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Ultimate Battle with Air Prime Elemental, Megaera the Wrathful

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  • Ultimate Battle with Air Prime Elemental, Megaera the Wrathful

    Fifth Day, Eighth Moon,
    Twenty-First Year of Recent Awakenings

    In accordance with the will of Her Majesty and in upholding the duties charged to me as Royal Chronicler of the Court, I hereby submit the account of
    Ultimate Battle with Air Prime Elemental, Megaera the Wrathful.

    Castle Marrach has been under attack for several moons with the most vicious attacks coming from the Prime air elemental, Megaera the Wrathful. The climax of these attacks occurred on Saturns evening the first of this moon, with an epic battle witnessed by an enormous crowd.

    The evening began with a discussion at which Amurru the Mountain and Nerina the Stormbringer were present. There was a passionate debate about whether an attack on the air Prime was justified. The hope was that there might be other avenues open to negotiating peace with her. Mistress Blodwen expressed concern that the Triangle might have a trap planned to enslave the Primes and trap their essences here. Amurru the Mountain declared about our society, "… you proved yourselves, and Amurru would rather be allied with all of you, than to serve the Triangle." He had fielded his army of rock beasts at various places around the Inner and Outer Bailies. Nerina the Serene One reminded those present, "I provide you healing, you provide me marks, and together we smash Megaera. That was the deal I made with your Queen." She had deployed her army of water naiads around the castle. Since the War Council decided to confront Megaera, and with instruction from the Queen to see it done that night or the next, it was finally agreed to issue the challenge to the Air Prime. The hope was that in honorable defeat, she would return to her realm.

    [Aside: During the above debate, sera Kaori received a severed hand in an unsigned package. It is not known who sent the package, nor whose hand it was. Whether there is a connection to the war with the Triangle is also unknown.]

    From the Outer Bailey courtyard, Amurru the Mountain shouted a challenge to the skies, "Amurru the Mountain, Warlord of the Earth beckons you. Come, face my challenge and be known!!" The skies parted as Megaera soared down from the heavens, her hooves thudding into the ground as she settled. Amurru the Mountain greeted her, "Amurru has heard tales of your strength, your prowess in battle. All throughout the Vortex they speak of 'The Wrathful' and her divine fury. He has waited long for this moment." Megaera the Wrathful responded, "Then you have spent your days waiting for death, 'Mountain'. Megaera will oblige you. … Look at you, lined up for battle, mane blowing heroically in the wind. Amurru 'the mountain', the 'wise one'. A pebble, stood before a hurricane, unable to grasp it. … Make your 'story' count, earthen one. It will be the last time this dance runs its course." There was a final attempt at negotiation, with Amurru asking Megaera if she would fight alongside him to stop the Triangle. Her answer was a blinding flash and a bang, and a tremendous bolt of lightning erupted from the heavens and surged towards the courtyard. The stone itself seemed to rise from the floor, sweeping over the area in a dome -- the burst of lightning blasted into it, sending bits of stone and debris flying. With that, Megaera slammed her six wings into Amurru the Mountain, flinging him across the courtyard. As he raised his heavy war club to retaliate, the Wrathful One suddenly spread her wings and flapped them down with force, rocketing her upwards. The six-winged being soared into the sky, disappearing with a screech.

    The air grew very still and cold and a chorus of shrieks resonated from the skies. Duckcalls blared from the Inner Bailey as Air elemental minions were spotted. Amurru the Mountain said, "Do not worry about Amurru - he will keep the Prime Air busy. Protect your realm, and then come find us." Roaring, "To battle!" He lifted his war club and gave chase to the Wrathful One.

    Fighting broke out all over the castle with Amurru's and Nerina's forces standing with Marrachians and the household guards of the nobility. The dark elf Zaedra, despite being an Enemy of the Crown, also took up arms. She told Mistress Rikka, "As a thank you for aiding the Princess [Maeveen], the other Princess [Maeve] has sent me here to help you all not die." In the fighting, many received wounds, and the healers were kept busy. At least three guests were marked or chilled by the icy mists.

