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  • Clock Tower Herald XVII

    Issue XVII
    8th Day, 3rd Moon, 20th Year of Recent Awakenings

    A collection of articles and information about current castle life and events

    Our Majesty's Newest Guests
    First and foremost, let us welcome the newest awoken guests to Her Majesty's fair realm in the eleventh moon of the nineteenth year of Recent Awakenings to our present day.
    • Alyndra
    • Bartley
    • Berthilde
    • Brady
    • Cazaman
    • Cestil
    • Clarah
    • Corvus
    • Deryn
    • Einalle
    • Esta
    • Hadiron
    • Halvard
    • Harding
    • Jennika
    • Jorgi
    • Karma
    • Khiyanna
    • Kona
    • Lani
    • Lolabelle
    • Lynnea
    • Morerl
    • Nadir
    • Namfoodle
    • Orwarthorus
    • Riast
    • Seriose
    • Soma
    • Swann
    • Tamryn
    • Wren

    The Royal Library, Books to Check Out
    Writ by Royal Librarian, Mistress Adeline
    While writing books for the Library is absolutely amazing, do not forget to also read while there. Below are just a snippet of some of our newest books

    Bad Poetry, 19YRA
    Writ by Mistress Brook Toustain
    Listen to me right now. I love her. Who is she?
    Oh verily, verily you ask and I am going to tell you
    About her whomst I love love love love love love
    Hair: a skein of yarn dangling from the pretty loom
    That is also her head
    If her head was bigger and did things for stuff
    Like a loom does?
    You know I am not really sure I have seen one
    Verily, verily, and a hey-nonny but
    I have seen yarn and her hair is kind of like that
    Tirra lirra, I see her coming up the stairs now
    She caught me unawares now
    I barely made it to my chair now
    I quite fancy some pears now
    Oh no but I didn't forget about her hairs now
    Oh my loom-headed love, my loom-headed love
    Please lend me a silver for the toy machine
    Because I want to win a crab

    Combat with the Sword and Shield
    Writ by Mistress Josie Brennan
    We only use one arm to fight with when wielding a shortsword, so we can cut or thrust from any angle, unlike the longsword which requires both hands on the hilt, necessitating that we use a much more complex series of stances, but the sword-shield style is the opposite. You lead with your left leg, because the shield should be in front of the sword, and then stab and cut around the shield, with the shield always before you. On the battlefield, there can be no doubt, the protection of a shield against projectiles or flanking by multiple opponents is too invaluable to pass up. Normally formations without shields are only used in specialist roles. For example, zweihanders, two-handed great swords, are usually used on the battlefield specifically to break up pike formations. Halberds are used chiefly to counter cavalry. But you'll rarely see an army employ these types of units in large ratios because they are only really effective at what they specialize in - to any other unit formation, they are vulnerable.

    Far Away Tales
    Writ by sera Meryl
    Angling the mirror just-so, Uzume overturned the tub, and stepped upon it, and began to dance. Her footfalls were fast and furious, and the tub acted as a drum, and let out great booms of sound, and the gods and goddesses around her began to smile. Heartened by this, she gathered the edges of her kimono upward, tearing her robes away from her body in a frenzied state. The chuckles became laughter which grew and grew, for as she danced, she had no shame, her determination to create a ruckus spreading joy to all who gathered. Ameterasu heard the din, first, the drum beats like a kicking heart, and then the chuckling, which became a roar through the cave. Annoyed by the interruption to her mourning, she frowned and crept closer and closer to the entrance of her cave, determined to see what all the fuss was about. As the light of her body left the cave in a small sliver, it hit the mirror just-so. A warmth spread over the assembled masses, and Uzume continued her fevered dance, and the laughter grew and grew. Curious as to the warm, Amaterasu dared to peek out of her cave entirely and was stunned and blinded by the light of the mirror, and the joy of the many gods and goddesses before her. Before she could turn around, Tajikarao, one of the many gods there, hefted a huge rock before the entrance of her cave, and foiled her escape back into the darkness, sealing it with holy energy. Uzume was lifted then, not as a handmaiden, but to become the goddess of revelry, mirth, and the Dawn, and Amaterasu rejoined the heavens once more, and Daylight returned to the land once more.

