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    The third day of the Fifth Moon,
    Nineteenth Year of Recent Awakenings

    By the will of Her Majesty and in upholding the duties charged to me as a Senior Chronicler, I hereby submit the account of
    The Builder Bears.

    Livery and gowns and bears, oh my!

    On the eve of the eighteenth day of the Fifth moon, Master Toymaker Juniper Nacklebell set up a most wonderful experience in the Outer Bailey refectory. A large velveteen bag, filled to the brim with small, stuffed bears, an expansive purple box containing a wide variety of various clothing garments, and a little purple jewelry box displaying an assortment of teeny-tiny jewelry was made available.

    There was everything from miniature royal-blue ruched silk dresses to tiny silver brocade cloaks, with girdles, earrings, and necklaces of just the right size in varying metals. However, along with the garments, a wide variety of livery from many of the different guilds of the castle was present as well. Small healer kits, Royal Army badges, and the iconic cavalier hat of the Duelists are just a sampling of some of the tiny livery that you were able to put on your bear.

    The mind behind the bears was Princess Maeveen, the child Princess. She had appeared outside the Dining Hall and requested some new toys. Somehow, the Master Toymaker and the Princess were able to come into communication, and the idea for the bears that you could dress was all her (the Princess') idea.

    "I want everyone to enjoy the fun that I do, bringing smiles to others by gifting something they worked hard to create. These bears are adorable, and I had plenty of material with which to work. Her Highness was the brainchild behind it, and she should be commended for such a wonderful idea!" Toymaker Nacklebell said, with a broad grin.

    The overall feeling of the bears was one of joviality, as denizens new and old came together to create these sweet, individualized stuffed toys. Many bears were sent out as gifts, hand-crafted as a personalized image of the recipient.

    When asked about what he thought about the bears, newly awakened ser Qader was quick to answer with a smile and words that summed up the general attitude of the entire event.

    "I love them. They allow us to be creative and also gift our friends."

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask all readers please indicate to me though discretion any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, The Office of the Chronicler, and the Denizenry of Her Majesty's Realm,

    sera Caillean
    Senior Chronicler
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