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  • Radorcha explains about his moonstone platinum ring, "This can be a good example though of ritual. All you really need to do is put on this ring."

    Radorcha confirms to you, "Yes. The ring does not determine talent. It only is a demonstration."

    You ponder, "What happens if I put that on as a mundane? Nothing?"

    Radorcha cocks his head, "Likely nothing. At worst maybe a headache?"

    Radorcha asks you, "Did you want to try it?"

    Radorcha offers his moonstone platinum ring to you.

    You take a moonstone platinum ring from Radorcha.

    You begin to examine your moonstone platinum ring.

    A moonstone platinum ring of archaic design. It is engraved with a crescent-moon.

    You wear a moonstone platinum ring.
    You feel the ring sweep into you and pain you in a way. It sears through your soul.
    You gasp painfully.
    You attempt wear the your moonstone platinum ring, but your mind is scattered as it searches within your soul for something it cannot find for twenty minutes, during which time your are completely insane and/or mindless (play it as you like). You are also mute, until it wears off. The madness effect fades as you approach twenty minutes.
    You groan wretchedly.

    Radorcha smiles briefly, "Perhaps more painful than I expected."

    Radorcha's smoky quartz crystal starts to glow and flicker regularly.

    Radorcha reaches toward Alyndra's moonstone platinum ring, suddenly it levitates and smoothly drifts into their hand.

    Radorcha tightly grasps his moonstone platinum ring, "That was definitly a mistake."

    You drool from your mouth.

    Radorcha recommends to you, "You should rest ... and resist the desire to ever read a sorcerer's scroll."
    Alyndra Vallen
    • Leader of the Rememberers
    • Assistant to Initiate Radorcha


    • Award for best application goes to ...

      Name Hello my name is Mallegra if you didn't read that bit that I already wrote about earlier when I said hello my name is Mallegra Length of time awake Three or four o'clock I did not time it very good because I didn't think about how I would write this letter for you but I think it is two hours long now that I have been awake in length Current affiliations I don't know what you mean about that word Applicable experience (if any) I want to make shoes and I will be very good about it because I am good at wearing them which is experience and I have all different kinds and sometimes I find them in places and take them to other places so I have good knowledge of some shoes and I think I can use glue because of how i am learning about it in the garden room and I have been in the clothing room a lot of times so I am good at finding it and being inside of it and I know that you can make shoes out of snakes and horses but that they don't like each other very much Criminal history (if any) I don't know how to do that but I can if you tell me how to do it I will be good at it A brief summary of why you want to join Well I wrote this bit already if you can look at a different part of this paper that i did and if you can't then I wonder what is wrong with your eyes if you can't see but i feel bad about it (that you can't see) One or two sentences on why you feel you would be a good addition I wrote it already you should not make people write the things that they have already said because maybe they could use that time to be making shoes instead did you ever think about that? good bye.

      It gave me a few good giggles.


      • From what i've seen lately she writes *THE BEST* scrolls.


        • A bright flash of lightning is seen in the skies overhead... followed moments later by a deep rumble of thunder

          OOC - Harabec loses his connection.

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          • Originally posted by Bgman377 View Post
            A moment in the hospital....

            You hand your mouse to Lord Dolph.

            You grossly harass Lord Dolph.

            OOC -- You say, "OOC"

            OOC -- Lord Dolph says, "left over stuff he inherited from severin or whatever"

            Lord Dolph finishes eating his mouse.

            OOC -- Lord Dolph says, "OMFG"

            OOC -- You say, "yeah, mits had that cage for .."

            OOC -- You say, ".. WHAT THE F***"
            and also from 2012:

            KFC gone terribly, terribly wrong.

            Diana finishes eating her mouse.

            ((But don't worry, she had killed it first.))
            Those healers are a weird lot.

            Mistress Tine
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            • (paged myself by mistake tonight)

              > @page tine 'Thanks, but he's not here.

              Talking to yourself again, eh?

              Mistress Tine
              Royal Chronicler of the Court
              Squire to Sir Edstave
              Junior Equerry to Lord Dolph Li'astri
              Duelist Society Pledge


              • Mitsuko attemptingly understands Rikka's imagination in Northern, "And your element was ..."
                Mitsuko verbalizes noncommittally in Northern, "Wa..aai..ear..fff....."


                • (non-relevant stuff removed)

                  Rikka grins, "His Highness says if I make two matches that get married in the next six moons, he'll make me official matchmaker."

                  Mallegra scoots over the pale marble floor.

                  Mallegra sits down near Rikka.

                  Mallegra stares upward.

                  Mallegra removes a long fat, bloated and lazy leech.

                  Mallegra lifts her long fat, bloated and lazy leech.

                  Mallegra wants her long fat, bloated and lazy leech in-love.

                  You ask Rikka happily, "Can you find a match for Mallegra's leech?"

                  Mallegra still holds her long fat, bloated and lazy leech.

                  Mallegra frowns.

                  Mallegra wears a long fat, bloated and lazy leech.

                  Mallegra's long fat, bloated and lazy leech clamps down onto bare flesh and begins to hungrily suck blood.

                  Mallegra scoots backwards.

                  Mallegra sits down on the pale marble floor.