    Field Medicine
    Writ by sera Juliee
    When it comes to caring for patients in a serious event, it is best to assess what patient's needs are, what personnel you have available and what resources to deploy and where. This is a good time to utilize the knowledge you gained from the previous chapter. The best way to proceed is to group your patients. Walking wounded and minor wounded can wait for assistance. Provide them with field bandages and towels to stop the bleeding until you have the ability to see to them. Their injuries are minor and non-life threatening. They may need gentle reminding of this. Unfortunately, this means your efforts need to be focused between the gravely wounded and seriously wounded. Ultimately, your priorities should be with who you believe will survive.

    The Book Hunt, 19thYRA
    Writ by Lady Charmiam and Mistresses Brook and Adeline
    Riddle Three:

    Wash with no water
    Knives flash
    Trees weep
    Water turns to bone

    - Lady Charmiam

    The Honor Virtues, An Outside Perspective
    Writ by sera Vasilisa
    Presently we as a whole know the general meaning of Honesty, however, the virtue meaning of Honesty is substantially more vast than simply your truth. Honesty is likewise akin to Valor. I say this because when you stand up for your beliefs, you are essentially informing the world which side you remain on in any circumstance and in addition keeping the bond that you gave. Being honest demonstrates that you are a credible individual, an individual that others will trust in as well as listen to you when you have something to say. It enables you to recognize your limitations and weaknesses without any false pretenses, which is a shortcoming that many have. Knowing who you are inside and out with regards to the good, bad, and the ugly is an essential piece of your honor. It will make you a reliable partner to have around, a great warrior to battle alongside, or essentially an incredible individual and/or companion.

    The Innkeeper's Daughter
    Writ by Euphelia Noronos
    'The Prince will be here tonight,' a red-headed soldier, Malloy, said. At first, Fionna thought she had misheard him since the bearded, craggy-faced man spoke through a mouth crammed full of toast, egg, and bacon. 'Tonight? Has he finished with the west quadrant, then?' A slender, sly-faced man whose name Fionna had never learned, asked. Malloy nodded, and Fionna picked up the platter, skittering away. The Prince would be here? Did they mean back in the city? Or here, the Wicked Wasp? Why would he come to this Inn when there were so many nicer ones in the city? The Wasp was a lower-end travelers' inn, catering to locals with cheap beer and traveling minstrels. Those thoughts churned through Fionna's head as Cook restocked the platter to its heaping heights, and all through the journey from the kitchen to the common room. This time, the platter went to another table of newly woken officers, to be decimated in much the same way. There was no talk of Prince Natahn there, though. Even as Fionna realized her curiosity was dangerous, she mentally chided herself for being foolish. What exactly would she do with the information? It wasn't like she could kill the invading Prince, or even get the news to anyone handy. It was dangerous to know what she now knew if what she knew meant the Prince would eat at one of the Wasp's rough trestles that night.

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    How to Accessorize with Jewelry; Part Four
    Writ by Lead Apprentice Jeweler, Mistress Adeline

    Jewelry has been within this keep for years and is still one of the most active crafting guilds because it caters to everyone. No matter the rank or gender you'll find something for you. While jewelry is used for many things, the major reason is to accessorize. Jewelry can make a huge difference with any outfit. It can give you that pop you were missing to pull your outfit together as well as aiding to change a look from casual to formal. There's absolutely no reason not to upgrade up your look with jewelry. The best part about jewelry is that you can design it to your own personal style. Have fun with it and make a statement about your style. This article will be a five-part series in which I will go over different ways to include jewelry with your outfit and how to correctly do so.

    What Kind Of Outfit Am I Wearing

    While this may sound similar to the first question, I assure you it is not the same at all. There are questions you have to ask yourself, such as does your outfit have embroidery or is it a little more simple? Are the details in different colors? Is the outfit casual or formal? Outfits with embroideries and a lot of detail don't need too much jewelry. A bracelet and a simple pair of stud earrings will pull together any outfit without making it look tacky. If your outfit is lacking embroidery, you can use jewelry as your bold statement. For example, a navy gown with a garnet and bronze drape necklace. This would really give the gown a colorful pop without going too overboard. Other clothing in red shades can be added to accent the outfit. To summarize, when you have a busy outfit wear smaller and more simple jewelry and while wearing colorful clothing, try not to match too much. Less is more!

