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Royal Court of the 12th Moon and 17th YRA

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  • Royal Court of the 12th Moon and 17th YRA

    Twelfth Day of the Twealfth Moon,
    Seventeenth Year of Recent Awakenings

    In accordance with the will of Her Majesty, and in upholding the duties charged to me as a Senior Chronicler, I hereby submit an account of Royal Court.

    Royal Court is known to be one of the Castle's most influential and attended events and on the 11th day of the 12th moon that tradition continued. A total of forty Denizens from both the Inner and Outer Bailey joined together to support those who have been honored by the Royal Crown and their peers.

    It began at the second late bell where many gathered outside the throne room, eager to get inside to find their section. After being thoroughly checked by the Winter Watch, Denizens were allowed inside. Speculations about promotions were murmured as everyone waited in expectation of Her Majesty, Queen Vivienne, His Excellency, Lord Boreas and His Highness, Prince Bertram. Eventually, the Royal Heralds filed inward behind the Royal Speaker, Mistress Meryl. Sers Skorzany, Keyland, and Morgenstern each carried a royal flag and placed them within their proper holders just as the Mistress tapped her ceremonial ironwood staff to announce the Royal party.

    "All Kneel for Her Most Austere Royal Majesty, Queen Vivienne." Swiftly, yet gracefully, all knelt in respect for Her Majesty as the traditional fanfare was precisely played by Herald Merrynn. Inward came Her Royal Majesty, alongside Her was the Lord Chancellor and Royal Treasurer. The Royal Entourage loyally traversed behind them as they made their way to the dais and sat.

    "All Rise," Mistress Meryl announced after the Royals had been seated and ready to proceed. She then continued to welcome everyone, "My Lords and Ladies, Knights, and Courtiers, and honored visitors from the Outer Bailey this afternoon, welcome to this session of Royal Court. It has been some eight moons since our last Royal Court was held and I know you are all eager to see the results of this Court's petitions. These will be pending shortly, of course, but first I would cede the floor to Her most benevolent Royal Majesty, and Her Royal family."

    Her Majesty smiled to the Mistress in appreciation before addressing Her people. "Our most cherished subjects, We are pleased to have you gathered here on this soothing winter's day. Many of your faces We have not gazed upon in some time and it warms Our heart to have you gathered here for Us. We know that this past year has borne many trials and hardships for some of you, and We have felt those trials in Our heart. This past year has seen the possession of Our Denizens by malevolent spirits, the emergence of a Siren, the return of the Hand of Five and the betrayal of the realm by Our Royal Sorcerer. Through all of these things you, Our subjects, have persevered. We give Our gratitude to those who rose to the occasion to face these threats to the prosperity and serenity of Our realm," Her Majesty continued as She then went on to thank specific people for their aid in the castle's time of need.

    "We give acknowledgment to the Keepers of the Unveiled, Mistress Rikka and ser Melle, as well Mistress Meryl of the Sorcery program for spearheading much of the efforts against the Hand of Five. In facing the Siren We give particular recognition to the efforts made again by the Keepers, as well as Dame Galatea and Our loyal Winter Watch, and Our vassals from the Duchy of Rumiss who aided this crisis in coming to a resolution. And to those who assisted in removing the malevolent spirits who haunted Our guests, in particular, the Faith, Keepers, and Army, We again give gratitude. And to all others, unsung heroes who stepped forth to defend the realm against threats, know that your deeds have aided to safeguard Our home."

    Those who were named revealed shocked and blushing smiles, clearly doing their best to maintain their demeanor as Her Majesty went on. Further, She discussed the situation of former Royal Sorcerer, Uwaine. "As you are all aware, earlier this year We were betrayed by Our Royal Sorcerer, who revealed himself to be in league with the rogue First Sorcerer as well as the Hand of Five which he summoned into Our Realm. Thanks to the efforts of many, including those from the Conclave and the Royal Sorcerer's own former Apprentice, Mistress Blodwen, Uwaine was captured and has since awaited in Our prison awaiting Our judgment."

