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"Mommy, look at those strange looking flutes!"

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  • "Mommy, look at those strange looking flutes!"

    After reading the replies of Jessifur and Sarah about flutes in this post, I am quite curious about how many Marrachians have marching experience, is it in a drum corps, a marching band, etc.

    Anybody feeling like sharing marching experiences?

    Alright, I'll start if you want. As you probably noticed in my reply in the same post as above, I used to play the mellophone. In fact, I have been marching for Les Stentors from 1995 to 1999. I had to stop due to health problems, mainly because of my knees (the doctor said I have the kneecaps of a 70 years old obese woman... I may end up in a wheel chair before turning 30. Anyway...).

    I started in January 1995 as a soprano, and have been the lead sop for the first half of 1996 (until mid-May), then my staff talked to me into switching to the mellophones because, 1) out of the 20-something hornline members, they were only 2 mellos, 2) he wanted a strong, good player who had good ears, and 3) he wanted someone who had at least one year of experience instead of one of our newer members. I accepted, even though I had a solo as the lead sop (damn) and have to learn all my parts again, and I have been an avid mello-lover ever since.

    So, I was one of the 4 mellophone players in 1996. In 1997, Simon, the only guy of the mello line, left us for the sop line (wussy!), so it was only Cindy, Marie-France, and I. Was still fun though! Then, in 1998, Cindy left for the sop line too, leaving Marie-France and I the only mellos, until our staff put Mathieu, the resident hornline gay guy (What's with guys on the mello lines almost all being gay anyway? Is that because of the "Mellos are bitches" thing?), and Cynthia, a new girl from Quebec city (who stayed at my home in 1998 and 1999 and has been dubbed as my adoptive sister ). That was the best mello line we had while I was marching; the staff was just amazed at how well we worked together, practiced together, etc.

    I almost became drum major in 1998, but that would have meant leaving the oh-so-fun-to-be-part-of mello line, so I just turned out the offer. And 1999 was just as fun as 1998, and that was also the first year we went to the DCI (which was in Madison, WI).

    Well, that's my background as a drum corps member. Too bad I had to quit, though; it sure was fun. And I yet have to hear about my corps having a mello line as close-knitted as ours was. Oh well...

    Enough ranting! Your turn now!


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    Well, I have no marching experience, but I have been playing the flute since I was eleven... so that makes ten years now. I was first chair in the Symphonic Band... I'm damn good.

    Sorry... no marching stories... I couldn't bring myself to wear the outfit.
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      Otay, you people need to know the absolute truth: There is no camp that holds such excitement as BAND CAMP. I've been a Bando since freshman year in high school, but I quit marching this year because of hectic classes. Anyway, I've been playing clarinet for quiet a while, and was Drum Major last year. Only sophomore Drum Major in ten years, baby.

      We did a piece on this roman movie and had to wear what that Gladiator wore. It was gross.

      One day, at band camp, this stupid kid named Kurt thought it'd be funny to knock on the window with his head from the inside. So he does and the whole (about 20 feet high) comes crashing down and he stands there, dumbfounded with blood all over himself. But he got through okay, he was just stunned.



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        I would tell you all about my band camp stories... but they are a little too much on the gross side. ;P

        Anyways~~ I started the flute in 6th grade. Because there wasn't enough people I also learned Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax, then tenor sax. Woodwinds Rock! Brass Sucks.
        My only complain about woodwinds are the ones with reeds... damn do they stink after a while.

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          Originally posted by FrellingFrell
          My only complain about woodwinds are the ones with reeds... damn do they stink after a while.

          ACK! Change the reed! *lol*

          I played alto sax and oboe for several years, but my reeds would never stay unbroken long enough to start stinking. *shudder*
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            *clucks Frell over the head with a barythone* Brass sucks, eh? Take that.


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              Ok here goes. . . . *big breath*

              I've been playing since fourth grade, so roughly 11 years. I have gone through too many instruments to count. In high school I was principle chair for two years and section leader both of those years. My senior year I played "Concertino" by Cecile Chaminade which is a piece written for solo flute and band. This year I am in four performance groups. Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, University Orchestra, and Flute Ensemble. In Wind Ensemble I am principle piccolo and second chair, first flute. In Symphonic Band, I am principle flute and first chair. In Orchestra I am second chair flute and principle piccolo. In flute ensmble I play whatever part I am given but mostly alto flute.

              Ok I think that's it.