    Fashion for Beginners: Colors
    Writ by Senior Seamstress, Sera Taite
    Creating an outfit is fun, but can also be stressful at the same time. You want to show people who you are, but yet, be appropriate enough in case there’s a chance that you are greeted by Queen Vivienne. Of course, if this were to happen, the last thing you would think about is your clothing. You would be more focused on remembering how to speak or how to keep your balance. We may not be greeted by Queen Vivienne until moons, perhaps years, later, but when encountering people of stature, what we wear is part of the first impression that we give off. If each article of clothing that you wear is a different color, you might not be giving the good first impression that you were hoping for. If you are looking through the list of colors, and you wrinkle your nose at sage, chances are, this color will not be the main color of your outfit. Choose a color that stands out to you. Your main color will be part of the outfit that shows the most. For my outfits, the main color is used for the gowns or the bellcloaks. The other colors that you choose will compliment your main color. Feel free to look through the list of colors and figure out what colors work best with your main color. Next, I will explain some of the guidelines. Everyone is expected to wear clothing, colors, and materials that are within their rank and link unless given prior authorization. If someone were to give you an outfit that is above your rank and link for an event, that outfit can be worn to that event only. When you order, make sure you follow the guidelines and choose colors that are within your rank and link at the time of ordering.

    Colors can be added or taken off the list at the Crown’s discretion. When this happens, there will be a notice on the board. This is a reminder for all people who have awaken after a deep sleep. Please check your clothing. If you wear clothing of a rank or link that is higher than what you are now because of loss of titles or station, please remove them and wear something that is suitable to wear based on these new changes. If you have nothing that is of proper rank or link, please order an outfit, and in the notes, let us know that you have awakened and are in need of an outfit, so we can process the order quickly. If anyone should have any questions or concerns regarding colors, please seek out a clothier. Most of the information regarding colors that you need to know are found on the public boards, and please be sure to read the guidelines before ordering.

    Banned colors are colors that are...banned. You will not be allowed to order or wear these colors. These colors are chosen by the crown. The colors that are currently on the banned list, are: aqua, canary, cardinal, carnation, dusky rose, green, lilac, orchid, periwinkle, pink, primrose, red, rose, scarlet, sapphire, silvery-lilac, yellow and orange.

    Sumptuary colors are colors that are banned for those that are not of rank or link to wear the colors. Wearing these colors without being of proper link and rank will result in being visited by a member of the Royal Army. It is important that if you are in possession of these garments and are not of link and rank, do not wear them. The sumptuary colors, along with those who are allowed to wear them are: cerulean (royalty), autumnal-red (royalty), fiery gold (royalty), pearl (nobility), amaranth (nobility), jade (nobility), lavender (nobility), platinum (nobility), silvery-rose (nobility), skyblue (nobility), dark silver (ordained knight), dusky lavender (ordained knight), icy violet (ordained knight), iced grey (ordained knight), pearlescent (ordained knight), black gold (ordained knight), silver, gold, dusky gold, amber (courtier), crimson (courtier), emerald (courtier), apricot (clothiers), and beet red (cooks).

    Upcoming Events and Contests

    Third Moon
    9th Day of the 3rd Moon at 8 Late,
    Hydra Beasts and History, what could be more exciting? The Royal Engineer, Master Pete will be doing a lecture on all things involving the hydra beast, its history, and how they dispose of it. This will be held in the Collegium Assembly on the date above, it is not something you will want to miss!

    15th Day of the 3rd Moon at 8 Late,
    An evening of enjoyable tea and socializing is sure to be had at Lady Charmiam's Tea Social. It will be held exclusively for women of the Winter Court (courtiers and above) within the Ladies Hall. All women are asked to RSVP to Mistress Heulyn, furthermore, questions may also be sent to the Handmaiden should you have any.

    15th Day of the 3rd Moon,
    Ghosts, Monsters, and every scary thing that makes your heart race is being asked for in the Royal Library's Writing Contest. They are giving up to 700 coins as well as a number of other sponsored prizes to the denizens with the best written book. It requires at least seven pages of story to be qualified and must be suitable for the general audience. Send all submissions and questions to sera Nariseth, you have until the date above to enter.

    23rd Day of the 3rd Moon at 8 Late,
    Have you ever been curious about the Royal Collegium? Are you wanting to learn more before applying to join? Then you are in luck, the Royal Collegium will be hosting an Introduction Lecture held by the Dean herself, Lady Charmiam. All denizens interested in learning more about the schools of scholarly research should join, it will be held in the Collegium Assembly on the date above.