    As the various foes around the bailies were defeated, a stream of shockwaves erupted over the rooftops. Lightning, earth and water collided in cascading showers that rained those elements over the castle as the three Prime Elementals battled. Nerina the Stormbringer was discovered in the courtyard with glistening, silvery-blue blood seeping from her many wounds. A lithe white harpy landed, and Mistress Blodwen acted quickly and sent the gravely wounded Water Prime to the Under Bailey. The harpy was a savage opponent, eventually defeated by Sir Adahn, Dame Umichan, Watchwoman Kireena and sera Auriela with the aid of household guards. Megaera returned with Amurru and the Earth prime bore marks of countless fresh injuries, and seeped streams of blood. Though his eyes remained solidly locked with Megaera, he seemed weary and near broken. The Exalted One gazed down at him from atop the stair landing, balanced gracefully on her hooves, her six wings outstretched behind her. Though the occasional smear of blood marked her pristine feathers, she seemed only minimally worsened. Again, Mistress Blodwen used her sorcery and transported Amurru away from further harm. Once again, those present attempted to broker peace with Megaera.

    As the bell tolled midnight, Megaera the Wrathful described, "Megaera remembers the first time she laid eyes upon your kind, the curious, soft creatures, that had come to inhabit the Nexus. "Hu-Mans", you were called, named after the World of Man you had taken as your own. … How strange and sad you were to Megaera's eyes, your short lives over in but a blink. You were primitive and barren of the wonders of magic, possessed of no knowledge of the World you dwelled within, its history, or the beings that created it and observed you from afar. In Our place, your peculiar Human imaginations invented your own gods, made up your own history for the World you knew nothing of."

    Megaera said, "We will show you who We are…" and the skies rumbled with foreboding. Those who had been in the courtyard were whisked away and found themselves on a tranquil mountainside. There they journeyed through Megaera's memories of her experiences with humans. Those memories are to be published in a separate chronicle.

    Continued below ...

    Mistress Tine
    Royal Chronicler of the Court
    Squire to Sir Edstave
    Junior Equerry to Lord Dolph Li'astri
    Duelist Society Pledge

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    … continued.

    The Battle

    After a harrowing emotional trip through Megaera's memories, the group found themselves back in the courtyard, unspeakably saddened.

    Megaera lived up to her Wrathful title declaring, "Tisiphone, Daughter of Night, Daughter of Darkness. She who punished the sins of man. Who wrought both love and horror. Whose rage was matched only by her beauty. Rest eternal... and never forgive." She added hatefully, "And We do not. … When at last this conflict is at an end, and the Stone rests in Our grasp, Our first act will be to expunge the stain of your misbegotten race from the annals of history..."

    To the horror of those present, Megaera the Wrathful described her intentions. "The skies will open in magnificent judgement and rain death on your human cities; gale winds will rip down your stone towers, vengeful lightning will set fire to your towns and villages, entire civilizations will crumble and the world will freeze over with Winter's furor, cleansing the World We built and leaving behind no trace of the plague that is Mankind." With that, crackling lightning streamed up Megaera's body. Ignoring the protests that those present were not responsible for what had happened in the past, Megaera washed hatred over the courtyard and affected everyone with her rage. The skies opened, and the clouds parted, revealing a plane of pure energy. Tendrils of lightning streamed in from every direction, as the power gathered above the castle, drawing to a deadly climax. The moment of the Fury ended, and a sense of foreboding washed over. Many noticed a tall, dark man observing from the shadows and turning a deck of tarot cards in his hand. People from all over the castle were drawn to the courtyard to witness the epic battle about to take place.

    In final desperation, both Lady Charmiam and Master Ibar offered themselves as sacrifices. "Take me and leave the rest." "Would you allow one to pay the cost for what was done to your sister, Exalted One?" No response came from Megaera, but a readiness for fatal combat. A soft-spoken, masculine voice drifted through on the wind, "Sometimes Fate must play out as intended, and you must not shy away from it." Captain Galatea called, "Autumns, to arms!" and a select group of Earth-aligned fighters drew their weapons.

    Megaera the Wrathful appeared scornful, "You wish to feel the lessons of the First War? Of all wars? Of all tragedies that scream across the universe? Come, Megaera will show you…" A frigid aura of swirling mist emanated from her, washing over the area. The reason for choosing Earth-aligned warriors became clear as Captain Galatea, Lady Charmiam, Sir Pete, Sir Varick, Mistress Heulyn and ser Leodegrance stood firm, unaffected by the mist.

    Shimmering white winds begin to sweep up Megaera's body, and she unleashed a typhoon of crushing frigid ice and wind blasting the area. The Autumn fighters were all struck and somewhat weakened. Cackling, Megaera prepared a lighting attack to target her opponents, who all scattered and attacked her from different parts of the courtyard. The Elemental responded with a torrential gust of iced-laced wind, blasting all the fighters who continued to battle bravely in defense of humankind.

