chases after his tail endlessly.

              ~ Lady Charmiam ~
              ~ Seeker ~


              • > exa josie's snowflake
                You begin to examine Josie's a pale-blue stellar dendrite snowflake.
                This describes just how pretty This is a small snowflake ornament that is able to be hung up for display.
                OOC -- Josie says, "Don't look at my aberration ><"
                > look josie's snowflake
                I'm very pretty


                • A small hound spots a calico cat calculatingly.

                  You distract a small hound playfully with your battered meatball in Northern, "He's not on the menu, Elmer."

                  A small hound pauses dreamily.
                  Honored Guest
                  Royal Purse Bearer
                  Guildmaster of the Embinders Association
                  Bodyservant to Lord Sicard Dunseny
                  Elder Teacher of the Battle Guild


                  • OOC -- Adeline says, "I had a weird cm dream >.>"

                    OOC -- Adeline says, "Queen V told Boreas time was up and all the women went on a march through the castle."

                    OOC -- You say, "CM WOMEN'S MARCH!"
                    Natasha Danaher
                    Courtier in Her Majesty's Court
                    Squire to Dame Galatea
                    Cosmetic Consultant
                    Apprentice in the Healers
                    Apprentice in the Clothiers


                    • You sense the soft whisper of a voice in your ear say, 'penis penis penis penis penis'
                      You flush your face deeply, "Stop!"
                      Adahn blinks at your words unexpectedly.
                      Blodwen feigns cluelessly with your voice.

                      You remind yourself with Meoris' words, "I need to make a copy of that."
                      Meoris asks you in Northern, "Did I not send you one, Mistress?"
                      You notice the faint whisper of a voice in your ear say, 'Psst. Pen. Is.'
                      You croak softly, "That's not funny. That's a .. dirty word."
                      You crazily appear.
                      Meoris glimpses at you.
                      Adahn turns his bright sunset golden eyes briefly to you.

                      You blink at Meoris, "You did.. but I need another for the contest."


                      Blodwen supposes in Northern, "Maybe a combination of Palai and Fortis. Palai creates things from nothing, usually. Nothing used loosely. Fortis would change the physical properties into something else."
                      Calamity nods apologetically in Northern, "That is what I meant. I have no idea why I said the other. It starts with a p like penis and my mind is still walking down the Cal road."

                      Blodwen glances aside to you.
                      You say, "Please stop saying penis!"
                      Blodwen laughs outrightly.
                      You say, "This is a library!"
                      Adahn blinks at you in Northern, "You just said it."
                      Calamity amends her words for you in Northern, "Pickle."
                      Blodwen rarely utilizes her voice in Northern, "Ohmygod."

                      Royal Librarian
                      Apprentice Jeweler
                      Courtier of the Winter Court
                      Handmaiden to Her Majesty
                      Assistant Dean of the Royal Collegium


                      • Adayne begins usually, "As was requested last week, I will focus on one or a couple of the Precepts this week. A fairly sedate conversation, but important regardless."
                        A young page boy groans, in Teanga, "Em ..."
                        A young page boy leaves through the door.


                        • Juliee prompts Caillean instead, "You should tell him your limerick."

                          Caillean flushes at Juliee again.

                          Juliee grins impishly at Caillean, "She is working on dirty ones."

                          Caillean shakes her head, "Maybe if you get some wine in me..."

                          You check with Caillean innocently, "Why were you writing limericks about dirt?"

                          Juliee hears you.

                          Caillean snorts helplessly at you.

                          Juliee creepily regards you, "Enrico said the same thing."

                          Caillean tells Juliee, "I think it's a men thing."

                          Caillean subtly says, "In the darkness of the night..."

                          Caillean shifts her wide-set amber eyes, "Being alone is never a plight.."

                          You consider your mind, "A young man named Clod / Used to carry soil in his hod / He came upon a tree / Said you're no use to me / I need more sod."

                          Caillean snorts at you, "W- what?"

                          You glimpse at Caillean, "It's a dirty limerick. Isn't that what you were writing?"

                          Caillean rests her head in her slender hands defeatedly.

                          Caillean innocently regards you, "Can you not totally corrupt him, Jule?"

                          Juliee laughs helplessly at you.

                          You say, "What?"
                          Honored Guest
                          Royal Purse Bearer
                          Guildmaster of the Embinders Association
                          Bodyservant to Lord Sicard Dunseny
                          Elder Teacher of the Battle Guild


                          • Dame Hannah says, "I'm going to get Brohm's package!"
                            Dame Hannah giddily claps her dainty hands.


                            • Trevayne nods his head at Brohm firmly, "Ready?"
                              You observe Trevayne and Brohm memorizingly.
                              Brohm uncertainly heeds Trevayne's voice, "Ready for wh---"
                              Trevayne shows his strong hands to Brohm mutteringly, "It starts with the dancers holding hands."
                              Brohm eyes Trevayne's strong hands.
                              Trevayne grimacingly feels Brohm's strong hands with his mind.
                              Brohm almost balls his fists.
                              Trevayne still submits his palms to Brohm, "Just do it."

