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20th Year's Hairstylist Fashion Show

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  • 20th Year's Hairstylist Fashion Show

    Thirteenth day of the First Moon,
    Twentieth Year of Recent Awakenings

    In accordance with the will of Her Majesty and in upholding the duties charged to me as Senior Chronicler, I hereby submit the account of the 20th Year's Hairstylist Fashion Show.

    With much anticipation, Inner Bailey residents gathered in the Inner Bailey salon on Frey’s evening for the unveiling of new hairstyles.

    Mistress Josie welcomed the guests,"Thank you all for attending the 20th Year's Hairstylist Fashion Show. Tonight we were fortunate enough to have a few volunteers to model a choice selection of new styles, colors, textures and hair lengths. Everything you see is Courtier rank and above and can now be requested at open Inner Bailey salon bells.”

    Setsuna's cinnamon highlighted smoky silver hair

    Showing the new mid-back length, sera Setsuna had a complex waterfall braid comprised of six tiers of hair with accent braids strung over the back loose portion. This is considered a half up, half down style and is appropriate for both everyday and formal events. It was dyed a smoky silver color which has a black and grey ombre effect.

    Caillean’s honey highlighted umbral maroon hair

    Sera Caillean had a full covering of tight corkscrew curls studded with gems. While bouncy and fun, this style would be appropriate for formal events, and for higher-ranked individuals it could be worn everyday. It's reserved for those of Knight rank and higher. The colour was an umbral-maroon shade, which is an intense reddish, purplish shade, reserved for Knights as well, the highlights are honey colored, to reflect upon it and give it a healthier look, reserved to Courtiers.

    Tristana’s intense midnight ruby hair

    Mistress Tristana modelled the new mid-thigh length and an intense, dark shade of red named Midnight Ruby, reserved for Nobles, remarking that it was a stronger shade of hair color, a more intense feel. She mentioned other textures and colors such as ashen and smoky which give the ombre flair and the bejeweled one for very special occasions.

    Taite's bejeweled topaz brown hair

    Sera Taite showcased a full waterfall braid, her hair left loose and a twist-braid elegantly created on top of the back surface for decoration. This is a Courtier style designed for formal events. Her hair was dyed in warm topaz-brown giving a warm glow and also has some ombre effect near a light source. This is a Courtier restricted hair color. Her hair was littered with jewels to make the overall look fancier. The bejeweled texture should be reserved for formal occasions.

    Nariseth's glittering butterscotch blonde hair

    With Nariseth, the stylists chose to stick with colors that best complement her complexion, while still giving her a little warmth. Butterscotch gives an extra pop when compared to just a regular blonde due to the highlights within. This style pulls the hair back into a relaxed bow tied style but is topped off with a set of glistening gemstones that decorate the back of her head. It is for Courtiers and above and can be used for mild formal events and is simplistic, but eye catching.

    Josie's iridescent firelight-auburn hair

    Stating that she was not prepared to sacrifice her existing hair color, Mistress Josie showed another formal style intended for Courtiers and higher. The hair is done in large spiral curls and stacked up on the top and back of the head. The front portion is then twisted or coiled for a more decorative look and added texture.

    There is a large number of styles and colors that were not shown and the salon books will be updated and available for browsing in the near future. Among the new additions are cinnamon shades of highlights, as well as platinum, honey and cherry. The new guidelines are in full effect as of the time of the show.

    New Styles for Men

    Although not demonstrated at the event, there are three new styles that are exclusive for men and quite a number of braided and loose styles that are suitable for men and women. There have always been a good number of such hairstyles, but “people get it in their head that a style is one or the other and then they aren't willing to try anything else. Which is unfortunate, but hopefully there will be something for everyone in the guidelines now.” New styles for facial hair nave not been added as yet but that might be the next fashion show.

    About Master Emerick’s spell research

    During the evening, many of those present donated a lock of their hair to Master Emerick, who despite having no hair on his head, attended the event. He is presently studying hair and its various colours for spell he is researching. "It's a stepping-stone to something more, but for now, if it works correctly, it would allow the caster to change someone's hair colour at will to anything one could imagine. Collecting locks of people's hair aids in my studies as it allows me to experiment without interfering with anyone.” The sorcerer assured the donors, "In return for such donations, I would be happy to cast the spell for whomsoever wishes it. If it works."

    In Conclusion

    The stylists encourage people to apply and to attend the bells. Outer applications can be sent to sera Vasilisa and Inner applications to Mistresses Ezraella or Josie. There are about four or five styling bells a week for everyone who may need styling.

    Mistress Josie added, "We're a very close-knit group of people who enjoy working together. Also, if people have ideas for additions they are welcome to send them to any of us and we'll put them forth for consideration."

    Concluding the evening, Mistress Ezraella said, "I would like to give credit to our Sponsor, Lady Sinvy, who shares the stylists’ passion and love for beauty and fashion. The stylists also give credit to the garden society and Lady Hieronyma for all the beauty concoctions they provide to us, so that we can continue to spoil and pamper our Queen's guests, long may She reign. The Stylists are all amazing and wonderful individuals are what make the Stylists Group great. I am proud of all of them and thankful."

    Present in various roles as guests, models, stylists and servers were Lady Charmiam, Master Emerick, sera Finna, Mistresses Ezraella, Josie, Tristana, seras Vasilisa, Caillean, Nariseth, Setsuna, Taite, Master Edstave and this chronicler.

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask all readers to indicate discreetly to me any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, The Office of the Chronicler, and the Denizenry of Her Majesty's Realm.

    Sera Tine
    Senior Chronicler
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    Senior Chronicler
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