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The Adventure to Elysium

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  • The Adventure to Elysium

    Thirteenth Day of the Sixth Moon,
    Twentieth Year of Recent Awakenings

    In accordance to the will of Her Majesty, and in upholding the duties charged to me as Senior Chronicler, I hereby submit an account of
    The Adventure to Elysium.

    The Underworld has been a location that many denizens may have heard of through various walks of life, but there are not many who can venture there and return to tell about it. At least not until the Heroes of Marrach ventured to that very location on the Eighteenth Day of the Fifth Moon.

    Sixteen denizens of the Outer Bailey, the Inner Bailey, and the Under Bailey (conclave), were given the task of finding the entrance to the Underworld and then traveling to Elysium. There they would gain admission inside and collect the waters of Mneoysia. These waters were said to restore any memory loss, no matter the reason for its departure. It was intended for the water to be used by Rhumielle, one of the two High Dragons who came to Castle Marrach decades ago. We now know Rhumielle to be Duchess Oriana and the other dragon to be Dresborne, her brother. During the war between Dresborne and Castle Marrach, Duchess Oriana shot an arrow at her brother to save the people of Marrach from his destruction. The arrow was coated with a liquid that cursed his ability to change forms by causing him to forget where his dragon form was resting. Dresborne attempted to change forms, but the curse took effect quickly and caused him to take the appearance of a mutated human. During his struggle, he fell into the abyss and has not been seen since then. However, as they were bonded, Duchess Oriana was too cursed and unable to find her greater form. In the present day, the essence of a dragon is required for the Philosopher's Stone that both the Triangle and Marrach are trying to create. The stone is said to be one of the most powerful artifacts that an alchemist can create. Master Orson offered his stone as a gift to Her Majesty to help cure Prince Bertram of his illness. Thus, it was imperative to collect the waters of Mneoysia for Duchess Oriana who willingly offered to drink it and give her essence to cure His Highness.

    Among those who would go on this mission were Duke Lucus, sers Adahn, Atmos, Halvard, Gareth, and Seach, as well as Dame Umichan, Mistresses Adeline, Brook, Josie, and Tristana and seras Nariseth, Ennah, Solaria, Kona, and Diana. Together the group journeyed to the Heart of the Mountain, where the door to the Underworld would become visible when the moon shone on the mountain. However, in their eagerness to see the mission to completion, they arrived before the moon had even risen. It did not stop them from continuing with their original plan. With an impressive display of united magic from Princess Maeve and her daughter, Princess Maeveen, the two Unseelie Royals weaved their power together to pull forth a vibrant moon that brightly shone where they stood and revealed a circular glowing door. The second part of entering the door was to have someone who is alive, undead, and not fully a part of this realm open it. Sera Ennah was the chosen person as she was murdered years ago and brought back to life through Unseelie magic. Once Ennah opened the glowing door, the group of sixteen said their goodbyes and appreciative thanks to the Princesses before finally stepping through.

    What awaited them were a lengthy set of circular stairs that went down, down, and down some more. The heroes walked for what seemed like forever before they reached the bottom of the steps and came into contact with the Royal Necromancer, Doctor Getheaht. He informed the heroes that in order to gain entry to Elysium, they needed to collect four ingredients. Ichor, a home, a flower of mourning, and an apple of gold. He would not tell where they could find the ingredients, but he did share that there were others within the Underworld who could assist them in getting what they required. Before they embarked on the mini adventure to find the ingredients, they had to first have a drink of a pre-made elixir that would keep them awake and from the clutches of the Underworld. One-by-one they each took a sip of the elixir and set off with Duke Lucus as their group's leader.

    The first person they came across was a sleek man of a starry black complexion who introduced himself as Charon, a Ferryman to the Underworld. He offered to take the heroes across the River Lethe for two bronze coins each. The group declined for the moment to continue checking the surrounding area before departing to a new location. In their continued travels, they came upon a tall foreboding tower that was believed to be the Necromancer's home. Inside were three floors that contained various items and tools for working, studying, and experimenting. When they reached the top of the tower, they saw a patch of asphodel flowers. With the assumption that this was the flower they sought, they collected it and resumed their journey to the next ingredient. As they delved further into the Underworld, they reached a disturbing forest. Unlike normal trees, the plant-life they witnessed there was created purely by bones. The branches of the trees hung low liked boned limbs waiting to trap someone's hair as they passed. Still, they stepped deeper into the bone forest and found a creature waiting for them. The creature's name was Mictlan, also known as the Flesh Eater. His purpose in the underworld is to clean the flesh from bones so that they may be reused by the Necromancer. The group was startled at the meeting with the Flesh Eater as he had no appearance of his own. Instead, to each person who looked at him, they would see their reflection staring back at them. Surrounding the mirrored creature was piles of bones that he allowed the heroes to dig through. He confirmed their thoughts when they found a soul bone by stating, “Bones are the home of souls. Two in all were found, they thanked Mictlan for his cooperation continued their quest. From there they ventured into a small burrow where ichor was available to be mined. Just as last time, they retrieved the ingredient they needed and departed the way they came to once again meet the Underworld's Ferryman.

