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    Chronicle LXIX
    Eleventh month, Third day
    Year Two of Recent Awakenings

    The Feast of Misrule

    Good Denizens of the Castle,
    In accordance and will of Lord Chamberlain, I present to you here a summary of the Feast of Misrule. I humbly apologize if any of the accounts described here are untrue or misfactual. Thank you.

    The Feast of Misrule began last night with the announcement of the King and Queen of Misrule. Many people were here well in advance to await His Highness' announcement. A little over fifty people attend the opening ceremony for the Estella festival. A After much discussion, it was determined by the Royal Herald Haerk that it would NOT be needed to kneel before His Highness, but rather save it for the new Royal Misrule court. The Royal Jester had with him two chairs. The chairs has four legs, a leather-padded and covered seat, two arms and a tall back. Eventually, it was decided that sera Illiana would represent the denizns of the Outer Bailey. His Highness arrived, along with Chronicler Angron, and Yeoman Clovis. His Highness approached and stood on one of the long wooden table.

    His Highness said, 'People of Marrach...welcome to the Estrella Festival. Let the Feast of Misrule begin. But what is a Feast without a Lord to rule over it? Or a gracious Lady to sit at his side? Sers and seras, before our feast can begin tonight, we must crown the King and Queen of Misrule.'

    'I ask you, good people of Marrach,' dramatically continued His Highness, 'Who shall be your King?'

    A discussion started as people started to vote on whom should be the King and Queen of Misrule. Names started to be called. Eventually, a ser Redulf emerged to be the people's chose for King of Misrule.

    The crown he wore is an interesting looking object. This hat has been made in the rough approximation of a crown from rather stiff burlap. Several floppy points issue in a circular pattern around it, folding over the side of the crown to end in tight brass balls that hang loosely near the base of the crown. A gleaming brass band has been formed across the middle of this hat like a circlet, and burnished to the luster of gold. It looks like a crown, but is only a very good burlap imitation.

    King Radulf wished to choose, despite the multitude that gave out suggestions. King Radulf's selected Queen is sera Alexandrea.

    Once Sera Alexander accepted her crown and became Queen Alexandrea, the Feast --- and the Festival as a whole --- began in earnest. A mock duel was fought between sera Mena and sera Margaret, upon which sera Mena won the best of three duels match two to love (zero). Afterwards, food and punch was served.

    Finally, an announcement from the King and Queen of Misrule. They will make several 'Royal Appointments' within the next bell.
    Finally, before the end of the feast and their misrule, King Radulf and Queen Alexandrea made several Royal Appointments.

    - Sera Ravelyn is the Royal Almoner.
    - Ser Robert is the Royal Tax Collector.
    - Sera Gwenvar is now the Royal Falconer.
    - Sera Myrth is the Royal Pigeon Keeper.
    - Ser Andre is the Royal Mahout.
    - Sera Tamora and Ser Arian were selected as the Grooms.

    After the announcements were read, the Feast was adjourned.

    Yours Truly,

    Junior Chronicler Arian

    - Chronicler -

    Knowledge is a weapon.
    I intend to be formidably armed.