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Charnus the Warbringer Attacks

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  • Charnus the Warbringer Attacks

    Second Day of the Fourth Moon,
    Twenty-First Year of Recent Awakenings

    In accordance with the will of Her Majesty and in upholding the duties charged to me as Chronicler of the Court, I hereby submit the account of
    Charnus the Warbringer Attacks.

    During the afternoon and evening of Freys the twenty-seventh day of the third moon, the Triangle increased its attacks on the Inner Bailey and the Outer Bailey. Not only were the now-familiar clockwork soldiers and quintains deployed through the shadow portals but also metal spiders and fiery serpent beasts joined the fray. Outbreaks of devastatingly hot fires kept people busy refilling buckets. At the same time, courageous groups of fighters moved purposefully from one battle to the next. Acolytes and sorcerers were continually disassembling the shadow portals, amidst further groans and rumblings from below.

    Casting aside social differences, Royalty and Commoners and Conclavers fought shoulder to shoulder. Prince Bertram, an Ordained Knight of the Realm, proved what a fantastic hero Knight he is, by taking up arms and battling without receiving a scratch. Ladies Galatea and Charmiam and Lord Vestio became trapped in the College Assembly Room with Mistresses Brook and Blodwen with out-of-control fires blocking all the exits. Fortunately, Mistress Blodwen was able to use her sorcery methods to transport from the room, return with buckets and then teleport everyone else to safety. As the enemy struck simultaneously at many points and people fought the fires, there was one casualty; ser Jakt was cut down while on patrol alone. Even the light and shade in the keep was uncertain as lights dimmed off and on. Lengthy groans were heard throughout the keep, and a snap as a thousand low whispers rang throughout the ears, while a feeling of dread flooded everyone. Everything went dark. It seemed Miyako was using the attack as a distraction from the Shadow Wall, to suck in as much light as possible through the portals, and had opened the door to the Nightmare.

    Finally, a break came in the fighting, and Duke Lucus shared his opinion that the Triangle used the attack as a distraction, while Miyako opened more of her portals. "It feels likely that they penetrated the Nightmare and achieved their objective."

    Captain Galaea agreed, "… the attack was a front to allow Miyako to summon dozens of shadow portals into the keep, which spent most of the night, we now believe, sucking in light to redirect at the Nightmare. The rumblings from below and the sudden loss of all light in the castle, seem to indicate they had some success."

    At this point, the news it was reported that a creature of fire and soot was on the western parapets. First checking that all the known fires, foes and portals were dispatched, Captain Galatea formed a team to deal with the beast. Lord Vestio with his pale steel and ironwood round shield and an exotic elven shamshir, and Sir Adahn with his emblazoned blue and black heater shield and a spear would take the brunt of the punishment. Four hard-hitting fighters were to strive to dispatch the foe. Ser Cordon from the Conclave bore a silver-veined dark iron claymore, sera Trenna, also from the Conclave, used a dark steel swept-hilt rapier. Mistress Adayne wielded two elegant steel and bronze sabres, and Master Aratan a steel longsword. Many followed the team to the parapets so that people could be rotated out as they wearied. It was discovered that not one, but two unusual beings were present, an immense smoldering wolf and a fire elemental.

    The rising, billowy fire elemental had a cracked obsidian complexion with a head of flaming orange, white and yellow hair sweeping upwards in wild, untamed tendrils of fire. She had glowing orange eyes and jagged eyebrows and wispy ears. Her skin appeared to be pure, shimmering obsidian, giving her facial features a sharp and imposing air. The dark, black glass of her body had several cracks, large and small exposing vibrant, luminous lava beneath. Living flames raged about the lower part of her body, consuming her legs and creating a serpentine illusion. Palpable heat radiated from her form, superheating everything within her immediate vicinity. She appeared to give off an aura of magic and was wearing no garment.

    The beast beside her was an immensely large lupine beast with a body of smoldering, burning fur, rising to the height of a tall man at its shoulders. Patches of blazing orange and fiery veins were seen beneath its thick charcoal fur, from which blackened soot seemed to emanate, and a pair of burning orange orbs gazed unblinking forward from above its fiery maw.

    The fire elemental hissed at those present, "Small humans, small fighters. Like insects you crawl your small bodies over the ground, mustering what strength you can find."

    The First Acolyte, Mistress Adayne engaged the elemental in conversation and named her Charnus. Charnus responded that they had come from the land of fire to test the worth of our 'champions' who would stand against the Triangle. The First Acolyte queried why an elemental card about the Triangle, "Elementals are above mortal affairs … Usually, unless summoned."

    Charnus replied, "We care only for glorious battle and victory; the Triangle provide us this." She went on to say, "The wretched one seeks the Stone, the precipice of elemental glory. We, the fire elementals of Charnus will act as the vessel to deliver them, and forever rise above the other elements. … You are but a step in our journey, a vanquished foe to write into our saga."

    Mistress Adayne attempt to bargain with Charnus, proposing that if the wolf-beast was defeated, that Charnus join us. Responding only with a cackle at the thought of her wolf being vanquished, the imposing fire elemental leapt into the air and shattered into biting dust particles, sweeping away on a smoke-filled wind. The smell of sulfur lingered in her wake.

    With a blessing from Dame Josie to lift the spirits of those present, Mistress Adayne led the charge against the massive wolf as its eyes flashed a deadly fiery red. The combat team worked well together, allowing each one to catch a breath as another fighter stepped forth. They fought strongly though the wolf had giant reserves of strength and every so often burst forward in a swirl of fire, pouncing viciously and erupting in a shower of embers and flame as it slammed into one of the shield bearers. Dame Josie chanted and prayed, and Lady Charmiam wafted cleansing smoke from a smudge stick as the onlookers watched the epic battle unfold with the castle's finest warriors against the agile beast.

    The maw of the monster glowed with deadly flame as it gazed at those present, changing its attacks from Sir Adahn to ser Cordon. Heeding Sir Adahn's shouted warning, everyone retreated as suddenly the beast's maw erupted with a smoldering ball of flame which streaked through the area and detonated in the center fighting area! No one was injured in that explosion and the combat team renewed their attack as the wolf's body was washed over with flame and soot and Lord Vestio drew its attention. Suddenly the wolf tilted its head back and let out a terrible howl; in an instant, a shockwave of burning ash and soot ruptured outward from its body, washing over the area. Sera Trenna was evasive but the rest of the team was struck by the blast, with Lord Vestio taking the worst of it. Fortunately, Master Emerick conjured a wave of brisk cleansing air which extinguished and refreshed the fighters. Sir Adahn stepped between the beast and Lord Vestio, slamming his shield into it and claiming the wolf's attention, allowing His Lordship to regain his strength.

    Eventually, after an epic battle, the creature was fatigued. Sir Adahn was able to make some powerful attacks with his spear, striking it and fiercely impaling it, until the beast let out an outraged hiss and crumbled to ashes.

    Checking that no one was wounded, Captain Galatea suggested taking a moment to contemplate the fallen, and then to turn our eyes to the path ahead. She summarised, "Today, the fire elementals of the clan of Charnus the Warbringer attacked our Realm, and though they set fire to our halls and attacked our denizens with elementals and clockworks alike, we prevailed."

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections. I humbly ask all readers to please indicate to me discreetly, any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, The Office of the Chronicler, and the Denizenry of Her Majesty's Realm.

    Mistress Tine
    Chronicler of the Court

    Mistress Tine
    Royal Chronicler of the Court
    Squire to Sir Edstave
    Junior Equerry to Lord Dolph Li'astri