                              You remind the stage always, "Dance classes FOREVER."
                              Brohm wincingly relinquishes his strong hands to Trevayne's strong hands, "Shit."
                              You possibly threaten Brohm and Trevayne with your warm, singsong voice.

                              Trevayne shiveringly gags at Brohm's strong hands.
                              Meryl watches Brohm and Trevayne chipperly.
                              Meryl hums lightly, "This is going in my diary."
                              Brohm completely avoids Trevayne's gaze, "Now what?"

                              You compliment the middle of the stage smilingly, "You make a lovely couple. No doubt you'll be the talk of the Ball."
                              Trevayne describes to Brohm bit-by-bit, "Now I am going to swirl you about all light and feathery and you are going to twirl with me accordingly."
                              Trevayne grossly tastes his words with his tongue.
                              You titter pre-emptively at Trevayne's words.
                              Trevayne rages at your warm, singsong voice inwardly.

                              Trevayne checks with Brohm drolly, "Ready for the first exchange, you mongrel?"
                              Brohm rocks his jaw grindingly, ""
                              Meryl murmurs to you aside, "All I can think of is brohm in a fluffy pink gown and the upcoming lift. I'm going straight to hell."
                              You murmur back to Meryl, "Juliee would adore that."
                              Brohm exhales ill-humoredly, "Get it over with."
                              Meryl says, "I might paint it."

                              Trevayne moves from the middle of the stage to Brohm.
                              Trevayne swirls Brohm artfully around on the floor.
                              Trevayne somehow manages Brohm with his strong hands and his feet.

                              You palm your face somewhat.
                              You peek at Brohm and Trevayne through your fingertips helplessly.
                              Brohm lurches somewhat.
                              Brohm pivots on his right heel gracelessly.
                              You cover your expression mostly with your slender right hand.
                              Brohm hates the theater forever.

                              Trevayne grunts at Brohm low-key, "Do the damned twirl, man."
                              Meryl bites her full incarnadine lower lip needfully.
                              Trevayne continually adorns the theater with Brohm.
                              Meryl gigglesnorts hushedly.
                              Brohm apparently twirls his body with Trevayne's strong hands, "Lead like a man, man."
                              Meryl covers her heart-shaped mouth with her fingers needfully.

                              Trevayne catches Brohm's strong hands with his fingertips once-more, "And together we face and hop..."
                              You squint at the stage through your shimmering silver-lined smoke blue eyes, "Be nice to your partner or it doesn't count."
                              Trevayne well-timedly pivots his face to Brohm's body.
                              Brohm pauses face-to-face with Trevayne.
                              Trevayne hops with Brohm's pair of black leather tall boots lightly.

                              You grossly watch the stage, "You're not going to kiss are you?"
                              You relievedly notice Trevayne's pair of black suede tall boots, "Movement .. is good."
                              Brohm unfeelingly hops with Trevayne, "Ugh."
                              Trevayne nauseatedly treats his ears to your warm, singsong voice.
                              Trevayne swings his right arm around Brohm's waist creatively, "And now I sweep you and you once again treat us all to that malarkey you call a twirl."
                              Trevayne refinedly drags Brohm with his right arm and Brohm's torso.
                              Trevayne sweeps across the room with Brohm fluidly.

                              Meryl imagines aloud, "Dear Diary. Today was magical. Brohm and Mark did the sweetest dance, and then, in a moment of forbidden want, they kissed. Everything went pink and sparkly. It was the grossest."
                              Brohm glowers actually at Trevayne's right arm, "What the bloody h---"
                              You fail with the stage knowingly, "I can't learn like this. You two are too distracting together."
                              Brohm unnaturally moves his body with Trevayne.
                              You disturb yourself with Meryl's words, "Bleeehh."
                              Trevayne literally hates Brohm's body and his arms.

                              Brohm clearly resists Trevayne's momentum.
                              Brohm drags his feet's soles mutteringly.
                              Trevayne practically trips over Brohm's pair of black leather tall boots.
                              Trevayne curses Brohm under his breath colorfully.
                              Brohm opportunistically kicks Trevayne's left shin.
                              A solid hit! Trevayne's left shin has been faintly bruised!
                              Meryl cackles unintentionally.

                              You halt the stage with your slender hands, "Okay! Okay."
                              You soberly rub your face, "I permit you to stop. Please .. just stop."
                              Trevayne gruntingly submits his left shin to Brohm's right foot, "You f--"
                              Trevayne bites his tongue with his teeth harshly, "Aaaargh,"
                              Brohm successfully frees himself from Trevayne's strong hands, "Bah!"
                              Trevayne pushes Brohm from himself simultaneously.
                              Trevayne cleanses his arms and his chest with his strong hands religiously, "I need to get you off of me."
                              Lead Apprentice Stylist - Inner Bailey
                              Duelist Member
                              Embinders Hobbyist
                              Junior Equerry to her Ladyship Sinvy
                              Mistress of Entertainments
                              Royal Artist
                              Acolyte of the Faith


                              • I both hate and love you for posting this one. Dying all over again with laughter. Whew...