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Frosty Fun Fashion Lecture & Auction

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  • Frosty Fun Fashion Lecture & Auction

    Penned on the third day of the last month; sixteenth year since recent awakenings.

    To the Denizenry of Her Majesty's Castle Marrach;

    In accordance to the will of the Lord Chamberlain, and in upholding the duties charged to me as Aspirant Chronicler, I hereby submit the chronicle of the "Frosty Fun Fashion Lecture & Auction."

    As part of the 'Frosty Fun Festival' sponsored by the Unity, Thursday night was a fashion show featuring new clothing options by the Clothier's guild in the Outer Bailey Theatre. Among those present were Her Highness, Princess Maeve; His Lordship, Lord Vestio; Masters Aratan and Emerick; Mistress Euphelia and Ezraella; Deputy Siward, sera Katharin, and ser Kobe and Rotbart. The post advertised the event as chance for 'a sneak peak at what the clothiers feel will be the popular fashion items of the coming year.' It was advertised to begin at seven late bells, but did not start on time because, as Mistress Euphelia explained she was waiting for 'our special guests.' Mistress Euphelia served as the Mistress of Ceremonies.

    Those who attended the event as their first event of the festival received a sleek designed white-steel charm bracelet. All attendees received a snowflake charm with the numeral '5' as proof for attending.

    'Without the generous and wonderful sponsorship of the Castle's crafts, we couldn't make tonight, or any of these nights happen," Mistress Euphelia began. "The Clothiers have provided prizes, but tonight's efforts are all them. The talk about style and the special auction is all due to their efforts. Master Cook Geoffry kept us fed last night, but will also have special tidbits on hand on Saturn's at the fire. Master Taralyn [will] be working overlong tomorrow after our event to turn the Outer courtyard into a bonfire and skating rink paradise. And the Embinders, of course, contribute too, with the scavenger hunt."

    The clothiers would forecast what would be considered fashionable for the next year. Mistress Wilena stood on stage and began, "You all have noticed, I am sure, an influx of new items to be had. These are obviously fashionable and should be considered when ordering outfits." She then would explain what they foresee as being fashionable for the next year.

    For women, Wilena advised, "Sleeveless gowns are fashionable, but must be worn with a long-sleeved chemise or camicia, the camicia being the more fashionable. Split skirts are in but must be worn with chemises and petticoats." Men's fashions included tunics, chausses, doublets, jerkins, and coats. She also listed what headwear were considered fashionable. For women they included wimples, veils, snoods, and atifets; men's hats included flat caps, folded trimmed caps, hoods, chaperons, cassocks, and "even ribbons for those of you with long hair and wish to tie it back."

    An atifet is a heart-shaped headpiece that encircles the head from ear to ear. It is edged with pearls for "an added genteel look."

    When asked by Mistress Euphelia whether there was a head gear fashionable with both genders, Wilena answered that "only hoods are for both genders." She also indicated that just because a hat is wearable for both gender doesn't mean it isn't fashionable for both, and she cited a cossack hat as an example, considering it to be fashionable for men only.

    Wilena generally reminded the audience, "Do be mindful of your link for these things as well."

    She then turned the discussion over to Master Aratan, who is the Master Tailor for the Clothiers.

    He spoke about colour and fabric options, stating, "Anyone who's glanced at the guidelines, has noticed the huge variety of options available. Right? But yet, so few people seem willing to take the chance and explore their options! There are colours, and fabrics and garments of every sort, so why, gents doublets, pants, and cloaks so often? Or head to toe black leather for that matter." Master Aratan then showed off a completely black set of garments from black calfskin side-laced pants to black leather tall boots, black leather gauntlets, a black calfskin double-wrapped sword belt, suede scabbard, short scabbard and a black calfskin pouch, a black gaberdine fox-fur-trimmed cape, a black leather buckled jerkin, a black suede cavalier hat, an engraved platinum and amber pin, a bronze keyring, a pair of sterling-silver and black-moonstone boot chains, a gold torc, a white cambric long-sleeved shirt, and a white-steel charm bracelet.

    The audience appeared to be split, with Her Highness visibly approving the all-black outfit, while Mistress Euphelia briefly hugged her turquoise mohair fox-fur-lined pelisse.

    Aratan concluded, "It's a very stark, martial look, and for stark martial people, stark martial looks, that's all well and good. But for people who are less stark, less martial. Or for occasions less stark and martial, try colors! Try something warm and fuzzy. Winter is cold, so fuzzy fabrics make lots of sense! Definitely try expanding your horizons, tunics, breeches, earth tones --- it's hard to go wrong." He then deferred back to Mistress Wilena.

    Princess Maeve admitted, "Earth tones don't look good on me."

