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  • So one night last week, a bunch of us were in the dining hall. We were celebrating the new additions to the Awakeners Guild and just hanging out. A serious discussion/debate ensued focused on whether or not it was fair that Chocolate was a restricted food.

    Halvard maintained that luxuries had to be earned, Rider insisted that it was a rotten mean rule, and Hildegard generally lamented the fact that chocolate wasn't even allowed to be shared between OB residents.

    At one point, when the complaining got rather bold, Hildegard shook her head ruefully and said "We're all going to be put in the stocks for spreading sedition; I just know it."

    This while Ibar sat quietly by, having set out a box of coffee cordials for all to share. Hildegard worries it might be breaking a rule, so she sadly declines the coffee cordials. Finally, Ibar basically said "Well, nevermind, then," and put the cordials away and bid us a good night.

    Shortly thereafter, Lady Sinvy and Mistress Irene arrived with a bucket load of chocolate covered fruit and Lady Sinvy's special household cocoa which was left over from the Courtesy Circle meeting. Everyone thanks them, and once they leave, Hildegard whoops jubilantly

    "Chocolate after all! Huzzah! It's Fate, or Heaven's reward! I resisted the temptation of chocolate when I thought it might be wrong, and now the Queen's Chatelaine herself bestows this bounty on us!"

    So we all feast joyfully. The next day, Hildegard receives a package, addressed to her but not signed. It contains 11 coffee cordials. (Ibar's box contained 12, one of which Rider ate.) xD
    Hildegard Helmsdottir


    • ~No news? I'm out then fam~

      Lord Vestio nods easily, "Well then, back to the fireplace. Keep well, all."

      Lord Vestio bows.

      Lord Vestio leaves through the eastern ascending stairs.

      You blink at the eastern ascending stairs twice.

      You shrug your shoulders acceptingly.

      Radulescu seems to be unsurprised.

      You voice soft-spokenly, "I do appreciate a-a man that gets straight to business."

      Radulescu smirks at your words, "I bet you do."

      You naughtily hear your words in your mind, "Not l-like that."

      You present yourself ladylike, "Certainly not l-like that."

      Radulescu laughs more with his words, "Certainly not."

      You huff haughtily.

      You crack your expression gigglingly.

      Radulescu grins approvingly at you.


      • You ask to Edstave and Tristana in Northern, "Who is Jakt?"

        Tristana says in Northern, "An old bodyservant who used magic to make His highness's pants disappear during court"

        Edstave educates you in Northern, "Jakt served his Highness and stole from the household. First he was made to hang in the servant's quarters, roped to a frame. Then he performed some other transgression and was given a far worse punishment."

        The water within the dark marble ring bubbles, and swirls, creating a soft melody of sound.

        Edstave nods at Tristana's words in Northern, "That too."

        Tristana adds in Northern, "And got castraded"

        OOC -- Tristana says, "spelling"

        Edstave twitches his slender lips in Northern, "I was going to spare her the illustration, but yes."

        You ask to Tristana in Northern, "What is that?"

        Tristana says in Northern, "Its when someone takes your favorite toy"

        You clutch your silvery white leather satchel tightly.

        You close your silvery white leather satchel.

        Tristana lifts her scroll to her sensual lips.

        Tristana titters silently.

        OOC -- Edstave says, "Some time in the future, when someone takes a stuffed animal from Taite: "Stop castrating me!"

        OOC -- You say, "HAHAHA"

        OOC -- You say, "I'm crying."

        Tristana grins sideways to Edstave.
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        Currently studying sculpting as a:
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        • Really weird that today would be the day I randomly feel nostalgic and come to browse the forums a bit. o.o
          ser Jakt
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          • Jakt You should stop lurking and join us. We have cookies
            Honored Guest
            Acting Leader of the Awakeners
            Royal Page
            Keeper of Games
            Seeker in the Faith

            Currently studying sculpting as a:
            Member of the College of Humanities
            Mummer in The Unity


            • Hilde's been up all night and she's cranky xD

              A scarred guard is standing near the red door. You are standing near the north archway.
              You glare at a scarred guard.
              You say suspiciously to a scarred guard, "You're always standing right outside my room."
              A scarred guard replies politely, in Teanga, "Theoan emb an embiuchdhaibho."
              You shout at a scarred guard, "Scram, doggone it!"
              A scarred guard replies, in Teanga, "Treaeurl'efhan eindllui onn, treaeurl imh'shiiamhingioll trueumb."
              You yell at a scarred guard, "Dammit, the first language I'm going to learn is Teanga, and then I'll learn you, you nosey lurker!"
              A scarred guard says sadly, in Teanga, "Fhe ailltho uand uardstai."
              A scarred guard moves from the red door to the south half of the hallway.
              A scarred guard leaves through the south half of the hallway.
              Hildegard Helmsdottir


              • ~Those weren't innuendos, sausages are delicious, you have a dirty mind~

                Diana considers her red sausage, "We used to duel with these..."

                Diana confidently grips her red sausage.

                Diana faces Gareth thus with her red sausage.

                Fangen grunts at Diana encouragingly.

                Fangen grunts blindly.

                You shortly ponder Diana's red sausage.

                Diana nearly chokes at your expression.

                You murmur to Diana about Diana's red sausage, "Nobody likes a-a small sausage."

                You deadpan to Diana, "Bigger is b-better."

                You add to your words, "More meat."

                Diana heats her high cheeks further, "No. No... one could not have that."

                Diana gazes at her red sausage.

                Diana notes Fangen's expression.

                Diana deliberately avoids Gareth with her striking pale celestine eyes.

                Diana stares at her red sausage again.

                You retract your words almost, "Small sausages c-an still be tasty...they always leave m-me wanting another however."

                Diana shakes her shoulders helplessly, "Oh bloody Nine Hells..."

                Gareth keeps his words to himself.

                Diana bites her full rose petal lower lip hard.

                You slip from a bar stool, "I-i think I'll get myself one."

                You hungrily rub your belly.

                You curtsy politely.

                Diana difficultly struggles with her expression.

                *Grabs two sausages from cooks*

                You wiggle your two red sausages happily, "Two i-is better than one."

                Diana gasps at you, "Two! How daring!"

                You grin wildly.

                Diana chokes laughingly.

                Diana politely coughs into her slender right hand.

                You move from the swinging kitchen door to a bar stool.

                You plop on a bar stool once-again.

                Diana veils her pale statuesque face with her silken scarlet hair desperately.

                Gareth officially ignores Diana and you.

                Diana murmurs to Gareth about Fangen and her sausage "Was... a gift."

                You enjoy your two red sausages high-spiritedly.

                Diana struggles still with her red sausage.

                You dub your two red sausages simply, "Yummy."

                Diana shakes her head at you, "Gods. I am going to choke upon the gift."

                You innocently keep your demeanor and your two red sausages.

                You blink at Diana naively, "What?"

                You hungrily chomp your red sausage.

                Diana tears helplessly from her striking pale celestine eyes, "I am -attempting- to show graciousness and consume it."
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