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Chronicle : A Discovery of Gruesome Intent

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  • Chronicle : A Discovery of Gruesome Intent

    Eighth Moon, Eleventh Day
    Year Three of the Recently Awakened

    Good Denizens of Marrach;

    In obedience to the will of the Lord Chamberlain, and with only the humblest hopes to prove of assistance to the esteemed denizens of Marrach, I herewith scribe the somewhat gruesome discovery of a dismembered and seemingly much abused corpse discovered this day in the Outer Bailey by Watch Deputy Jaekwon.

    Deputy Vaekwon was making his rounds this morn when he happened into the passage just near the Seamstress rooms and stumbled upon an unrecognizable corpse, badly mangled, perched as if sitting against the flagpole. Upon further inspection, it was noted that one of the arms had been ripped clean away.

    The unbeknownst victim was a tall, muscular man of light complexion with wavy coal-black hair and sideburns. His face, however, was beaten beyond recognition, and the dilated eyes seemingly held a look of abject terror.

    His body bore multiple stab wounds as examined by this Chronicler and was evidentally tortured over a lengthy and considerable period of time. His right arm was severed just at the elbow and the wounds and sinew bore fleshly tears as if the joint had been sawed in two. Both legs had been badly broken in several places and twisted out of joint.

    Although the body appeared to be obviously deceased, it should be noted that Lith was nowhere in sight to collect the remains. This Chronicler viewed the corpse herself roughly ten hours post and it was as it was left, secured in an unrevealed location for the interim until further arrangements can be made.

    Several of the witnesses that observed the body, including Deputy Inquisitor Johnathan, Healer Destini, Deputy Vaekwon, Watchman Janwin and Sargeant Darvius admitted no knowledge whatsoever as to his identity. The clothing he bore was of simple design; Tan pants, beige boots and a beige vest suggesting someone possibly newly awakened.

    Sargeant Darvius of the Royal Guard requests that any with knowledge as to this souls identity or possible information regarding his untimely demise would notify the Royal Guard directly.

    All denizens are advised to be cautious in their ongoing affairs, as there is no clear suspect to this crime or its meaning as of this writing. Anything of a suspicious nature should, as always, be reported to the Watch or the Royal Guard for their investigation.

    In addition, this Chronicler begs forgiveness on this day for any error in this missive regarding this incident, and asks only to be informed of such so that it may be duly and humbly corrected.

    In service of the Lord Chamberlain,

    Chronicler of the Court
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    did anyone gather the clothes so that it could be determined who produced the clothes? that might help determin the identity.

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