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Royal Necromancer's Message about the Fallen

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  • Royal Necromancer's Message about the Fallen

    Sixteenth day of the Eighth Moon,
    Twentieth Year of Recent Awakenings

    In accordance with the will of Her Majesty and in upholding the duties charged to me as Senior Chronicler, I hereby submit the account of the Royal Necromancer's Message about the Fallen.

    A visit from the Royal Necromancer's apprentice brought sad news to several people who were gathered in the Infirmary earlier this moon. While sera Taite was recovering from her injuries and being treated by nurse sera Diana, Apprentice Lith arrived. The quiet sera is rarely seen unless she is gathering a body and her arrival startled sera Taite who at first thought her time was up. However sera Lith was there to deliver a message from Doctor Getheaht regarding the soul bones of Master Anton and sera Caillean.

    The unwelcome news was that the soul bones of the unfortunate couple were damaged in the recent explosion which claimed their lives. The Good Doctor is unsure if they can be repaired. Lith reported that the soul bones "are still intact, fortunately, but the heat and pressure from the explosion damaged them to the point where it may be weeks, moons, thousands of years or ... possibly never. The bones are charred and badly cracked, however. The Doctor can make no promises."

    Sera Diana explained afterward that the soul bone is the sacrum, and the position in the body was demonstrated by use of the the educational skeleton hanging in the Infirmary. Sera Diana said, "It is known as the Sacral Region, or Sacrum of the spine. It lies between the lower vertebrae, what is known as the coccyx, or colloquially known as the 'tail bone.'" The nurse added, "I can only attest to the medical significance of the bone. I can only guess at its spiritual significance for our souls. Why it is held there ... that has never been explained to me. The sacrum is the most substantial and most dense of all the bones in the vertebral, or spinal column. And this is the only bone needed for Doctor Getheaht to raise a person. But transversely, if damaged ... the other bones are of absolutely no use."

    Sers Caedus, Radulescu and Lieutenant Celaena were also present in the Infirmary when sera Lith brought the message.

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections. I humbly ask all readers to please indicate to me discreetly, any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, The Office of the Chronicler, and the Denizenry of Her Majesty's Realm.

    Sera Tine
    Senior Chronicler

    Senior Chronicler
    Secretary to Lord Dolph Li'astri