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    Curious to know if anyone's been watching Starz-- Black Sails?

    I have fallen head over heels for this show. I love the way it's been produced and done. Let me know your thoughts on this, if you've seen it. Thanks.
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    I've started watching it, and quite enjoy it.

    Mmmm... Captain Flint *drool*
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      I'd watch it if I had Starz, but since I don't I just make up for it by watching The Musketeers repeatedly.


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        I tried Black Sails but could never get hooked.

        I'm a GoT girl through and through, though.
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          I happen to love this, a lot.

          Although odd to say in a show billed as a prequel to Treasure Island, but I wish it was a bit more historically accurate. Particularly with this season and the sudden departure of a certain bad guy that I thought had a lot more opportunity than they gave it. Not to give anything away for those of you who haven't seen it.

          But for those of you that have <_< look that guy up, you know who I'm talkin' 'bout. He deserved a -way- bigger story arc.
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