    "For his crimes against Our subjects, and his willing complicity in the deeds of the First Sorcerer and the Hand of Five, and based on the extensive casework provided to the Crown by the Winter Watch, We find the former Royal Sorcerer Uwaine guilty of Treason. We hereby strip ser Uwaine of all rank and title on Our Chain of Being, and banish his immortal soul to the mists of the afterlife, indefinitely. Let it be known that Our Mercy has its limits, We will not tolerate those who target the lives of Our Denizenry for the sake of bloodshed alone."

    Her Majesty paused to let the weight and understanding of Her words fully sink in. There were a variety of reactions but eventually, She continued on with Her words. "In his place, as Our first accolade to be bestowed this evening, We name Mistress Blodwen Royal Sorceress of Castle Marrach. We pray she will lead the arcane with the wisdom and patience lacked by her predecessor."

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    Her Majesty then shifted Her words to a lighter topic, "Activity is the lifeblood of Our realm. We have provided for you here, a land free of time, of aging, of famine and disease, a land where We Will all of you to seek your potential and live the fullest life that each of you are capable of. We know that the Dream calls to many a dear friend, and that this time of the year many of you fall to sleep. Still, it is Our wish that the halls of the Castle Marrach ring with the sounds of laughter and joy, and that each of you commits to keeping the realm lively."

    "To this end, some of you have gone above and beyond the norm, and your names have been made known to Us," She stated before turning Her attention to his Royal Highness. His Highness then went on to announce that the Treasury had been keeping track of who in the castle had earned the most coin by being the most active members to host or attend an event. Those Denizens will be acknowledged at each Court and given a gift of three hundred coins from the Treasury. The top members included the following,
    • Master Adahn
    • Mistress Josie
    • Sera Natasha
    • Sera Elora

    The next announcement from the crown was for the position of Master/Mistress of the Entertainments. The position had been vacant since Handmaiden Ophidias stepped down until now, "For several Royal Courts now We have made known Our desire to appoint a new Master or Mistress of Entertainment. The Master of Entertainment is an individual of utmost commitment to the realm, who has bestowed the important task of keeping Our realm lively and the keep active and festive. This individual is placed in charge of holding regular socials, festivals, balls, and other events and has Our sanction and support in all of his or her endeavors."

    "It is with relief and pleasure that We can announce at last say that We have chosen to bestow this title and duty upon one among you, Mistress Josie. We wish her fortune with the quest We have bestowed upon her, and ask that all of you do your utmost, to participate in any events held by our new Mistress of Entertainment, as well as those hosted by anyone else in the keep. It is only through supporting one another that we all can thrive atop this mountain."Mistress Josie deeply curtsied to the Royal Family with sincere words of appreciation.

    After, Her Majesty turned the floor to Her Ministers for more announcements. The Treasury, Chancery, Army, and Chambers revealed the following,
    • Mistress Rayna, promoted to the position of Mistress of Coin, His Highness
    • Master Jeffery, promoted to the position of Royal Curator, His Highness

    The final announcement from His Highness was on the Royal Healers, Master Dolph was promoted to Doctor and given a new title that ranks fifth on the Chain of Being, Royal Chief of Medicine. In this position, Doctor Dolph will be continuing the education and leadership of the Healers with the aid of Doctor Diana who will remain the Royal Surgeon. However, the title of Royal Surgeon is now ranked sixth on the Chain of Being. His Highness went on to thank Doctor Diana for all the time and work that she has always put into the healers and commended her greatly for her knowledge and work ethic. Both Doctors respectfully and sincerely thanked His Highness before the announcements proceeded.

    His Excellency stated that the Chancery had announcements, many watched with curious gazes as he spoke the first, "Lord Vestio, my long time friend, and trusted advisor has announced his intention to step down from Inquisitor Major. I am saddened by his loss, but I believe that he shall find peace and return to serve one day in full capacity. As such, Master Vincint is hereby promoted to Inquisitor Major and shall lead the Inquisition into a new era of efficiency and aid in ensuring the safety of those within the Keep."

