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Keeper's Revelation of Shadows

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  • Keeper's Revelation of Shadows

    Thirteenth Day of the Third Moon,
    Twenty-First Year of Recent Awakenings

    In accordance with the will of Her Majesty and in upholding the duties charged to me as Aspirant Chronicler, I hereby submit the account of the Keeper's Revelation of Shadows. This chronicle is part of the Creatures, Constructs, and Other Deadly Entities of Mount Ardan series.

    On the ninth day of the third moon, commoner and noble alike gathered for evening discourse in the Lecture Hall, hosted by ser Melle, Leader of the Keepers of the Unveiled. Lady Charmiam, Peer to the Realm and Mistress of Coin was also in attendance. The subject he thus quoth, "Discussing different forms of monsters that can be encountered throughout the Mountain and its adjoining realms. My focus shall be on describing different varieties of these monsters, the nature of the threat that they pose and the best approaches to doing battle with them, as well as some time spent discussing theories of their existence." For the sake of educating those present, ser Melle henceforth would refer to the Shadow as a monster, as a means of quantifying the topic at hand.

    This was the second in a lecture series titled Creatures, Constructs, and Other Deadly Entities of Mount Ardan held by ser Melle. The first was a review of the undead, as well as bestial creatures. During this seventh bell, he expressed a wish to begin with the ever-present subject of the Shadows. He remarked that many of those in attendance would likely have encountered the Shadows in one expressed form or another - whether it be a Shadow entity or a person marked by them. He said, "The individual Shadow appears as a black wraithlike entity, with details that cannot be clearly perceived, its most solid aspect usually the claws that it attacks with. They are swift, evasive creatures, that when they are encountered often move in groups.

    There was time taken to discuss the various forms of the Shadow creature before the last segment of the lecture. Ser Melle's lecture carried over three bells with a most intrigued audience who asked many interested questions. Details of the lecture are given in the Appendices below.

    Ser Melle is delivering further lectures on his topic of Creatures, Constructs, and Other Deadly Entities of Mount Ardan. The next is at nine late bells on Suns fifteenth day of this moon.

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as I humbly ask all readers please indicate to me though discretion any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne,

    Sera Terentia Solidor,
    Aspirant Chronicler


    Appendix: I
    Appendix: II
    Appendix: III
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    '.'. Strategy .'.' Appendix: I

    Ser Melle explained that although the individual Shadow is no more dangerous than a larger zombie or skeleton, they have an advantage that provides greater difficulty in dealing with them. "They never come alone," said Serjeant Vessa of the Royal Army. Many contributed to the discussion, including Dame Josie, Acolyte Natura of the Faith. She made clear in response to the various questions posed to the audience, "They are immune to traditional weaponry, save those pieces blessed by the Faith or set with a reasonable amount of silver.

    Since he first Woke, ser Melle had learned of three effective methods to combat against Shadows. First, weapons crafted with silver, and more than a small portion -- stating that trinkets and baubles would not suffice. Secondly, weapons so blessed by Acolytes of the Faith. Thirdly, intense flashes of light produced by sorcerous magic. He suggested that the Castle has quite a plentiful supply of silver arms for this very reason, and found in the hands of various people and military forces. Not only would silver harm Shadows, it would destroy them in a matter of strikes. While the matter of larch wood was briefly touched upon, ser Melle explained that it was better suited for other ethereal creatures, and would not affect Shadow as the so ascribed implements. He indicated that Faith-blessed weapons only last for a few bells, and difficult to predict their necessity when a threat is not known or imminent.

    Upon being asked if a silver weapon could be blessed to improve its potency, it was stated by the Dame Josie and the Keeper that strategic forethought takes precedence. "For my part, given the choice between one powerful weapon in one ally's hands and two armed allies, I would usually choose the latter," said ser Melle. Dame Josie explained that the Faith magic of Acolytes is diminished by blessing weapons and they must rest to replenish it.

    As the conversation shifted from weapons to magic, ser Melle referenced his experience fighting the Shadows of Zaedra during her infestation of the Colosseum, putting forth that there are few methods as instantly effective as a Sorcerer's light spells. These could be used with enough power at the right interval to disperse an entire chamber of Shadows all at once. He reminded everyone of Dame Josie's words, as even the best sorcerer cannot do this with impunity.

    Finally, strategies came to the fore and the gathered folk spoke to martial technique. It was the view of many assembled for the lecture that speed is most important when dispatching shadows. It was the Keeper's recommendation that stronger, larger opponents require suitable force, swifter smaller opponents be attacked quickly, and enemies capable of precision strikes with weapons of their own should be met with finesse. Ser Melle said, "The swiftness and elusive nature of Shadows means that quick attacks just be used to fight them effectively, which is convenient given that many of our weapons against them are daggers and spears.

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      '.'. Beastiary .'.' Appendix: II

      As the forum progressed, ser Melle shifted his lecture to the different shadow creatures one may encounter. Recalling for those who were present during the last talk, he explained that Shadows can be used to animate zombies and other undead; in doing so these enemies may pose a greater threat due to advantages bequeathed by the shadows. This includes changing to a different form after death, and explosive gouts of caustic ichor.

      Questions to the forum were posed regarding triage after exposure to ichor of the aforementioned. Ser Melle explained that while the caustic blood is most harmful, it is likely to be treated with conventional medicine alone. If an individual were to be caught unaware, there is the potential for fatality and death, particularly for those with existing injury.

      Wisps were briefly explain as hazards rather than creatures, bearing the innate ability to influence the minds and emotions of others. Presenting an electric blue stone to the lecture hall, ser Melle described that should these be thrown into a wisps core, it will effectively neutralise them in sufficient quantity. He went on to state that these could be viewed as foes influenceable by Shadow, rather than Shadow itself.

      Three variants were touched upon in regards to Shadow and their forms and have been fought over the years of Recent Awakening.

      The Wraith, which is the basic form, was noted to be the most common and prevalent. It was observed there were alchemically enhanced variants of these wraiths assaulting the Castle at one point, but were not the standard threat.

      The Prowler, a more powerful shadow that utilizes an animalistic form that grants faster movement and strikes more viciously than ordinary Shadows, suffers from the same vulnerabilities as other shadowkin.

      Umbrage, a final third type was also discussed by the congregation; performing as a mind behind the shadow, their function is to watch and learn from beings with which they interact.

      Classified as a more powerful manifestation of Shadows that sought to emulate living people closely, ser Melle posited that the creatures began assimilating parts of living humans to integrate them within itself. It was stated this variety often kidnapped people in order to possess them, due to Shadow having a difficult time maintaining a humanoid form.

      Furthermore, it was speculated that Umbrage has a collective potential which connects all Shadows of their respective Hive via thoughts; a trait which the Triangle abused in the past, in order to advance their own goals.