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    Chronicle XCV
    First month, First day
    Year Three of the Recent Awakenings

    On the Departure of Lord Skymane

    In Humble Obedience to the Will of the Lord Chamberlain, and in hopes to be of some slight service to the Denizens of the Castle, I hereby submit this account of the departure of Lord Skymane.

    Early in the evening of the Last Day of the Moon after Estrella, following a day fraught with strange happenings, ser Drahkkil appeared in the Outer Bailey Courtyard, gravely wounded. He said that Lord Skymane had left his stall and attacked him. It was also mentioned that another ser had been there, 'hissing and spitting' to Lord Skymane. It is not known if the Lord exited his stall in irritation or at the behest of someone, but it is clear that the Lord Skymane was considerably agitated. Several persons were wounded in the subsequent uproar, most of them as a direct result of having approached His Lordship incautiously, but one sera Layenda protested that she was being 'drawn' by the Lord, who moved agitatedly to the outer drawbridge gates, and later to the Outer Bailey Courtyard.

    Several attempts were made to ascertain the cause of the Lord Skymane's agitation, including the observation that his water trough was empty. A bucket was procured from Tailor Armondo, but before the Lord could be satisfied, he departed the Outer Bailey and entered the Inner Bailey. Very shortly after that, it was observed that the Lord was flying in the sky. It is possible that the Lord has departed, since it was also reported that the final piece of the disk had been located, but it is not the place of this Chronicler to speculate further on this matter.

    In humble service to the Lord Chamberlain and the Guild of Chroniclers, I respectfully apologize for any and all omissions and errors, and beg the Reader's indulgence in pointing these out, so that they may be corrected.

    Aspirant Chronicler Astana

    - Chronicler -

    Knowledge is a weapon.
    I intend to be formidably armed.