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                Played trumpet since 6th grade, marched 9th - 12th, and played a few years after that every once in a while. I was also a Euphonium player (baritone but softer sounding) and was first chair in all-county 3 years in a row. Also played trumpet in jazz band and euphonium in symphonic band. Plus I sang There's my musical experience! Oh yeah I play piano too
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                  Euphonium! I played that for an entire week-end in 1999 when we decided that we all wanted to try something different at the beginning of the year. I didn't want to try the drumline due to they racks not being proportional to... err... my bust line (*coughs*bunch of sexists too*coughs*), and the colour guards are too girlish. Decided to stay on the horn line, but sopranos are wussies and contras are just too heavy for me.

                  They were not any barythones left, so they gave me an euphonium. Damn thing is heavy, and the mouthpiece is too big. "I'll keep my mello, thank you."

                  Anybody else ever named their instruments? the rest of the horl line thought we were crazy when we baptized our new mellos we got in 1997. We all named them after gods/goddesses because, let's face it, mellos rule. Marie-France's was Ares, Cindy's (then later Mathieu's) was Anubis, and mine was Poseidon. And since Cynthia was the slutty one, we named hers Aphrodite.

                  Oh, and I made a mistake. We were 5 mellophones in 1999, but the fifth one (Annie) was more of a staff-member and was always bitching us, telling she was so much better than the four of us because she marched 3 years in another corps that was bigger and stuff, so we just ignored her.

                  And have you people ever tried to keep a mellophone tuned? It's hard! Stupid things gets off-tuned at the slightest thing, is it the wind blowing, the temperature dropping by one degree, or just by emptying the pipes of all the water accumulating there...

                  Ok, ok... I'll stop ranting for now.


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                    Well, I have played the trumpet since 5th Grade. I love my trumpet we go for long walks on the beach, we bathe together, we sleep together, we even.....*eyeshift* ahem.... anyway, my story.

                    There is nothing like being in the marching band, in the front, in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Especially when it's night and the parade has just stopped between the two most prominent gay bar and strip club in the whole city. I went to an all boy Catholic school so this was like heaven. Something for everyone . PARTAY!!!! Well, anyways, needless to say, I was groped and fondled more often than the cabana boy in Never Never Land. LOL, and our whole band was suspended from school for a week for lewd and vulgar displays and endangering the reputation of the school. I wiped my ass with our flag on my first day back.
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                      I dont now, but at one stage, was a Clarinet player. That's before I discovered electronics and started playing with Electric and Electronic instuments. I still have my old home made Theremin....

                      As for marching, not with legs like mine....

                      I can probably knock you up some cool little Marrach House tracks given time. But these days I must be getting old, cause I've just joined a local covers band on vocals and keyboards. Should be fun.


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                        Hmmm.. I have been playing flute since grade seven.. so about 10 years now and I love it. Gotten many golds at Music Fests, also a few awards, and always had all the piccolo AND flute solos when in band. (very proud of this.. the only thing I ever brag about. I figure everyone is aloud one) Anyway.. went to Ottawa U for music, but even though my playing was more than good enough, my theory was crap. So, they wouldn't let me play, but I still had to take the same theory class as everyone else (very hard for me). Then they threw SOLFEGE at me. I HATE solfege. Plus my prof was a jackass.. but whatever. Anyway, the point is.. don't take music at Ottawa U. Although you do get solfege everywhere I think.

                        I have a little marching experience.. but not while playing flute. I was an Air Cadet for a couple of years. Didn't like that much either. Was the only girl in my year and they kept making fun of me.. and telling evil women jokes.

                        Well, I still love playing the flute.

                        Uhh.. that's my story.


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                          Yay for flute players

                          Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do!

                          I have to agree, thoery sucks big time. Especially because after you learn that something is a certain way for a reason and it's supposedly the way it will always be, the instructor turns around and says, "Ok forget everything I just said. Do it this way." Stupid theory. When are we ever going to use it IRL?!?!?!? (j/k I know I have to use it everyday)

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                            I am a. . .

                            BONER!!!! come on we have got to have some people in Marrach that play trombone! Please don't tell me i am the only one!

                            I was the First female boner at my school ever! I am Section leader and 1st chair in Jazz band, and second chair in Symphonic band!

                            I have been playing intruments since 5th grade. I played flute 5th and 6th. I played Baritone horn 7th and 8th grade. And Now i am in my third year on trombone! Wow, it has been almost 3 full years i have played it! Oh yeah, and i have had 3 years marching experience!

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                              Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do!
                              When will you ever use your theory knowledge IRL? Well... When someone says THAT *points at quote* and continues to explain that it's more than Julie Andrews-speak, but a way of sight singing and intervalic identification called salfegio singing.


                              I'd go on ranting, but I can't remember the other syllables to do a salfeg chromatic scale, so... *shuts up*


                              [Edit: Oh yeah, marching experience? Too many stories to tell... PLAYING experience? Take all those marching stories and raise it to an infinite exponent... (is that possible? Never took calculus so I guess I wouldn't know, heh) ...and there ya go.]
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