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Chronicle: Her Majesty's Court; the Revelation of ser Morley and the Return of Duraze

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  • Chronicle: Her Majesty's Court; the Revelation of ser Morley and the Return of Duraze

    Tenth Moon
    Second Day
    Chronicle XX--

    Good Denizens of Marrach;

    In obedience to the will of the Lord Chamberlain, by request and with only the humblest hopes to prove of assistance to ye, the esteemed denizens of Marrach; I herewith scribe of the events of Her Majesty's Court held on the Second day of this moon in the Inner Bailey, within the Throne Room; which herewith includes the revelation of ser Morley, and the return of the Royal Inquisitor, Duraze, from the Mirror of Horn and Ivory.

    Many denizens were in attendance gloriously resplendent in their elegant fineries to hearken the words of Her Majesty’s Grace, Our Good Queen Vivienne.

    The trumpets were blown in fine form thus heralding in the members of the Royal Court. After formal courtesies and proferrings, His Lordship, Sir Launfal, then came forward to welcome all in attendance and to issue forth promotions which I herewith scribe.

    To the rank of Honored Guest:

    Chronicler Aislinn

    Armswoman Airlia

    Yeoman Ethra

    Ser Oxer

    Sera Rosa

    Sera Isadora

    The Triad of Duelists: Allenya Ormand, Mark Trevayne and the late Edouard Ramos

    To the rank of Courtier:

    Handmaiden Sara

    Handmaiden Isaria

    Directly following the reading, petitions were then heard by the Court. The first to address the court was Dame Catharsis, who made petition in the tongue of Northern, which was translated by Speaker Garrik. The petition was to announce the commencement of the next Squires Challenge. It was advised that within the next moon candidates would be announced and that all were encouraged to enter unto the challenge.

    The Dame then advised that the ser Gawyn would provide assistance for all those seeking such a path.

    At this juncture, the good Queen Vivienne then did press announcement with regards to the events of the last Court, and the exile of the Royal Inquisitor Duraze. She noted that in past months, ser Duraze had been “observed in a realm that was built of his own dreams and memories,” and that “ His exile to this realm was not a punishment for the crimes which he unwillingingly precipitated in this castle; " and that, it was instead, "A test."

    A test which Her Majesty decreed by her own lips that he had rightfully passed.

    The Mirror of Horn and Ivory was then presented to Her Majesty, and after a brilliant flash of light, ser Duraze appeared before the spectators there, notably wounded and somewhat worn in appearance.

    She asked of his experiences, and then after hearing his considerations advised all that as she was satisfied with his answers, and thus so should all of Castle Marrach be.

    Duraze was then re-appointed without incident to his former position as Royal-Inquisitor Major of Castle Marrach.

    The final revelation to come was that of the ser Morley, which was revealed to be none other than Prince Bertram in disguise.

    He had been under the advisement of the Queen to come to know the inner workings of the Inner Bailey unaware and this in artful disguise. Upon his revelation, he announced those denizens that had impressed a thing upon him in his observations, that including sera Katona, ser Rodeger, ser Deican, ser Jakt, ser Zaliaah, ser Skout, and ser Jayland. Provisions were made for further discourse with said denizens in the private audience of the Queen. It is known to this Chronicler that many of them were promoted to positions within the Royal Court and Inner Bailey, and a further Chronicle will be forthcoming upon this matter.

    Such concluded this session of Her Majesty’s Court, and Court was then duly adjourned for the even.

    This Chronicler additionally requests forgiveness for any error in this missive regarding this incident, and asks only to be notified of such so that it may be duly corrected.

    In service to the Lord Chamberlain,

    Chronicler of the Court
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