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    The final two ingredients awaited the group as they traveled across the dangerous River Lethe. The river was known to completely erase the essence of any person who touched the waters, causing them to forget who they are and become a new guest once more. They made it across the river safely and almost immediately met Heimdallr, the Guardian of Valhalla. The abnormally tall and broad-shouldered warrior directed the group to a woman formed of both human and snake body parts. She introduced herself as Rajani, one of the many Nagas that protect the apple tree inside the Underworld. It was with her that they found their final piece to their list of ingredients. In exchange for a mirror to view her “beauty,” the Naga offered them a single golden apple. In addition, she offered more that were of silver color for each hero to partake in. The apples teleported the group to a new location which was later discovered to be the entrance of Elysium. There they met Anubis, a chiseled man of dusky complexion who vigilantly stood guard outside of the entrance to Elysium.

    They presented the ingredients to him as required, but he asked for one more thing if they, living humans, wished to enter Elysium. Each person entering were requested to voice aloud their greatest regret and to promise to make it right upon their return to the surface if possible. Every person did so, and they were accepted and given advice on how to handle it. Once the questions and sharing were completed, he stepped aside and opened a new chalk outline similar to the one they arrived in. They had completed their quest and was finally able to enter Elysium. Inside Elysium was bright and open, all around them various colors decorated the landscape. They traveled over a vibrant colored bridge that took them further and further away from the path they arrived until they were finally halted by a woman. Standing there before them was Mnemosyne, Goddess of Memory. She refused to let them venture further for fear of their safety since the souls within are not familiar with visitors. Nevertheless, after hearing their tale of the dragons, she permitted her waters to the heroes with a warning.

    “Returning the memories of Rhumielle will do the same for Dresborne and he will be released. If Rhumielle gives her essence, it will diminish her power greatly. It could halt her ability to shift entirely should she be an imperial, and it would undoubtedly hinder her magic. None which will return until the person she gives her essence to parts from the world.”

    It was unanimously agreed that the decision to use the waters should be left to Rhumielle as she would be the one sacrificing an important part of herself. With the waters in hand, the group thanked the Goddess for her assistance and in return, she teleported them back to the Ferryman. However, Charon was nowhere to be found. Instead, Dame Keterin, the Black Knight, was there waiting for them as they arrived. She complimented the heroes on completing their task and then questioned them on the visual appearance of Elysium. After they each had explained their thoughts on it, she mournfully explained that normally every soul eventually settles in Elysium after living their best life. That any soul may choose to return living other lives if they are not ready to settle down in Elysium. However, that is not a choice that souls from Marrach have. In order to keep us in Castle Marrach, the souls here do not move on to other lives when they die. They come back to Marrach and will never have the opportunity to live in Elysium. Those who perish forever remained trapped in the mist of the Underworld, never to again see Marrach again. For that reason alone, Dame Keterin believed her enemy was the Necromancer and sought to undo what he did for Her Majesty and Castle Marrach. To free the Knights who perished at her side and every other soul who permanently died in Marrach. Thus, she attacked the heroes to steal the waters of Mnemosyne with the overall plan to steal the Philosopher's Stone for herself.

    The battle between the Heroes and the Black Dame was long and unfortunate. Many of the Heroes were wounded such as Dame Umichan, sera Solaria, and ser Atmos who completely lost his right hand and arm. Throughout the battle, others tried to get the Black Dame to stand down, but she refused and sought to kill them if they refused to hand over the water. With luck, Dame Keterin was eventually injured with a grave wound and unable to continue the fight. She originally asked for them to finish it, to give her death as she failed in her task to free the trapped souls. However, the group was able to convince her to change her mind and join them to seek a better way to complete her task without hurting others in the process. She agreed to surrender to Castle Marrach, and they were finally able to depart the Underworld without losing anyone to death.

    Just before they left, they were stopped once again, this time by Renart, the very alchemist of the Triangle they were plotting to best. Confused, they assumed that he must have been beaten on the surface in Castle Marrach for his soul to now be in the Underworld. Without waiting for them to ask, he informed them that he came with a warning for the heroes. The alchemist they have been chasing was wrong, it was not Renart who was the threat. It was his lover, Haylee. Years ago, Haylee and Renart worked for Queen Vivienne's alchemist, Master Orson. The soul of Renart informed them that he died in the explosion they thought Haylee died in. He explained that when he perished, Haylee turned to the Triangle who had already been planting themselves into her head. She used the remains of her lost love to create a construct that resembled Renart's appearance, which she controlled from a distance. That construct was defeated on the surface due to Dame Keterin giving Mistress Adeline an amulet that was then used by Dame Galatea to halt his teleportation abilities long enough to be destroyed. However, as it was a construct, it was triggered to explode just as Master Orson got near. Rendering Marrach's alchemist broken until he could heal again. After the soul said his warning, he began to depart before Seach asked him if he had any advice for them.

    Renart paused thoughtfully before informing the group that the Triangle is second to none. “Every last one of them has supernatural powers far exceeding the natural barriers of most mages. When facing them, ask yourself, what's the worst thing they might do?, he stated and then ended by stating that it is impossible to overestimate the group. With that final piece of advice, he departed and the heroes finally resumed their way home.

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask that the readers indicate to me through their discretion any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, the Office of the Chronicler, and the Denizenry of our Gracious Queen's Realm,

    Yazmin Reymess
    Senior Chronicler