                  Mistress Tine
                  Royal Chronicler of the Court
                  Squire to Sir Edstave
                  Junior Equerry to Lord Dolph Li'astri
                  Duelist Society Pledge


                  • Duchess Oriana asks Eccles about you, "Can you carry her?"

                    Eccles extends his strong claw-like right hand.

                    Duchess Oriana nods acceptingly to Eccles, "Inner Hospital it is."

                    Kaori says, "we have a stretcher, let's get her on the stretcher."

                    Duchess Oriana tells Kaori about Eccles' tight sinewy muscles, "He'll be faster."

                    Eccles sinks his strong claw-like right hand into your burned and slightly bloody white linen long-sleeved shirt.

                    Eccles one-handedly hefts you.

                    Eccles slings you over his tightly-muscled right shoulder.

                    Eccles left-handedly grips his dark steel and oak long spear.

                    Duchess Oriana advises Eccles belatedly, "..A bit more gentle."

                    Eccles turns his luminescent stark white eyes to Duchess Oriana.

                    You limply flop.

                    Eccles snorts beast-like, "Mn."

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                    • Online[23] (20:46 EST): Ammanas, Auriela, Caedus, Calamity, Dame Umichan, Diana, Fatealaria, Fayne, Heulyn, Karen, Kaspar, Lady Charmiam, Lady Ezraella, Lady Galatea, Leodegrance, Lyfe, Ravaan, Shariah, Sir Petris, Torlen, Tristan, Watchwoman Kassa and Westley.
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                      Oh gods...
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                      • Auriela peers at Skorzany askance, "I begin to believe your silence is a no."

                        Skorzany pokes Auriela, "I said -yes-"

                        You sororially interrogate Auriela and Skorzany, "What's all this, then? Yes and no, no and yes?"

                        Skorzany sighs at you, "Me fighting those monsters, if I'm around."

                        Auriela waves Skorzany's finger away, "No you didn't. I'd have heard."

                        Skorzany obviously tells Auriela and you, "I'm just so handsome, people sometimes don't pay attention to things I say."

                        Auriela clucks her tongue at Skorzany, "If you woke more often, you would know."

                        You bob your head, "We need saltpeter to make the dispersion stones."

                        Skorzany sighs at Auriela agreeingly.

                        Auriela forgetfully asks, "Where do we get that again?"

                        You shrug unknowingly.

                        Auriela rounds her rosebud lips softly, "Ah, I see. Will make procuring it as easy as all the others then."

                        Auriela sarcastically intones her voice.

                        Skorzany smirks agreeingly at Auriela.

                        Skorzany suspects probably, "In some tunnel, somewhere."

                        Auriela exhales sighingly, "The ones we only sort of can get to."

                        You gesture vaguely, "We only need small amounts, fortunately, and it can be found both as a mineral or extracted from... well... bat droppings."

                        Skorzany shifts his wide deep blue eyes, "Do...we know any bat people?"

                        Auriela wrinkles her fine nose disturbedly, "That's disgusting."

                        You smirk faintly, "I know someone who LIKES bats."

                        Skorzany asks you amusedly, "Yeah?"

                        You anyhow remark, "I wrote Atmos, hopefully the Conclavers know where we might scare some up."

                        Skorzany jokes low-key, "There are bird people harpies running around. We should probably go joke the clocktower, there's probably a whole coven of bat people there."

                        You nod to Skorzany, "Mistress Nariseth is very fond of bats."

                        Auriela idly plucks a voluminous white muslin skirt with her fingers, "Mistress Nariseth can collect what's needed then."

                        Skorzany wrinkles his wide nose too.

                        You smirk at Auriela, "And she can compose a poem about it afterward."

                        Auriela helplessly laughs at your words.

                        Auriela nods her head chucklingly, "Yes, she probably would do that."

                        Skorzany poetically rambles, "It took a bit/but I found the shit/It was quite a hit/I want to die."

                        Auriela laughs more with Skorzany's words, "That sounds more like my feelings than hers."

                        You mirthfully scold Skorzany, "Mistress Nariseth would avoid rhyming."

                        Skorzany doubts your words, "All poems rhyme."

                        Skorzany remains inexpert.

                        Auriela fairly supposes to you, "If she were wanting to die, she'd likely fall into the use of rhymes."

                        Auriela waves her dainty right hand, "Really emphasize on her wish for death."

                        You sagely deem Auriela's words.

                        Auriela idly leans her weight on her right palm, "So we have a ladder and need to collect bat shit. What an odd way to begin a morning."

                        Auriela groaningly expels her breath, "There's always something."

                        Auriela queries longingly, "Why can't we just have peaceful times? Be visited by bunnies and unicorns and.. other happy things."

                        Skorzany tells Auriela, "That's what I keep saying!"

                        Auriela encourages Skorzany's voice, "Be louder then. Maybe it'll happen with enough of us asking."

                        Smoke rises lazily from the roaring fire.

                        You drolly opine, "They'd be murderbunnies and death-unicorns. We aren't the Castle of Sweetness and Light."

                        Skorzany admits agreeingly, "Or we'd have to strangle the unicorn with our bare hand so we can get its blood to make a magic potion, or something."

                        Auriela gapes at Skorzany and you individually, "Stop! Don't ruin my dreams."

                        Auriela places her dainty hands over her dainty ears quickly, "I can't hear you! Nothing you've daid has affected my psyche or traumatized me at all!"
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