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    Is that why you were singing that song... lol... wish I had hit the yard 5 minutes earlier....

    but then it probably wouldn't have happened would it
    To conquer without risk, is to succeed without glory


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      See, I'm not the only one! (with apologies to the ugly male servant)

      > A dark hay loft. A hay bale, an ugly male servant and you are standing near a ladder down to the stable. A huge hay pile is lying on floor.
      > Viceran arrives through a ladder down to the stable.
      > You smile curiously at an ugly male servant, "What is going on?"
      > Viceran smiles at you, "Sorry... I do not know why.. I had hoped it was for a horse."
      > An ugly male servant moves from a ladder down to the stable to a hay bale.
      > An ugly male servant pushes at a hay bale.
      > You smile at Viceran, "Perhaps there will be another visit?"
      > A hay bale moves from a ladder down to the stable to a huge hay pile.
      > A hay bale slides to a huge hay pile.
      > You touch your decorated silver pin showingly.
      > An ugly male servant cleans his dirty fingernails in Teanga, "An unneamhord efhondordarr."
      > Viceran peers at your decorated silver pin.
      > An ugly male servant nods curtly to Viceran and you.
      > You smile cheerily at an ugly male servant, "Can you speak common?"
      > Viceran smiles, "I did enjoy Lord Skymanes visit..."
      > An ugly male servant leaves through a ladder down to the stable. A hay bale moves from a huge hay pile to a ladder down to the stable.
      > A hay bale leaves through a ladder down to the stable.
      > An ugly male servant arrives through a ladder down to the stable. A hay bale arrives through a ladder down to the stable.
      > You nod smilingly to Viceran.
      > A hay bale moves from a ladder down to the stable to a huge hay pile.
      > A hay bale slides to a huge hay pile.
      > OOC -- You say, "*laughs* Oops."
      > OOC -- You say to a hay bale, "Forgot to turn off the follow?"
      > An ugly male servant grumbles at a hay bale.
      > Viceran nods, "I believe he can speak common... he seemed to be annoyed by me."
      > Viceran chuckles quietly.
      > Viceran bows apologetically to an ugly male servant.
      > OOC -- an ugly male servant says, "Stupid follows"


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        Even as he pulls his sword back, Armsman Jarrod quickly parries one of
        Thealendir's swings.
        Armsman Jarrod begins to rest.
        Armsman Jarrod's blade brushes past Thealendir's guard, and cuts him
        Armsman Jarrod and Thealendir stop dueling. Thealendir has lost this bout.
        Khalea claps her smooth hands courteously.
        OOC - Watchman Janwin says "I've had about 15 lessons on how to carve wood, and
        still haven't gone above "considerable"..."
        > Silentbob thinks silently, ".oO(They aren't using the Force.)Oo."
        Amos claps his strong hands.
        OOC - Avalia says "haha"
        Watchman Janwin smiles at the center of the room.
        > sit on bench

        Amos smiles at Armsman Jarrod impressedly.
        Silentbob moves from Khalea to a long wooden bench.
        Silentbob sits down on a long wooden bench.

        Silentbob ponder deeply.
        Silentbob wonders silently, "*<<Figures out the meaning of life>>*"
        Silentbob realizes.
        Silentbob smiles.
        Silentbob nods knowingly.
        OOC - Avalia says to Silentbob "LMAO"
        OOC - Watchman Janwin says "LOL"
        Armsman Jarrod grins at Thealendir, "You do well, ser."
        OOC - Avalia says to Silentbob "^_^"


        [Broadcast] "The poor soul that everyone called Silentbob typed out on his
        Stephen Hawking's data matrix, slowly typing his first word, and then the
        machine spoke with his new voice a name noone had heard before, Kent."

        ~Teria Hawk~
        ~Handmaiden for Her Majesty~
        ~Patron for the Almoners~
        ~Seamstress Student~
        ~Honored Guest of Her Majesty~

        Please visit my art gallery at


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          Twulf touches his copper clasp.

          Twulf glances upwardly, "One to beam up..."

          OOC - Twulf loses his connection.


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            The turret opens.

            Convoitise arrives through the turret.
            Khalea arrives through the turret.

            You blink.

            Convoitise blinks.

            You blink.

            Khalea blinks.

            Convoitise blinks.

            You blink.

            Convoitise blinks.

            Khalea grins.

            You grin.

            Convoitise blinks.
            Parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

            Horace Epistles


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              Or maybe that was just funny to me...