    Taunting the six Autumns, the Wrathful One struck hard at Captain Galatea who defended herself with her shield. Gusts of luminous white wind which suddenly rose and swirled into a malevolent cyclone ripped through the area, blasting the Marrachians and hitting Sir Varik and ser Leodegrance. The fight was back and forth with the defenders working tactically with their earthly weapons, but the much more powerful Prime using her element to bring down winds and lightning. Throughout, the snows of Winter fell and observers were praying. Suddenly, Megaera threatened, "You think you are clever... let Us see you avoid this…" and funnelled the gale winds into several small cyclones, targeting the fighters. Lightning began to crack and the warriors spread out. As a bolt of lightning slammed into the southeast fighting area, Lady Charmiam was caught by the enormous blast, that broke her gauntlets on impact and seemed to destroy her left arm. The powerful gusts of ice and wind that followed resulted almost took off ser Leodegrance's leg and severely damaged Mistress Heulyn.

    The wounded were removed from the field, and Captain Galatea grimly told Sir Pete and Sir Varick, "It's us. No room for mistakes." She renewed her attack on Megaera as Sir Adahn was calling for more Autumn fighters from those present. Megaera the Wrathful bellowed "Enough! Megaera will suffer no more of your petulance. You who would oppose a god - be judged by the heavens for your arrogance…" and in a swirl of wind, four sylphs appeared and began to sing. The songs of the north, south, east and west winds in unison, bolstered and empowered the Prime. This chronicler started to sing in hopes of encouraging the Autumn fighters, who had turned their attention to the songstresses.

    Electrified winds began swirling malevolently around Megaera. She coldly uttered, "Now -- return to dust ingloriously, you who once vainly hoped for the glory of a triumph!" The tornado encircling Megaera suddenly erupted outward in a torrent of electrified wind. It blasted Captain Galatea, Sir Varick and Sir Pete who sustained a most dreadful injury as his armour broke. The valiant knight battled on declaring that a knight cannot leave others to die. Mistress Blodwen, Dame Umichan and Mistress Rikka stepped forth and joined the fray.

    With Sir Pete bleeding heavily from his hip, the six Marrachians continued against Megaera and her sylphs. As the Prime's talons crackled with lighting, the Royal Sorceress was able to disorient her with a spell and allow the others to attack with their weapons. The struggle continued with sorcery, blasting, damaging winds and metal weapons clashing. Mistress Blodwen even struck back with her own sorcerous lightning. Changing tactics, Megaera the Wrathful let out a wicked shriek that ripped throughout the courtyard in a swirling burst of sonic energy and dealt massive damage to the warriors. Staggered, but undeterred, the determined six continued their defense, Dame Umichan's blades almost invisible in a flurry of attacks. Mistress Rikka managed to evade lighting blasts more than once, but Sir Varick fell victim to the awful electricity gravely wounding his shoulder, and he was unable to continue. Master Ibar stepped forth to take his place, declaring, "Well. I die for Marrach like any other."

    The high fae gathered her strength and once more called forth sylphs, empowering herself with their songs and proclaiming, "This is the end…". However, the Marrachians were able to deal with most of the sylphs quickly. The dark, tall man who had been watching from the shadows seemed to sense the battle was drawing to a close. He placed one of his tarot cards on a barrel, just before Mistress Rikka plunged her rapier into Megaera the Wrathful and dealt a fatal blow. Megaera's chest and shoulder burst open with an eruption of shimmering white energy as the blow struck through her divine figure. A shockwave of energy washed over the area, knocking people off their feet. The remaining sylphs were dispatched, and a chill washed over the castle.

    Megaera crumpled to her knees, the gouge of the great wound in her chest where her heart may have once been, glistened with aetherial white light as streams of crimson seeped down her body and pooled on the stones. Her once-majestic wings crumpled behind and around her, faded and greying and bore no trace of their former splendor. A single feather cracked and broke off, falling towards the ground and disintegrating into white dust as the wind itself seems to whistle a mournful howl. Her eyes flickered less luminously and began to fade as she gazed at the ground, her figure, once divine, slowly turned to dust.

