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    Chronicle LXXII
    Eleventh month, Tenth day
    Year Two of Recent Awakenings

    Her Majesty's Court (III)

    Good sers and seras of the castle,

    In service of His Lordship, the Lord Chamberlain Launfal, with
    the deepest respect for the station and rank within this castle,
    in humble hopes only to be of assistance to the esteemed
    denizens of the castle, I hereby scribe of Her Majesty's
    Court held on the sixth day of this moon in the Inner Bailey,
    within the Throne Room.

    Over fifty denizens attended this audience that Her Majesty's
    great kindness granted unto the denizens, and moreover in
    observation of the Festival of Estrella transpiring in the
    Castle, both within and without the glorious Inner Bailey of the

    First and foremost, Her Majesty the Queen deigned to welcome the denizens into Her Majesty's Court. She then turned to thank the Winter Knight and Royal Consort, the Lord Chancellor Boreas, in observation of His Excellency's work and attentiveness to His
    Excellency's duties in Her Majesty's castle. And by the hand of
    Her Majesty's handmaiden, sera Miriela, a silver kaleidoscope was
    gifted to him.

    Her Majesty next spoke to Her loyal subjects. Stating that they
    had heard many stories of victory and triumph in the week of
    celebration, and asked if any of those present had such a story
    to share with the Court.

    The Duelist Faer gladly obliged, and told Her Graciousness of the
    Mystery Hunt organized by the Keepers. She related of how the the denizens participating in the great event, of the items and
    indeed - the person whom they had quested for in this Hunt, and
    of its conclusion into a display of elegance in the form of
    Dance. Her Majesty remarked of her approval toward the Duelist,
    and beckoned Faer to approach Her Majesty. The Duelist complied, and Handmaiden Miriela granted an aquamarine silver pin to Faer. The Queen explained that it was a gift from Her Majesty to the Duelist, who seemed both stunned and grateful for such generosity from Her Majesty.

    Her Majesty then asked if another had such a tale to speak of.
    but mentioned that it had to be brief, for there was much
    business to be attended to this evening. Ser Geograd stepped
    forward this request. With a deep bow in respect to the Queen,
    the ser spoke of the Dance Recital of sera Mintle: of its song,
    its dance and the acting of the wonderous event. The Queen duly
    thanked the ser for telling her of the event, and mentioned that
    perhaps the good ser would present his Play to Her Majesty

    Her Majesty now asked if any had business with Her Majesty to
    discuss. As there were none from those assembled, the Queen then proceeded to the task of announcing those appointments to titles of office or other honors granted to the denizens in Her
    Majesty's domain. The Lord Chamberlain stood forwards, and read of the honors granted to the denizens of the castle:

    To the rank of Courtiership:

    Ser Martel
    Sera Anabeth
    Sera Margaret
    Sera Elea
    Ser Sansamor
    Sera Avaria
    Sera Charmiam
    Ser Angron
    Sera Zenaida
    Ser Darvius
    Sera Drusilla
    Ser Artegal
    Sera Cassandra

    To the rank of an Honored Guest:

    Sera Aleena
    Ser Andrew
    Ser Arian
    Ser Arikon
    Sera Calla
    Sera Chorus
    Ser Dariel
    Ser Davog
    Sera Destini
    Sera Diana
    Ser Dittersdorf
    Ser Ecremis
    Sera Edanya
    Sera Faer
    Sera Adalyn
    Ser Geograd
    Sera Gretchan
    Sera Hannah
    Ser Harabec
    Sera Helena
    Sera Illiana
    Sera Isaria
    Ser Jarrod
    Ser Jayland
    Ser Johnathan
    Sera Judith
    Ser Kaine
    Sera Khalea
    Ser Malvolio
    Sera Mintle
    Sera Myrth
    Ser Noddi
    Ser Nutmegger
    Ser Radorcha
    Ser Radulf
    Sera Ravelyn
    Ser Robert
    Sera Rogra
    Sera Sara
    Ser Scaramouche
    Ser Sindale
    Sera Sorcha
    Sera Sorchaa
    Sera Tamora
    Sera Umichan
    Sera Ximena

    Further, the following appointments were made by the order of Her

    Majesty, the Queen.

    Lord Treasurer, Prince Bertram.
    Royal Justiciar, Lord Gracien
    Queen's Speaker, Master Gareth
    Chief Scribe of the Chamber, Master Angron
    Secretary of the Royal Orders, Mistress Margaret
    Royal Archivist, Mistress Avaria
    Royal Curator, Mistress Zenaida
    Chief Scribe of Chancery, Master Malvolio
    Scribe and Accountant to the Execquer, Mistress Ximena
    Master of Horse, Master Davog
    Master Armorer Royal, Master Robert
    Scribe of the Chamber, sera Sorchaa
    Court Chronicler, sera Sorcha
    Scribe of Chancery, sera Ravelyn
    Royal Artist, sera Chorus
    Royal Artist, sera Zenaida
    Royal Players, sers Sansamor, Geograd, and Scaramouche, and sera Mintle
    Pages, ser Retribution, and seras Britta and Gretchan
    Royal Purse Bearer, ser Andrew
    Assistant Chronicler, ser Arian
    Assistant Chronicler, ser Criothan
    Yeomen of the Royal Guard, ser Darvius, ser Sindale and sera Rogra.

    Her Majesty also affirmed the offices appointed during the Feast of Misrule, namely:

    Royal Falconer, sera Gwenvar
    Royal Pigeon Keeper, sera Myrth
    Royal Mahout, ser Andre
    Groom, sera Tamora

    The others appointed to their positions during the Feast of
    Misrule resigned their positions to accept their new appointments
    for Her Majesty, the Queen.

    With these appointments officially announced and spoken of, the
    Lord Chamberlain concluded his speech. Her Majesty thanked the
    Lord Chamberlain for allowing those denizens honored to be known.

    Speaking that Her Majesty suspected that there was much cause for celebration, Her Serenity now excused Herself most gracefully from the Court along with several members of Court, and ended the Royal Court and audience with the Queen.

    The Chronicler begs forgiveness for any error in this missive
    regarding this incident, and asks only to be notified of such so
    that it may be duly corrected.

    Moreover, the Chronicler would like to relate his great gratitude
    and humbleness to have been able to serve in this manner to the
    denizens of the castle as a Chronicler, and as a servant to His
    Lordship, the Lord Chamberlain Launfal. The Chronicler is
    infinitely in debt to those whom granted him the time and
    dedication to have earned him the honor that Her Majesty has now bestowed upon him.

    It is the Chronicler's sole wish to be able to serve Her Majesty
    in a just and fitting manner that Her Majesty's trust has granted
    on him with this new rank. The Chronicler expresses both his
    sadness from leaving this path, as well as his joy and confidence
    in the guild that he leaves behind to continue in the work and
    service of the Lord Chamberlain and the worthy denizens of the

    In service to the Lord Chamberlain,
    Ser Angron Drakefyre
    Chronicler of the Court

    - Chronicler -

    Knowledge is a weapon.
    I intend to be formidably armed.