              This is up on the roof btw. (OOC stuff cut out)

              Amos knocks on a scribing desk roughly, "It is after all... wood."
              Amos stands up near a scribing desk.
              You nod to Amos seriously, "It un'erstan's very well, Depy."
              Tyrgunn says, "T'is most unusual for this desk to be up here."
              Amos corrects you clearly, "Deputy."
              You listen to a scribing desk briefly.
              Tyrgunn asks, "How do you supposed it was broght here."
              A scribing desk leaves.
              Amos nods at Tyrgunn.
              Amos blinks.
              Tyrgunn blinks.
              Lance suggests, "A few could have done it..."
              Lance leans backwardly.
              Lance collapses.
              Amos raises his eyebrows, "Uh...."
              Amos gapes awedly.
              Lance lies down.
              Amos mutters, "What.... happened to the desk?"
              Tyrgunn glances at Lance.
              Lance glances at the cloudy sky, "What jus' happened?"
              You tilt your head.
              Tyrgunn says, "It seems...."
              Amos scampers to the rampart walk searchingly.
              You smile at Amos, "It didn' like when yeh knock'd on it so it 'lef'."
              Amos frowns.
              Amos tells you, "That is impossible, sera!"
              Lance stands up.
              You nod simply, "Mus' be true."
              Lance sighs curiously.
              You ask Amos, "Less yeh got a better explenation?"
              . . .


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                Miriam shakes her head and you hear the musical ring of tiny bells.

                Traelin giggles at Miriam, "It -is- you. Watchman Harabec, you must have noticed, when sera Miriam shakes her head there's teh sound of bells."

                Miriam shakes her head and you hear the musical ring of tiny bells.

                Harabec asks Traelin amusedly, "A sound of bells, you say? I heard nothing."

                Traelin grins broadly, "Do you have any idea of the cause?"

                Harabec smiles to himself.

                You smile amusedly.

                Khalea tells Traelin, "I aways thought it were her brains rattling about in her skull that made that sound..."

                Traelin laughs cheekily, "Now I knwo I am not the only one to hear it for others have noticed it after I've mentioned it before."

                Khalea peers at Miriam teasingly.

                Miriam giggles.

                Harabec chuckles.

                Traelin grins to Khalea, "Perhaps."

                Traelin winks at Miriam.

                Miriam smiles amusedly at Khalea.

                Traelin says, "Now, what causes it?"

                Miriam sighs, "Master Robert always said I was a ding-a-ling..."

                Harabec grins at Miriam, "You are my ding-a-ling."

                Traelin giggles unreservedly.

                Miriam giggles.

                OOC -- Traelin says, "someone log that please!"

                OOC -- Traelin says, "throw it on the ooc forum"

                OOC -- Harabec says, "lol"

                Miriam says to Harabec, "A ding-a-ling that beat you 2 times out of three in practice..."
                "Isn't it funny how people say they'll never grow up to be their parents, then one day they look in the mirror and they're moving aircraft carriers into the Gulf region?" - The Onion (Aug 28, 2002)


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                  Rivers announces, "I am Rivers the Vigilante! I am here to rid the castle of wicked men! Where are the wicked men?"

                  Elvii sighs quietly.

                  Cromwell points to himself.

                  Allenya smirks at Rivers humorlessly, "I ate them all."

                  Cromwell grins at Rivers.

                  Rivers points to Cromwell, "Are you a wicked man?"

                  Allenya pats her belly pointedly.


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                    I 0\/\/|\| J00!

                    This is what happens when you forget to add "to"...

                    >offer scroll diana

                    You're not carrying Diana. You must "take Diana" before you can offer it.


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                      you name your scrolls too?

                      My favorite scroll is named Felip, he'ss hanging next to the mirror in my room and is covered by a drawing of Garrik by Vesuvius.
                      To conquer without risk, is to succeed without glory


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                        Naw, I wanted to give a scroll to diana, but I forgot to add "to" between "scroll" and "Diana".


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                          You mean... I'm the only one who names his scrolls?
                          To conquer without risk, is to succeed without glory


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                            Don't feel bad Garrik, I name my pouches... Which makes for some embarrassing macro mess ups
                            Rand an Dathuil


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                              I just adore Chorus sometimes... She's so funny. Imagine the situation; Lobo and Umi are sitting on the sofa in the sunset room and cuddling, when all of a sudden...

                              [OOC Page] from Chorus: "Umi and Lobo, sittin' in a tree. K I S S I N G. :-D"

                              [OOC Page] to Chorus: "Not kissing, cuddling "

                              [OOC Page] from Chorus: ":-D You feel someone looking over your shoulder "

                              [OOC Page] to Chorus: "*mutters something about a fountain in the IB courtyard*"

                              [OOC Page] from Chorus: "heheheh."

                              And then, after a few minutes, just after Mike logged off and went to bed...

                              [OOC Page] from Chorus: "Awww.. now I have to change the channel."


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                                Counsellor Jennet an Dathuil