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Lord Griff's Arrival in the Outer Courtyard

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  • Lord Griff's Arrival in the Outer Courtyard

    24st day, 5th moon, 19 YRA

    In accordance with the will of Her Majesty and in upholding the duties charged to me as Junior Chronicler, I hereby submit the account of The Arrival of Lord Griff.

    On Frey’s Day, the eighteenth day of the fifth moon, many residents of the castle were amazed and surprised by the arrival of Lord Griff to the outer bailey courtyard. For those curious, he was still sleeping in the outer courtyard at the time this Chronicle was written and published, but for posterity he will also be described here, as well.

    Lord Griff is a magnificent gryphon, who although appears to have seen his share of mis-adventure, likewise seems to be quickly recovering and is a most impressive sight. His head resembles an eagle, as well as his front legs and wings. His wingspan must be around twenty feet, although this humble Chronicler did not presume to get close enough to measure! His claws are very striking and could easily be the size of a person’s hand. His body is covered in a rich, brown fur and feathers. From head to the end of his body could easily be eight feet, and then he also has a long tufted tail, similar to a lion’s.

    Normally Lord Griff lives by the pond in the Royal Garden. However, ser Kobe thought that Lord Griff could be roused and cheered by being near his companion, Champion Asyiah. Additionally, ser Kobe thought that having Lord Griff near-by when Champion Asyiah wakes would be beneficial to her. “When waking from death, it can be very confusing and disconcerting,” ser Kobe explains. “Having someone you know personally can help.”

    Lady Charmiam and ser Kobe were able to persuade Lord Griff to wake and make his way into the outer bailey courtyard. Upon waking he was very hungry and consumed nine sausages, three meatballs, two rodents, two buckets of waters and other items from sera Taite’s tray!

    Many residents were able to stop by and pay their respects to the furry Lord. Novitate Meryl brought forth some lovely smelling violet oil and, with Lord Griff’s permission, carefully brushed and groomed him until he shined. Lord Griff seemed particularly pleased with the grooming and all of the compliments that he received. As well as the food! There were most certainly sounds of pleasure, almost like a cat purring, that emitted from his throat while eating sausage, in particular. Also in the presence of this Chronicler, Lord Griff did eat one of the rodents, which through Lady Charmiam’s questioning, indicated that the rodent tasted “hot and smokey”. When finished he spit up an ember.

    Mistress Euphelia, while in attendance, shared a bit of old wisdom about Lord Griff, and gryphons in general. “A person,” she said, “If they were in close proximity to a gryphon, could not lie, and the feathers of a gryphon were a sign of great favor from the great masters, which could be used for a varied of magical things.” She goes on to say, “"For a time, the Great Gryphons would come for the most fearsome of trials against man, when the truth was of paramount importance, and help us determine the truth. But, eventually, the gryphons found the kingdom to be afoul with lies, and retreated into the skies and heavens, and never to come again. They passed into legend."

    Lord Griff now sleeps peacefully nearby the Champion and the bonfire and residents are asked to be respectful of his vigil.

    Attendance at this memorable event were at least the following persons:

    Lady Charmiam, Sir Darvius, Doctor Aloria, Mistresses Euphelia, Josie and Merrynn, seras Finna, Kimmi, Juliee, Elora, Seraphus and Taite, Private Lita, sers Brohm and Kobe, and this Chronicler.

    Translated into Common by sera Caillean.

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask all readers please indicate to me through discretion any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, The Office of the Chronicler, and the Denizenry of Her Majesty's Realm.

    Ser Enrico
    Junior Chronicler
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