    Fourth Moon
    5th Day and 4th Moon
    Do not forget about the upcoming Knights Challenge. There is no posted date yet, but Knights and Nobles will be seeking qualified denizens to sponsor for the Challenge. Lord Bernier for example invites all denizens to send a missive to his Head of House, Doctor Dolph should they wish to try and impress him. Sponsorship Letters will be accepted until midnight of the date above. Don't miss your chance to prove yourself to the Crown and the people of Castle Marrach.

    7th Day of the 4th Moon at 3 Late,
    It is time for the one of the few events that attract eyes from both the Outer and Inner Bailey. Royal Court is once again upon us and will be held on the date above. Royal Court Petitions will be accepted until midnight of the 16th Day of the 3rd Moon. The petitions will then be posted for review where they will be subject for commentary from the Winter Court. As a reminder, guild leaders are invited to submit petitions as well, please seek the Office of Chambers for further information on how you can do this.

    8th Day of the 4th Moon at 8 Late,
    Following Royal Court, the Royal Handmaidens are planning a divine banquet for the Winter Court. Further information will be posted upon the boards and invites will be delivered to each Household. Mistresses Adeline, Brook, and Ezraella can be contacted for more information.


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      Castle Announcements and Past Events

      The Hand of Five,
      Attacks, Kidnappings, and Defeat is just a quick summary of what happened when the blue wraith from the Hand of Five came back to spread his terror. Older guests immediately knew he was coming after feeling his telltale cold and fearful magical grip that randomly took hold denizens over a course of three days. It began with just feelings, but over time he took it a step further by kidnapping denizens. A total of eight denizens were taken, Lady Charmiam, Mistresses Josie and Juliana, sers Kaspar and Morgenstern, and seras Alyndra, Kona, and Pruul, who lives in the Under Bailey. With the combined efforts of the Army, Faith, and Sorcerers, the eight were all retrieved. The blue wraith was temporarily destroyed and his focus was taken. More thorough information can be found in the chronicler's section on the public boards.

      The Hunting Grounds,
      In honor of His Royal Highness, Her Majesty has created the Hunting Grounds located in the south area of the Royal Gardens through the bronze arch. This place is specifically for members of the Winter Court and is a replica of place within His Highness's dreams. Inside, the Winter Court will find a picnic area, a vast forest, and a merchant. The forest area has varied bushes and vines that you can harvest from to gain special berries of bronze, silver, and rare gold as well as normal edible berries and flowers. The special berries can then be traded with the merchant to buy in theme items such as items for hunting. It is believed that enjoying the Hunting Grounds will aid in His Highness's health. A more detailed chronicle can be found on the public boards.

      Circus of Dreams,
      Held in conjunction with the Winter Ball, sera Taite gave four days of fun for the outer denizens that were unable to attend the Winter Ball. This included games, contests, face painting, dancing ribbons, and much more. Seras Auriela, Calamity, Diana, Kona, and Tine assisted her by hosting events for the circus. Sera Taite plans to go bigger and better for next year.

      The Winter Ball,
      The Winter Ball is one of the most highly anticipated events in the Inner Bailey. This year it was held by the Mistress of Entertainments, Mistress Josie. She took a classic masquerade theme and put her twist on it. With the help from own Lady Sinvy, the Embinders, Jewelers, Clothiers, and Cooks, Mistress Josie put together a Winter Ball people will likely not forget. The masks gave a thrill to the event and the custom gifts of dye, wine, and jewelry will forever last as a testament to her hard work.

      Sera Taite's Sculptures,
      Since waking, sera Taite has been known for constantly trying new things when it comes to sculpting. She has so far mastered snow, wood, and clay, with stone soon to come. So it was no real surprise to see her do a lecture within that family. In the final week of the first moon members of both baileys came out to support Taite as she showed off her sculptures and explained how she made them. One of the most talked about pieces was the bust of Lady Charmiam, which sera Taite made by her own hand in clay.

      Awakeners Ardor Festival,
      If you live in the Outer Bailey and didn't attend the Ardor Festival, you must have been deep in sleep as it was almost impossible to miss it. The Awakeners brought back the annual Ardor Festival which is a large castle event that is spread out usually through the weekend or an entire week depending on the host. This year on the third day of the second moon, the festivities went on for consecutive seven days. The events included dance classes, games, crafting bells, contests and much more that ended with a grand Ball. A full break down of each day can be found in chroniclers section in the Lecture Hall.

      Open Positions
      The Herald wishes to provide the castle residents with a list of currently-open positions amongst the available groups and guilds. If you wish to publish an opening within your own guild or group, please send a missive to any currently-active Chronicler with a three-sentence description of the position, a short list of requirements, and whom to contact for more details.

