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  • Online[9] (17:15 EST): Ezraella, Juliana, Kona, Lilly, Nadir, Nariseth, Taite, Trinity and Tristana. Nadir is a lucky guy!


    • You move from one of the wooden benches to a horned practice dummy.
      You slam a horned practice dummy bodily.
      A tabby cat runs about.

      Private of the Queen's Regular Army
      Unity member


      • This made me lol. Vasilisa was showing off her new tattoo that Ser Vaden did.

        You nod to Vasilisa easily, "Ser V-vaden is impressively t-talented."

        Vasilisa says, "Don't tell him that."

        Vasilisa says, "His ego is already too damn big."

        You blink at vasilisa's words 'I-it is?

        Vasilisa nods to you, "It is. Everything on him is."

        Vasilisa amuses herself helplessly.

        You blink naively.

        Nadir shakes his head.

        Vasilisa adores you amusedly.

        You raise my eyebrow consideringly "Oh!"

        You widen your almond-shaped amber eyes largely.

        Vasilisa laughs at your expression.

        Vasilisa shakes her head amusedly, "I like you."

        Nadir smiles at you, "Wow."

        You giggle at Vasilisa's words lightly.


        • Online[5] (12:08 EST): Adeline, Edstave, Radorcha, Renault and Tristana.

          Transportation has reached marrach at last!!!

          in case you dont know what Renault is
          Mistress Tristana

          Member of Her Majesty's Court
          Secretary for His Highness, Prince Bertram
          Aide for the Healers
          Patron of the Embinders


          • A tabby cat slinks in through the swinging kitchen door.
            A tabby cat moves from the swinging kitchen door to the small door in the middle of the west wall.
            A tabby cat slinks out through the small door in the middle of the west wall.

            A gray cat slinks in through the swinging kitchen door.
            A gray cat moves from the swinging kitchen door to the small door in the middle of the west wall.
            A gray cat slinks out through the small door in the middle of the west wall.

            A barmaid averts her large blue-green eyes gigglingly.

            What are the cats up to and why does Wendy think it's so funny, hmm?

            Mistress Tine
            Royal Chronicler of the Court
            Squire to Sir Edstave
            Junior Equerry to Lord Dolph Li'astri
            Duelist Society Pledge


            • This was in the descriptive as I went to the OB courtyard:

              A fat male servant is standing near the tiny northwest door.

              I know its not that funny, but it made me laugh in RL. I guess I imagined him getting stuck.
              Alyndra Vallen
              • Leader of the Rememberers
              • Assistant to Initiate Radorcha


              • (the fun we have at Book Club)

                Anton awkwardly trails his culturally accented voice in Northern, "Adult males are larger and produce more meat than females. Meat from both sexes can be of equal quality, but..."

                Anton apologetically turns his close-set expressive honey brown eyes from you to Ezraella in Northern, "Rutting affects the flavor of 'bulls"

                Brook asks an upper library room curiously in Northern, "What is rutting?"

                You smother your wide mouth with your strong right hand.

                Brook glances around an upper library room.

                Anton attentively notes Heulyn in Northern, "What is rutting, Mistress?"

                Ezraella unfazedly listens to Anton.

                Anton quickly dives into his wine brassplate book.

                Doctor Dolph arrives through the east door.

                Heulyn eyes Anton.

                Doctor Dolph bows to an upper library room and you smoothly, "Forgive me, I am tardy."

                Kaspar asks Heulyn then in Northern, "What is rutting?"

                Heulyn answers Brook unashamedly in Northern, "It is another way of saying mating."

                You explain to Brook in Northern kindly, "Tis when a Daddy and a Mummy love each other very much ...."

                Brook nods hastily in Northern, "Yes, yes. Alright."

                Doctor Dolph cocks his head, "What in balanus have I walked into?"

                You greet Doctor Dolph welcomingly in Northern, "Do come in, Dolph."

                Brook curtsies to Doctor Dolph amusedly.

                Kaspar retains his composure at your words.

                Brook tells Doctor Dolph in Northern, "A biology lesson, Doctor."

                Heulyn curtsies to Doctor Dolph in Northern meanwhile, "A book on hunting and a hunting guild."

                You indicate Doctor Dolph in Northern, "Mayhap the doctor has a more ... medical explanation."

                Brook promises quickly in Northern, "I do not need one."

                Kaspar admits actually to Heulyn in Northern, "Never heard the term before."

                Heulyn supposes to Kaspar in Northern, "Then you are lucky."

                Brook twitches her ruby red lips at Heulyn somewhat.

                Anton casually mentions in Northern, "Well, I am not sure it is a term one would use to woo one's sweetheart"

                You glance askance at Anton.

                Doctor Dolph pauses at you, "A medical explanation of..."

                Anton upwardly slips to his feet in Northern, "Excuse me, my heart. Shall we rut tonight or, well, just cuddle?"

                You clear your throat.

                You pinch your flaring nose at Anton's words with your fingers.

                Anton moves from a fine koawood arm chair to a fine koawood round table.

                Anton smoothly steps to a fine koawood round table in Northern, "Anyway. On with the rest..."


                • > note my soul brokenly
                  Kona has no soul.