    The silent, tall man approached the dying fae. There was a mournful howl on the wind as her eyes flicked and dimmed and she murmured, "...for Megaera to be felled by Humans... you truly do destroy all that you touch." Another feather from her once-resplendent wings turned grey and colorless. It broke like sand before the wind and disintegrated into shimmering white light as the high fae being collapsed and stretched out her lethal talons, "Ah... Megaera cannot see... the colour anymore... what have you done?" She began to disintegrate into fine grey dust. The aetherial remnants of her being floated upward like fine grains of sand to be caught in the wind and carried away. The air over the Outer Bailey courtyard twinkled with many small floating beams of light. The dark man murmured to her, "What they always do to our kind. Rest now." Megaera the Wrathful finally closed her wide luminous white eyes, " hurts. Kulshedra... Tisiphone... forgive…" and the remnants of Megaera's form suddenly crumpled inward like a hollow statue collapsing on itself, and scattered to the wind. In a few moments, no trace of the magnificent being remained testament that she ever existed at all. A soft rumble echoed over the mountainside, and the wind seemed to howl, then finally the storm subsided.

    Continue below ...

    Mistress Tine
    Royal Chronicler of the Court
    Squire to Sir Edstave
    Junior Equerry to Lord Dolph Li'astri
    Duelist Society Pledge


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      ... continued.

      The Aftermath

      The tall, dark man gave a dire warning to Mistress Rikka," Rikka, if you wish to return to this realm again should you perish, you will remove yourself and your attitude. For an 'alchemist' and a 'keeper' you have no respect. You had no right to fell a creature such as her." So saying, he dissolved into ash and disappeared. Sir Pete finally succumbed to his wounds, expiring in a dreadful pool of blood. He uttered, "Maeve" with his final breath.

      Those in the courtyard appeared devastated at the shocking events which they had witnessed, and many were weeping when they noticed a dark-haired woman, later identified as Haylee of the Triangle. She lifted her staff and the mists of magic energy that had been the Air Prime circled her and sank into the staff. Invoking her gold Triangle signet ring, she dissolved into the atmosphere. Realizing that the Triangle now had the essence of the high fae, ser Melle remarked, "She got what she wanted."

      Shaken, Captain Galatea gave orders to see to the wounded, warning, "... it's not over. This is just beginning." Ser Harabec took the tarot card which had been left by the stranger. It was an exquisitely illuminated tarot card that looked to be extremely ancient. It depicted a tall, ivory tower being struck by lightning and cracking down the middle, with people running from the tower into darkness. The corpse of Sir Pete's was taken to the temporary hospital in the Sunset Room. The healers were busy there, treating many horrific wounds. The identity of the tall, dark stranger was revealed as a guardian from the Underworld. He had been seen during the previous evening's quest guarding the sarcophagus of the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone. Sera Kaori, a sorceress, said the stranger was clouded in a Glamour to conceal his true identity.

      As the Healers worked on the awful wounds, and the shocked denizens tried to make sense of what had happened, Princess Maeve appeared in the Sunset Room. Referring to the Triangle's capture of Megaera's fae essence, Her Highness commented, "It was advised that the Triangle would do just that. Perhaps underestimating them will be something you cease to do in the future." The Unseelie elf remarked, "Megaera was not seeking Justice, she was seeking Vengeance. Sometimes our heartache can cloud our judgement, even if we began with the best of intentions."

      She then made a generous offer to those present, "I can mend your wounds if you like. Though, I know some here are ungrateful for the aid of immortals." Appreciation was expressed by many, and with an accompanying scent of moonflowers, the room shimmered in a magical haze and most people present were fully healed, by the grace of the powers that be. Lady Charmiam remarked, "The wonders of the fae. We kill one, and one heals us. It is not fair."

      Princess Maeve then took Sir Pete's corpse and vanished in a voluminous haze of dark purple smoke. Fortunately, later that evening, Sir Pete was discovered dressed in linens, kneeling at the scene of his death. He had made a full recovery thanks to the Princess's magic.

      Gathering their scattered thoughts and belongings, people began to drift from the Sunset Room to make their way to their various homes. Ser Gareth was still chilled and suffering from the Cold Sickness brought on by the mists. Several people were tidying the Sunset Room, when ser Melle advised, "Continue to avoid the mists. Haylee seems to have absorbed Megaera's power. That may include command over the marked."

      Note: since the events of Saturn's, the mists have been cleared from the castle.

      This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections. I humbly ask all readers to please indicate to me discreetly, any falsehoods I may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

      In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, The Office of the Chronicler, and the Denizenry of Her Majesty's Realm.

      Mistress Tine
      Royal Chronicler of the Court
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      Mistress Tine
      Royal Chronicler of the Court
      Squire to Sir Edstave
      Junior Equerry to Lord Dolph Li'astri
      Duelist Society Pledge



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