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The Tale of Klaus and Krampus

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  • The Tale of Klaus and Krampus

    17th Day of the Eleventh Moon,
    Nineteenth Year of Recent Awakenings

    In accordance with the will of Her Majesty and in upholding the duties charged to me as Senior Chronicler, I hereby submit the Tale of Klaus and Krampus.

    Visiting before the warm hearth of the Refectory, in the presence of denizens both Inner and Outer, the child fae Princess Maeveen cradled a large tome of evergreen in her arms, a spirit of excitement and joy on her face. Before those present, she eagerly opened the book, and began to tell the tale of Yule, and the fae origins of the holiday we celebrate to this day. Included below is the story, as this Chronicler has recorded.

    "The book starts with the story of Klaus and Krampus." began the Princess Maeveen, her eyes twinkling with eager merriment "A pair of mortal brothers who devoted their lives to helping others!"

    Far, far away in the frozen north lived a pair of twin brothers, their names were Klaus and Krampus. They were orphaned when they were very young when their parent's had a tragical accident with a bear trap.

    Being without their parents made them very sad, and they found it a struggle to survive in the harsh climate. One day, when they thought they could get no lower, Krampus and Klaus were visited by two forest spirits!

    Klaus and Krampus", the forest spirits spoke in unison, "We have seen and are moved by your plight. Long have your kin tended our the flora and fauna of the forest with care and mindfulness, and we would like to return your family's loyalty with our love.

    Klaus and Krampus were beside themselves! They had often heard the tales of the forest spirits, and had done the rituals to appease them, and tended the forest and its creatures diligently all their life with their parents, but had never seen them. The pair of brothers eagerly listened to the forest spirits' proposal.

    For your family's loyalty, we grant the pair of you eternal life and comfort beyond your imagination. Never again shall you want for anything." the spirits again speaking in unison proposed to the brothers.

    Before the spirits could speak further, both brothers jumped at the faery spirits words, agreeing to the proposition put before them. The two spirits glanced at each other and shrugged in acceptance.

    What the two brothers had not taken into account was that they had to be split apart! One brother would live with the fair folk of the night, and one would live with the fair folk of the light.

    In an instant, both brothers were whisked away to their respective new homes. Heartbroken at each other's loss they found it difficult to acclimate to their new, exotic homes. Though they did indeed want for nothing, they felt like they were missing something.

    Time passed, and though the brothers had not seen each other, the magic of siblings is something altogether unique. The pair eventually realized, independantly, but simultaneously, that while they could not be together, they wanted ensure that no one in their situation ever suffered as they had.

    So, the brothers approached the King and Queen of their respective homes and beseeched them for one more boon.

    The King and Queen pondered the request and decided to grant it to them, provided that in addition to the realm of man, they also visit all the other realms, spreading charity and joy to all of those deemed worthy.

    The brothers whisked away, crafting themselves the most fantastic of outfits to draw attention to themselves, so they could be easily found by the lost and lonely, but also to evoke the happiest of feelings!

    Bound by the magic of their circumstances, they could only leave their realms on the coldest, darkest of nights, in search of the most deserving of their charitable gifts and joy. The longest night came and the two brothers alighted into the sky on enchanted sleighs, using scrying magics to locate the loneliest and most worthy of souls in all the realms.

    However, because neither knew the other had the same plans, they wound up running into each other!

    They didn't recognize each other at first! Living in their respective homes had changed them.

    Mortals who reside within the fair folks' realms gradually take on traits to better fit in to their new homes. Eventually, they are fully members of the realms which they inhabit, exhibiting traits thereof.

    It didn't take the brothers long to recognize each other and they embraced with the most jovial of laughter! They were both immensely pleased to see each other after so long, and both found it quite funny that they had the same idea.

    But how would they visit ALL the realms in one night? Even with magic?

    So, the two brothers opted to divide the realms between each other! That would do the trick, aided by magic, and brotherly camaraderie the two zoomed off into the night to finish their tasks.

    And so now, every year, the brothers, Klaus and Krampus spend it ensuring they have enough alms to help even the most downtrodden on the coldest, longest night of the year.

    Following the story, the Princess addressed the room, and explained that she believed the individuals Klaus and Krampus would likely be confused as to who would enter the Realm of Marrach for Yule, as it is "occupied by Unseelie and Seelie". As such, she suggested a contest for the realm, to see which Yule fae would visit Marrach. Upon query, she further advised that her book contained many things needed for the celebration, and that groups assigned to various tasks could divide into teams of gold and purple, representing the two Fae Yule brothers, competing for their respective brother. Whomever should obtain the most points by the end of the questing period would get to be the "Yule-Tide handler" (as of this posting, this title has not been elaborated on).

    Princess Maeveen further stated that she will be arranging hero quests that individuals could look forward to starting, eagerly exclaimed "Plans!" and vanished in a shimmer of beautiful moonlight, leaving eager individuals with promising ideas forthcoming.

    Present at the storytelling, aside from the Princess herself, were Mistresses Tristana and Merrynn, seras Meryl, Irial, Sabriel, and myself, and sers Kievn and Gareth.

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask all readers please indicate to me though discretion any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, The Office of the Chronicler, and the Denizenry of Her Majesty's Realm,

    Setsuna Takahashi
    Senior Chronicler
    ~Initiate Sorceress
    ~Courtier of the Winter Court
    ~Apprentice Cook to the Master Chef
    ~Scribe of the Royal Chambers