      The Royal Heralds Applications
      Writ by Senior Herald, Mistress Juliana

      Heraldry is the practice of devising, granting, displaying, describing, and recording coats of arms and heraldic badges. Heralds and Pursuivants research, practice and design heraldry, though it is not exclusive as Knights and Nobles are also well-versed and schooled in the language of Heraldry.

      The emergence of heraldry is linked distinguishing Royalty, Nobility, and Chivalry quickly and easily, either while in combat, during Court or other important and formal venues. Distinguishing devices were used on surcoats ("coats of arms"), upon shields, and even upon war horses. At first, the formal system of rules for heraldry was simple, but have developed into an ever more complex form to ensure that each Coat of Arms is unique and distinguishable.

      To learn more about Heraldry, the Members of Court and Honored Guests invited to attend lectures in the Royal Heralds Office once a week, as posted on the boards. If you wish to join this illustrious group, you may send your application to Mistress Juliana.

      The Royal Treasury Applications
      Writ by the Mistress of Coin, Mistress Adeline

      The Royal Treasury is once again seeking two new denizens to join our prestigious royal office. There are positions open for denizens of any rank who are courteous, intelligent, diligent, and well-spoken. You will be working directly with Her Majesty's Winter Court and starting off at the tenth link on the Chain of Being.

      If you are interested in a career serving Her Majesty through the Treasury, please contact sera Auriela for more information or see the application on the public boards. Please be aware that those beneath honored guests may require letters of recommendation. Thank you, and have a grand day!

      The Royal Collegium Applications
      Writ by the Dean of the Collegium, Lady Charmiam

      The four colleges of the Royal Collegium are the College of Humanities, the College of Combat, the College of Logics and the College of Philosophy.

      We are currently accepting applications for all four colleges. Those who are beneath the rank of Honored Guest need to be sponsored by a Master or above. Those who possess the rank of Knight or Lord may simply write to the Dean about their interest in a school and be awarded Membership. Contact ser Kaspar for further information, or ser Anton for information specifically about Humanities.

      [OOC: more information here]

      The Office of Chroniclers
      Writ by Senior Chronicler, Sera Yazmin
      The Office of the Royal Chroniclers is seeking new and interested parties to help record the day-to-day happenings of Castle Marrach, home to Her Gracious Majesty, Queen Vivienne and Her loyal subjects. The Office's main duties are to record history as it unfolds, whether it be a daily happening or a one-of-a-kind magical occurrence. By doing so, we inform the denizenry and aristocracy of events they were not able to witness while providing a reference for future generations of awakened guests. It is one of the castle's oldest institutions and among the most vital. To join, describe a witnessed event in the form of a chronicle and send it to a current active Senior or Court Chronicler (examples of chronicles can be found in the Lecture Hall). Attending open bells will better your chances of being accepted into the Office.

      The benefits of becoming a Chronicler:
      • Your work will be available for all members of the castle to read, including Royals.
      • You will be given constant aid and guidance to better your writing.
      • Each chronicle written gains you coin from the Treasury.
      • Your name will appear on the Chain of Being.
      • Senior chroniclers now gain bonus benefits from the Chambers


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        Historical Queries
        How familiar are you with the archives of the Chroniclers? Can you find the answer to this Historical Query? The first two people to send at least one correct answers will gain a special prize.
        • Who was the first Court Chronicler?
        • Name -ONE- event that happened before the Recent Awakenings?

        Call For Submissions
        If you wish to submit an article for the Herald's next publication, please send a query to Senior Chronicler Yazmin with a brief description of the article you wish to write. Submissions or full articles must contain the following:
        • A signature on the scroll to identify the author, even if the article is to be published anonymously.
        • A title and a short description of the article.
        The Office of the Chroniclers reserves the right to refuse any article at its own discretion and for any reason. The Clock Tower Herald aims to entertain and enlighten, favouring articles that highlight castle culture, life and habits.

        Previous EditionsSpecial Thanks

        The Clock Tower Herald would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to this moon's issue: Lady Charmiam, Mistresses Adeline and Juliana, and sera Taite. Those that submitted articles that have not yet appeared can expect to see them in future publications.

        For any questions, comments or queries, please directly contact Senior Chronicler Yazmin.


        So says the Clock Tower bell,
        "May the Queen flourish and Her enemies diminish until my call of bells doth finish."