                  Thanks for reminding me XD


                  • I was going through some old logs trying to find evidence of someone's promotion and instead found these absolute gems that I couldn't not share (especially with Court coming up!):

                    Janwin stoically continues, "On the matter of the Demotion of Burlap, sponsored by Master Tiernon, His Highness concurs that burlap is terrible, but as this fabric is utilized on some things, he is leaving it to the Clothiers."
                    Janwin watches Tiernon steadily, "On the matter of the Rabbit Festival, sponsored by Master Tiernon, His Highness observes that while such petitions are fascinating to behold, that there need not be a petition for such a festival. If Master Tiernon and indeed, Lady Etaine's esteemed House wishes to host regular festivals kowtowing to bunnies, they are welcome to do so at the expense of their own resources."
                    Janwin somehow continues, "On the matter of Courier of the Year, sponsored by Master Tiernon, His Highness notes that while some people read this as "Courtier", it is indeed "Courier". His Highness thanks Master Tiernon for the kindness he is attempting to show to his lessers, but assures Tiernon and any who were in support of the notion that couriers are indeed appreciated. He suggests simply thanking them in the future. Probably in Teanga."
                    Janwin continues, "On the matter of...Pajama Day, also sponsored by Master Tiernon, while His Highness is content with the idea of pajamas, he feels that an entire day devoted to pajamas is a bit excessive. He believes that there are some people who believe nudity is a pajama and that some people still should not be seen in anything less than ten layers. In an effort to spare the delicate sensibilities of the Court, and with the support of most of the Court, the recognition of Pajama Day must be declined."
                    Janwin fortunately concludes with Tiernon, "On the matter of the Snow Hill, sponsored yet again by Master Tiernon, His Highness would note that an official pile of snow has already been named; it is Castle Marrach. Another, smaller hill of snow for sledding would lead to more incidents than His Highness can begin to imagine and as the Healers would be the ones handling this, and they all declined this petition, official sanction for an ever present snow hill will have to be declined. However, freelance snow sculptors are welcome to clear the keep and build their own."


                    • Atmos is still his lovable self...

                      > You almost snap.
                      Pruul says to you, "I didn't know."
                      > You meditatively breathe, "Okay..."
                      > You try hard, "Okay."
                      Pruul scrutinizes your face, "What is happening to your breathing."
                      > You calmly speak to Pruul, "This is what I do when I'm trying not to call an idiot an idiot."

                      Zaedra glances at Cordon, "Did you just try to give me a motivational speech about believing in myself?"


                      • A short cook twirls jazzily around in a pirouette.

                        (These Inner Bailey cooks have all the fun!)

                        Mistress Tine
                        Royal Chronicler of the Court
                        Squire to Sir Edstave
                        Junior Equerry to Lord Dolph Li'astri
                        Duelist Society Pledge


                        • Vasilisa sips from a small pure white clay pot

                          Vasilisa dips herfingers into her clay pot taking the last bit of pure white soap as she empties the pot and sets it aside.

                          Vasilisa moves from a fashionable bubinga bookshelf to Rider.

                          OOC -- You say, "Did you just drink soap?
                          OOC -- Vasilisa says, "It was a mistake! shush your face, it."

                          OOC -- Kimmi says, "How'd it taste?"

                          OOC -- Taite says, "Nummy! LOL"

                          OOC -- Vasilisa says, "It could use a little more salt."


                          • In Royal Court, Pete noted that Boreas was wearing knee breeches and tall boots.

                            Generally you'd wear hose with tall boots.... or hose & low boots/shoes with knee breeches.

                            You fashionably mourn Lord Boreas' pair of obsidian calfskin tall boots and Lord Boreas' pair of obsidian damassin knee breeches.

                            You keep your words to yourself however.

                            [OOC Page] from Dame Umichan: "Stop fashion-shaming the Consort. He feels comfortable enough in his own body to show his knees to the world"


                            • Tristana encourages you evilly, "Get an Elephant."

                              Tristana fibs to you entirely, "I used to have a baby elephant as a pet, but when I got tired of it, I made a table out of him."

                              You say, "I don't even know where I would get an elephant."

                              You widen your pink eyes at Tristana.

                              Tristana nods seriously, "Its in my room."

                              You frown somewhat, "I like baby animals."

                              Tristana difficultly straightens her face, "Me too, they make for great furniture."

                              You press your lips together.

                              You say, "Remind me to keep all baby animals away from you."

                              Edstave tisks at Tristana.

                              Tristana presses her fingers, "But I like.."

                              Tristana hears Edstave.

                              Tristana smiles to Edstave innocently.

                              Edstave sadly reports to you, "She does have an elephant table. It was from Master Ali."

                              Edstave shares with you low-key, "It's not a real elephant."

                              You exhale relievedly.

                              Tristana huffs at Edstave, "You're killing my reputation."

                              You ask to Edstave, "What is it made of?"

                              You check anyway.

                              Edstave answers you unfortunately, "Unicorn."

                              Tristana laughs suddenly.

                              You widen your pink eyes again.

                              Tristana totally adores Edstave.
                              Royal Page
                              Honored Guest
                              Keeper of Games
                              Seeker in the Faith
                              Secretary to Lady Charmiam
                              Acting Leader of the Awakeners

                              Currently studying sculpting as a:
                              Member of the College of Humanities
                              Masque in The Unity


                              • I think it's an actual crime this hasn't been put up until now. Galatea is reading out the votes for the Knight's Challenge at Court...

                                Captain Galatea takes a scroll from her polished oak and silver ballot box.
                                Captain Galatea confusingly skims her scroll.
                                Captain Galatea murmurs complicatedly in Northern, "Hello my name is Mallegra..."
                                Captain Galatea tracks her scroll lengthily.

                                Calamity smirks at Captain Galatea faintly.
                                Blodwen twitters at Captain Galatea's words helplessly.
                                Setsuna snickers under her breath.
                                Adeline twitches her opalescent pink lips at Captain Galatea's words.
                                Brook raises her overplucked eyebrow faintly.
                                Tine giggles a-little at Captain Galatea.

                                Captain Galatea translates her scroll believingly in Northern, "...sera Vasilisa by sera Mallegra."
                                Ser Halvard
                                Bodyservant to the Lord Chancellor



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