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    Chronicle XCVI
    First month, First day
    Year Three of the Recent Awakenings

    Assembly of the Disk of the Longest Day & Departure of Fae Ambassadors

    Upon these boards I humbly scribe the awesome events both observed by this assistant chronicler as well as by those with the privilege to convey events for all to know. In utter respect to my duty as directed by His Lord Chamberlain Sir Launfal and in honor to the Wonderous Grace of Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, I present:

    The Completion of the Disk of the Longest Day and the Departure of the Fae Ambassadors

    Last day of the Moon after Estrella, also know as the Moon of the Pegasus

    On this most noblest of days, it was witnessed by this humble chronicler the events of the assembly of the rings discovered throughout the castle into the Disk of the Longest Day. As witnessed and described, these are the order of occurances:

    This evening, upon learning that all the rings had been found, Guardian Meliantha requested to have all the rings brought to her. They were recovered from the Treasury by sera Gwenvar, Mistress Ximena, and Master Angron upon the Guardian’s specific order to see them right then. All parties gathered in the Royal Gardens with the rings, and the assembly begun. Lord Liriope spoke through Master Angron and Mistress Ximena to convey his impatience at the delay in the assembly of the rings, as sera Gwenvar swiftly worked to deduce the proper order of assembly between all the six rings present.

    Lord Liriope and Guardian Meliantha departed at this time for an audience with Her Majesty, Queen Vivienne. Mistress Ximena and Master Angron attended to them both.

    Several suggestions on the order of the rings were presented by those gathered, as sera Gwenvar adroitly tested them all. The grooves of each ring proved to be uniquely suited to a specific assembly that eluded all present. Shortly, Mistress Ximena returned with a large emerald that had been forgotten. Working in concert with sera Gwenvar, the rings were finally assembled, nearly magically so, to create the disk. Examination revealed the disk to be:

    A huge bronze disk completely assembled. A design of radiating spokes is masterfully engraved on both sides of the circle, joining at each intersection in a very impressive sun pattern. The entire disk seems to catch all the light and reflect it in all directions. Grooves run along both the inner and outer edges of the disk, attesting to the fact that this apparently solid bronze artifact was once separated into pieces.

    Mistress Ximena took the disk to present to Her Majesty and her Guests, with instructions for sera Gwenvar and others to await in the courtyard.

    During this time, it was later reported that Lord Skymane left the stables in the Outer Bailey in which he frequently resided. Much confusion was to be had with those that attempted to pet him or otherwise belittle his elegant receiving quick kicks to their persons. Sergeant Dafyd patrolled the scene, warning those present to stay back and handling any who wished to harass the Lord. Reportedly, healers have attended those so injured.

    From Master Angron it is reported that the disk was so presented to Her Majesty and returned to Lord Liriope. Gracious words and thanks were expressed by both sides. Guardian Meliantha expressed a specific desire to bring First Acolyte Charmiam with her in their return to Avalon, but Lord Liriope intervened in such a decision.

    Her Majesty Queen Vivienne said that those whom deserved rewards would be tended to properly. As well, Mistress Margaret and First Acolyte Charmiam were mentioned in particular for their courtesy to the Guests.

    All parties gathered in the courtyard of the Inner Bailey, where Her Majesty Queen Vivienne and Lord Chancellor Boreas bid farewell to Lord Liriope and Guardian Meliantha. Lord Skymane arrived at this time. Notably, his manners were perfect and his pleasure in seeing both the Disk as well as the Fae guests was obvious to all. The Fae mounted upon Lord Skymane and they took off, flying higher and higher and higher until no more could be seen. From the Outer Bailey courtyard, their departure was also noted, as such a sight is rare to be seen ever again.

    And such ends this chronicle of these events, humbly scribed by Assistant Chronicler ser Criothan. Sincere apologies for any errors or misprints.

    ~~ Chronicler Criothan

    - Chronicler -

    Knowledge is a weapon.
    I intend to be formidably armed.