    Wilena continued Aratan's discussion, "The colours of the court are still primarily blacks, whites, greys, purples and blues. But you will notice that are is quite a variety in those hues as well. A few winter pinks are also very Court acceptable. There are some very underused hues. Heather for instance works quite well with a great deal, and there are nay any gender specific hues. If you like it see if it might work with your skin tone. Cornflower and Powderblue have been neglected of late. Pure blue, navy, and mauve too. Again consult the guidelines for colours of your link. And just because it is nay a blue, black, grey, or a purple does nay mean it can nay be used. Be mindful too that there are purchasable dyes, these can go by favour. Earn enough favour from any single clothier, or even a Knight and higher and you could easily gain such without needing to pay coin."

    Aratan added, "Just one thing: Don't be afraid to ask questions and try new things! That's what we're here for, after all."

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    Part II

    The clothiers left, and Mistress Euphelia returned to the stage to start up the auction. The auction procedure started with all present receiving twenty-five points to bid. Additional points can be purchased by coin, with a coin equal a single point. Any coin exchange goes towards prizes for the week's closing festival on Saturday. Full outfits comes with a prerequisite bid necessary to start bidding.

    The first item was a pair of sage crochet mittens with no separate division for the individual fingers, but provided with a separate section for the thumb. It was won by Deputy Siward's one-point bid. Afterward, he donated his mittens to Princess Maeve.

    The next time was a blush lambsdown scarf finely fitted. This is a broad band of material worn about the neck, shoulders, or head for warmth. Sera Katharin won with a successful ten point bid.

    The third item was the first full outfit, in a fawn worsted pouch. It included a white linen long-sleeved shirt, a viridian twill long-sleeved doublet, a pair of fawn twill knee breeches, a pair of white linen boot hose, a pair of brown leather gloves, a brown leather belt, a pair of brown leather shoes, a viridian twill flat cap and a white worsted mandilion. It was sold to Deputy Siward for 24 points.

    The fourth item for auction was contained in a small black dreadnought bag. Inside the bag included a blood-red wool scarf and gloves, and a black lambsdown hood. It include sponsorship for having black dye for the hood. It was sold to ser Kobe for 50 points.

    The fifth item shifted from men's outfits to a women's outfits. In an purple woolsey purse was an ash batiste braided girdle, an antique crepe long-sleeved chemise, a pair of antique batiste pantalettes, a pair of antique batiste stockings, an ash shodweave petticoat, a purple woolsey split-skirt bell-sleeved gown, a pair of purple crochet garters and a pair of ash twill slippers. Sera Katharin won for 15 points.

    The sixth item was a blue-grey crochet cap with a stiff, discreet brim. Throughout the auction, Mistress Euphelia had been encouraging the people to bid. For this item, she encouraged all saying, "Get your points ready, folks, and save yourself a bell at the tender mercies of Doctor Diana and her anti-frost salves! This hat'll protect your ears from the cold, keeping them from being bitten!" The cap was sold to ser Kobe for three points.

    The seventh item was a iced-viridian broadcloth wimple. It was sold to Deputy Siward for six points, who then gifted it to sera Eloren.

    Euphelia asks Wilena, "Got something in that magic bag of yours, Mistress, that might get our Lord to bid?" Wilena responded with the next auction item (eighth): a pair of blood-red dreadnought mittens, a blood-red goatskin cap and a blood-red dreadnought scarf. It was won with a bid of 24 by ser Kobe.

    The ninth item up for bid was in an evergreen woolsey purse: an antique muslin petticoat, a pair of evergreen veloutine garters, an evergreen and fawn veloutine hooded overgown, a pair of fawn kidskin veloutine-lined heeled shoes, a pair of alabaster charmeuse stockings, an alabaster charmeuse long-sleeved chemise, a fawn charmeuse girdle and an evergreen veloutine long-sleeved gown. Sera Eloren won with a bid of 26 points.

    The tenth item for auction was a trio of items: opaline gossamer silk veil, her frosted-gold silkaline circlet and a peacock songket bell-sleeved bliaut. Sera Eloren also won this one with a successful bid of 32 points. She then gifted to sera Zeronica.

    The eleventh and final item for auction is bronzed-violet lambsdown paenula. After a round of bidding made by nearly everyone present, it was awarded to Sera Eloren for a thirty-five point bid. Afterward, items that were not auctioned were gifted to those who chose not to bid or did not win an auction.

    In between the bids, the mood seemed more lively than during the question and answer segment. For instance, Princess Maeve fawned over ser Rotbart's mittens, and confided to him that she wants to dub her first cat, "Rotbart Paws the Second." Because ser Kobe would end up bidding for many of the items, he could be seen checking his golden bag repeatedly during the auction.

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask that the readers indicate to me through their discretion any falsehood I may have mistakenly communicated. It is through the preservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Grace and give strength to those that will follow in our wake.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, the Lord Chamberlain, the Chronicler's Office, and the Denizenry of our Gracious Queen's Realm; I remain,

    Aspirant Chronicler



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      An addendum to the second part of the post. I had mentioned that "clothiers had left." I did not mean to say that she left the theatre, but rather they ceded control of the stage back to Mistress Euphelia.

      I do apologize for any confusion this caused.

      -- Zeronica