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  • Favor, Disfavor and Reputation

    Seventh Day of the Second Moon,
    Seventeenth Year of Recent Awakenings

    In accordance to the will of Her Majesty, and in upholding the duties charged to me as Aspirant Chronicler, I hereby submit an account of
    Favor, Disfavor and Reputation.

    Lady Sinvy has a way with a crowd said some who attended her Lecture on the 23rd Day of the 1st Moon.

    Many amassed in the Lecture Hall to observe leader of the Courtesy Circle herself; Lady Sinvy as she turned a night of lecturing that some could consider boring into a regaling yet scholastic event.

    In attendance were Lord Bernier, Mistresses Ezraella, Meryl, and Wilena, Masters Vincint and Jeffery, Seras Trysha, Hjilda, and Anna, ser Siward and this Chronicler.

    This particular lecture broached the topic of Favor, Disfavor, and Reputation. Her Ladyship commenced expounding the general concept of Favor and Disfavor:

    "Favor and Disfavor are essential to civilized society. They maintain a status quo and are efficaciously a form of currency."

    Moving on, she started the lecture off with this question "What is favor?" Many jumped at the opportunity to give their thoughts and opinions on what they believed favor was. Some included seras Trysha, Anna, and this Chronicler.

    Sera Trysha: "When you have earned a liking from one who is above you, such as a Lady, Lord, Mistress, or Master."
    Sera Anna: "Positive regard from another individual."
    This Chronicler: "Favor is something you grant people who have done something to gain your fondness. It can be in the form of material, words, and or action."

    The above replies sent the lecture hall into a discussion on why they may or may have not agreed with the Mistress and seras.

    Lady Sinvy chimed in on the discussion to speak on what Favor essentially is:

    "The basic outline is that favor is a positive response to an individual's efforts. This can manifest in physical form, in the form of time or other intangible rewards."

    She went further to ask "What is disfavor?"

    Those who had the most feedback included, Mistresses Meryl and Wilena and this Chronicler.

    Mistress Wilena: "Disfavor is the consequence of actions and words that another finds offensive. It should never be upon a whim, and able to be gotten out of. Holding a grudge nay does anyone any good."
    Mistress Meryl: "Disfavor is the negative reaction to either actions taken, or inaction on the parts of others."
    This Chronicler: "Disfavor is different because most times you may not know if you have it or not unless the person wishes it to be obvious. Someone could disfavor you and if they have the power, use that disfavor to secretly bring you down and you would be none the wiser."

    Lady Sinvy, appearing pleased with these opinions, contributed her definition of what Disfavor is:

    “Disfavor is a negative response to an individual's folly. This can manifest in loss of position, time, or other intangible rewards. The Societal Role of Favor and Disfavor is incredibly important. It can come from any rank, as we briefly touched on. These tie into Reputation, picture a spider's web. There are dozens of strands, they all tie together, some intersect, and some depend on others.”

    She then gave examples to further aid in better understanding of disfavor and how it works in everyday life.

    "For example, I am a Noble, Meryl serves me directly. Her thread is connected to mine. She curries my favor if she performs her duties well. Because she earns my favor, Wilena, her equal in rank, can curry favor with Meryl. That is another strand connected to Meryl. Wilena wishes some wine from the cellars, something she cannot usually acquire."

    "She expresses her love of brandy to Meryl. Meryl comes to me. "My Lady, Mistress Wilena and I were talking and she said how much she loved your brandy at the last social. I was thinking we could gift her some."

    "Meryl has connected Wilena's thread to my thread. I send Wilena a bottle of brandy, based off Meryl's good word on Wilena. This opens up the door for Wilena to curry my favor. However, what if Wilena and Meryl has a fight and Wilena insults Meryl gravely?"

    With that one question, a string of suggestions, replies, and a mass conversation among those present commenced as they endeavored to point out what they believed would transpire to Mistress Wilena in that Scenario. Mistress Wilena was one of the first to speak:

    Mistress Wilena: "I nay longer get the brandy I want, and then I am likely to end up facing your Equerry depending on the insult. Further, I would be highly lucky to be invited to socials held by your house, and then the people I am connected to would also be involved as they would be informed of my behavior essentially I end up in a hole I have to crawl out of."

    Lady Sinvy agreed with the Mistress and swiftly moved on to the next question for her audience: "When does it become too much favor?" She asked before giving small examples of how to better recognize this.

    "Say, I hire Vincint. I hear he has a good sword arm. I need a good sword arm. But I also decide, "He's good looking." So, I give him a special sword. Has he earned this sword? No, not really, but I think he's attractive, so why not? I'm a noble. I can do what I want, right?"

    "So, then say, I go, "Well, he likes cigars." So I give him a bunch of cigars. These are signs of favor. Did he earn them? No. My other Equerry has not gotten hardly the same amount of attention. Swords and cigars are small favors, surely, but they gradually pile up. He's didn't earn them. He has no sense of accomplishment. THEN I put him forth for Courtier. He gets that. The Court sees this. They see me lavish Vincint with favor, but they don't see what he does to earn it."

    She gave the attendees a moment to mull over her words afore asking, “What happens to my favor now?’ Mistress Meryl, ser Siward and sera Anna were the ones to reply to this particular scenario.

    Mistress Meryl: "It's cheap. It's plentiful, but it no longer has weight."
    Ser Siward: "You lose favor with the court and your peers."
    Sera Anna: "It would cheapen your Ladyship in the eyes of your Ladyship's equals, I believe."

    Lady Sinvy, nodded in agreement with the replies,

    "Precisely, My favor is worthless. Maybe not to those receiving it, but eventually it catches up. My favor becomes worthless, my word becomes worthless, and it holds no weight, because I have no standards. I just give things away as I please."

    "Favor and Disfavor are like a jar of cookies. Say you have an empty jar to start. Then, you impress Geoffry. He puts a cookie in. You continue to impress Geoffry. Eventually the whole jar is full of cookies. Now, you can see the jar. You have a general idea of how full it is. Now, you need something. You put it to Geoffry, maybe it's mild. You want an extra few cookies at social. Geoffry smiles and agrees. You've got enough cookies in the jar to spare. You get them, but your jar is a little emptier than it was."

    "So, say you are not actively gaining favor, but your cookie jar is still about what it was. A little less, but not empty by far and something happens and you insult Master Geoffry's cooking, intentionally or unintentionally. Well, he may break the jar over your head. Now, you have no cookies!"

    "Now, some people will get a jar full of cookies, but then they stop bothering, they retire, they die, whatever. This jar might sit there, on a shelf, for years and years. Eventually cookies go stale or moldy. These cookies aren't as good anymore. Geoffry might go "Oh, I remember you doing some things for me, but well this person has a jar of fresh cookies. You cannot expect to get by on life because you did some things a decade ago. Memories are designed to fade, and with those memories goes the favor."

    The rest of the lecture went on covering topics such as ‘Excessive Disfavor’ and ‘How to be rid of Disfavor’ before ending.

    After, Her Ladyship announced it was to come to an end; she was thanked by many for lending her time and erudition and in return she graciously welcomed them.

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask that the readers indicate to me through their discretion any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, the Office of the Chronicler, and the Denizenry of our Gracious Queen's Realm,

    Yazmin Reymess
    Aspirant Chronicler