The Organizations of Castle Marrach

Herewith find a listing of the Organizations of Castle Marrach, as scribed over the years by the Office of the Chronicler. Duly note that titles and positions are oft subject to fluctuation and change, and that in the event a correction is necessary, simply scroll the Office of the Chronicler and we will amend it as is needful.

Please note: Organizations within the Inactive section are not updated.

~ amended as noted below, with dates of the postings

Artistic Guilds, Groups & Organizations
The Unity of the Arts Y13/01

Assistive Guilds, Groups & Organizations
The Awakeners Guild Y08/05
The Courtesy Circle Y08/09
The Keepers of the Unveiled
The Rememberers

Crafting Guilds, Groups & Organizations
The Carpenters Y09/10
The Clothiers
The Cooks
The Embinders
The Stylists Y14/10
The Jewelers Y15/01
The Tattooists
The Garden Society Y20/01

Martial Guilds, Groups & Organizations*
The Battle Guild Y17/09
The Society of Duelists Y07/09
*Please see Royal Offices for the Royal Army and Inactive for the Winter Watch

Royal Offices
The Royal Awakeners Y20/08
The Offices of the Chancery Y04/10
The Office of the Chronicler Y20/01
The Office of Heraldry Y08/09
The Office of the Royal Orders Y06/01
The Royal Library and Outer Bailey Library Y18/10
The Royal Sorcerers contact the Royal Sorcerer for information
The Royal Treasury
The Royal Army (Regular)
The Royal Army (Irregular)

Scholastic Guilds, Groups & Organizations
The Healers Y18/10
The Linguistic Project Assembly Y08/07
The Royal Collegium Y08/03

Inactive, Defunct, Disbanded or Merged Organizations
The Royal Museum
The Winter Watch Y14/10
The Scribes of the Chamber Y06/02 (merged with Office of the Royal Orders)
The Almoners Y07/09; to merge with Awakeners
The Astrology Circle Y08/09; defunct
The Castle Sentry Y08/09; reverted to Winter Watch
The Counsel defunct
The Fencing Academy Charter revoked; see Chronicle posted 8th moon 7 YRA
The Poets Brotherhood see Unity of the Arts Y05/04
The Office of the Gaol Y07/09
The Office of the Royal Guard Disbanded, to re-purposed as the Royal Army Y07/09