    The second announcement was the upcoming wedding of Doctor Diana and Master Alexandr, "The last news from the Chancery is certain to warm hearts and hopefully, fill the halls with excitement. It is with utmost pleasure I announce that Doctor Diana and Master Alexandr have sought and attained permission to wed. It seems like it has been some time since a wedding of such prestige took place within the Court and we are sure it shall bring much merriment and festivity with it," The soon to be married couple gave merry smiles as they thanked the His Excellency and the Crown for the permission.

    The next announcement came from Sir Alrik from the Royal Army, Dame Eeva was re-appointed as Commander of the Militia. He then gave an explanation to those unfamiliar with the role that was entrusted to the Dame, "Her duties include, chiefly, organizing those castle forces which do not belong directly to the Army, during times of crisis. This includes forces such as the civilian martial guilds, Keepers, Sorcerers, and other volunteer organizations who lend mind or steel to the realm's defense in times of crisis."

    Last but not least, Lord Launfal gave a message to all patrons and Households, "The Office of the Chambers merely wish to remind the Lords and Ladies of Court and the Patrons of Guilds to help us help you. We wish to be even more diligent in the coming year, particularly in our records. So, Patrons, keep your Rosters updated. And My good Lords and Ladies, we entreat you to have your servants send us any updates or changes to your Household that we may keep the populace accurately informed."

    Once the Ministers were concluded, Her Majesty turned the floor to Royal Champion, Lord Sicard. His Lordship gave words to those in attendance about the importance of Squire, how they are chosen and then announced those that were recently chosen. "As you all know, earlier this year we held one such Squire's Challenge. It has taken some time for us to reach the point of announcing the results of that Challenge, but by this Court, it seems all Knights wishing to take a Squire have made their desires known to the Crown. The Squire's Challenge is an opportunity for all those wishing to someday ascend to Knighthood to display their worth before a panel of Knights to be assessed and considered for personal squireship."

    "I should point out that a Knight may take a Squire at any time of his or her choosing, and that chosen Squire does not have to be an individual who participated in the Squire's Challenge, it is not a prerequisite. However, it is an ample opportunity for those seeking Squireship to present themselves and make themselves known." He then proceeded to name those who have been selected by the Knights of the Realm.
    • Master Jeffery, Squire to Sir Donovan
    • Master Adahn, Squire to Lord Boreas
    • Mistress Josie, Squire to Dame Galatea
    • Sera Natasha, Squire to Dame Galatea

    The four new squires were each congratulated and given time to thank their Knights before returning the floor to Her Majesty, who gestured for Mistress Meryl to continue on with the promotions. Each person received a token from the crown that consisted of a snow scabbard for courtiers and a snow short scabbard for honored guests. The following Denizens who were promoted included,
    • Master Adahn, Promoted to Courtier
    • Mistress Irene, Promoted to Courtier
    • Mistress Josie, Promoted to Honored Guest
    • Sera Natasha, Promoted to Honored Guest

    After each was given their gift and thanked the Royal Family, Her Majesty gave those present one last announcement, "We are excited to announce the Winter Ball, as well as the Yuletide Festival, shall both take place in the first moon of the new year. It is Our hope that those of you who go to rest at the end of the year will find joy and festivity in the events that have been planned for the start of the new year."

    "We also know that many of you are looking forward to the next visit by Our close friend, the Master Trader Ali. He sends his regrets that he was unable to visit Our home this year, but has made it known to Us that he shall arrive in the early moons of the new year, and promises a great variety of new and exotic goods to share with Us. With that, We will call this Court session to a close. We thank you all for attending this day, it was warming to Us to see so many of you present this day."

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask that the readers indicate to me through their discretion any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, the Office of the Chronicler, and the Denizenry of our Gracious Queen's Realm,

    Yazmin Reymess
    Senior Chronicler



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