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Chronicle of Happenings (18.11.05 - 18.12.09)

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  • Chronicle of Happenings (18.11.05 - 18.12.09)

    For the period starting the fifth day of the Eleventh Moon, and ending the ninth day of the Twelfth Moon, Eighteenth Year of the Recent Awakenings;

    In accordance to the will of the Lord Chamberlain, and in upholding the duties charged to the Office of the Chronicler, we hereby submit an accounting of this moon's happenings.

    Note: The Chroniclers will be returning to the weekly Chronicle of Happenings format following this edition. Given the nature of the incidents in the realm during this period, we as an Office felt it was wiser to consolidate a moon rather than provide a weekly update, so as to not overly alert the Triangle to the Realm's happenings.

    Clockwork Creations attack!
    Mechanical creatures, in forms of spiders, golems and soldiers, attacked the Outer Bailey while Triangle members assaulted the Alchemist's Hall. Master Orson was unharmed but items were stolen. In the following days, the Royal Army and other brave individuals helped move the Master Alchemist to the Inner Bailey where it would be safer -- though the Clockwork Creations appeared again in an attempt to drive them back. Master Emerick and Rumissian Larentis were slain by the creatures.

    Triangle raises new Black Knight
    Using the room beneath the stables, Renart, the Triangle's alchemist, raised a set of bones into a revenant in black armor. This Black Knight, unlike Sir Marren, is female and is believed to be Dame Keterin, who was slain by the Cats and Rats long before the Recent Awakenings.

    Hydra Slain, defenders poisoned
    The Triangle's quest to create a Philosopher's Stone resulted in the slaying of a hydra in the Outer Bailey. Defenders arrived in time to see the creature die, and were assaulted with a noxious alchemical solution by Renart, which poisoned them with what was dubbed 'The Burning Sickness.'

    Shadowkin attacks
    Those Shadowmarked individuals, known as Shadowkin, have been active in the realm, attacking the defenseless and wreaking havoc in an attempt to demoralize the realm. The Black Dame was involved in many of these attacks. The attacks included one on the Outer Bailey Infirmary, which resulted in those ill with the Burning Sickness to be moved to the Inner Bailey Hospital.

    Hydra Soup and Under Blooms
    A soup made from the marrow of the hydra, the corpse left behind by the Triangle, was used to make an easing treatment for those afflicted by the Burning Sickness. Though not a cure, it eased the victims' discomfort and slowed the progress of the disease, while Lady Hieronyma, Duchess Oriana and Master Orson worked on developing a cure. A party of Upper Bailey residents ventured below into Rumiss with the Duchess and her betrothed, Duke Lucus, to find a rare bloom that grows under the earth for the cure.

    Burning Sickness extinguished
    Much to the relief of both those afflicted by the burning sickness and those who cherished them, the under blooms and the efforts of Lady Hieronyma, Duchess Oriana and Duke Lucus resulted in a brew that quickly healed those suffering from the alchemical poison.

    Chrestian Arrested
    Ser Chrestian was arrested by the Royal Army for high crimes after throwing in his lot with the shadowkin and becoming shadowmarked. As a result, the Embinders Association expelled him from its ranks and the Linguistic Project Assembly's patron removed him as Director.

    Sorceress Slain
    One of the realm's sorcerers, Initiate Kamilah, was targeted and slain by Dame Keterin, the Ebon Dame, and shadowkin while in the Outer Bailey. The sera was targeted, it is believed, due to her service to Lord Bernier, whom the Black Dame appears to despise.

    A vast majority of the injured in the alchemical attack of the Triangle were of the Inner Bailey, and were housed in the hospital. Inner Bailey events were suspended or held at a minimum during this time.

    Writers of a martial bent sought
    The Outer Bailey Library is hosting a contest for those of a martial inclination who would be willing to share their passion for blades through the written word. The contest, open to the seventh day of the First Moon, invites people to write books about martial topics, covering the wide expanse of topics from manuals instructing in the use and care of blades to critical reviews of past battles in the realm. Interested individuals may write to ser Meoris.

    Romance blooms in dangerous times
    Master Aratan and sera Euphelia's wedding is slated for the end of the First Moon, and it appears if their devotion and excitement is spreading as romance has taken root, despite the frightening emergence of the Triangle. In short order, ser Elesin announced his courting of sera Kamilah, followed by ser Vaden announcing his courtship of sera Rogra. Rumours of less formal romances have also taken root.

    Yule to you painting night
    "What does Yule mean to you?" A painting bell hosted by the Unity of the Arts in the Outer Bailey Bowling Lounge, with the theme of Yule, was a wonderful way to start the new moon. Those in attendance painted various things that symbolized Yule to them. Sera Euphelia painted a lovely holly wreath hanging over a fireplace, while sera Kamilah painted a beautiful crowned Yule Queen. The entire night was one full of joy, and contemplation, as those present not only painted, but also considered what this time of the year signified to them.

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as we humbly ask that the readers indicate to us through their discretion any falsehood we may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, the Lord Chamberlain, the Chronicler's Office, and the Denizenry of our Gracious Queen's Realm;

    Chronicler of the Court, sera Euphelia
    Senior Chroniclers, sera Roisine, Yazmin
    Junior Chroniclers, seras Caillean, Meryl, Setsuna
    Aspirant Chroniclers, sers Anton, Caelen
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