Downtimes: June 24 - July 2nd

We've got another batch of shutdowns coming in late June and early July, so that the machines can be repaired for the newest bug, the ZombieLoad CPU bug.

In general, the Genesis games (Grendel, TEC, TEC-Test) all have reboots scheduled for the absolute middle of the night, so I'll be taking each down the previous evening at midnight and bringing them back up the next morning at 9am.

The SkotOS games have always been more robust about reboots, so we'll let them reboot on their own, though there's some chance for an ~2 hour data loss. In any case, I'll be checking them after the 2-hour window when I can, though Marrach has a middle-of-the-night reboot, so that'll be the next morning.

The UserDB and Web reboots will cause some downtime for the entire site, but again they will hopefully come up cleanly.


- Shutdown Grendel (late Sunday 6/23)

- Startup Grendel (early Monday 6/24)

- Shutdown TEC (late Monday 6/24)

- Startup TEC (early Tuesday 6/25)

- Check TEC Client (9pm Tuesday 6/25)

- Shutdown TEC-Test (late Thursday 6/27)

- Startup TEC-Test (Friday 6/28)


- Marrach (Monday early morning 6/24)

- Ironclaw (Monday 10pm-midnight 6/24)

- Lovecraft, Lazarus (Monday 8pm-10pm 7/2)


- UserDB (Monday 10pm-midnight 6/24)

- Web (Sunday 9pm-11pm 6/30)
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The Healers

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  • The Healers

    Twenty-Sixth day, Second Moon
    Year Six of the Recent Awakenings,
    And updated by the Office hence,

    In accordance to the will of the Lord Chamberlain, and in upholding the duties charged to us as Chroniclers, we hereby submit an account of the
    Royal Healers.

    When people take harm, whether in everyday life or in dramatic instance, it is the realm's healers who come to the rescue -- tending hurts and repairing serious, life-threatening damage.

    These healers belong to the Office of the Royal Healers, which is home to healers whose rank spans from commoners to the Winter Court. Their primary pupose in Her Majesty's Keep is to assure the well-being all respecting guests in need of help.

    The office is currently led by the Royal Chief of Medicine, Doctor Dolph. Doctor Dolph has been studying medicine for a number of years, and has both academic and practical experience to support his position as both a Teacher and Practitioner.

    The Royal Healers have two offices, one in each bailey. For many years, the Healers could be found in a room in the Dove Tower, though a need for more space and closer proximity to the Practice Hall, where duels took place, required a move. This newer Outer Bailey location is known as the Infirmary, and is located in the former Winter Watch office located directly to the west of the Practice Hall, above the Gate Courtyard to the north.

    The second and newest of the Healers' offices is located in the Inner Bailey. This location, a Royal Teaching Hospital, is located below the Royal Collegium in the Collegium Tower of the Inner Bailey. You can reach its doors by going east of the Inner Baths in the basement floor, or going down a flight of stairs from the Collegium lecture hall.

    "Studying to be a Healer is a serious task," Doctor Dolph explained when asked about the calling. "Being an Orderly, that is - one who takes, nor has, any formal training in the Healers - that is a less demanding role and on par with something like a Page exclusively employed by the Healers for menial tasks. You watch, you learn, you become familiar with the family of Healers. But climbing into the task of an Aide and getting your hands dirty, most literally, requires grit. Study. Practical application and determination."

    However, he noted times have changed and the Healers have as well.

    "The Healers used to demand all exclusivity to our Office you wanted to be anything more than an Aide," he said. "I, however, only require that of my Doctors. While I stress to my Apprentice hopefuls that I would like them not to be stretched thin (limiting them to only one major guild outside of the Healers), the Nurses have no such limitation. Doctors, however, are required to focus entirely on the Healers, as it is a strong and dutiful position that will take a lot of focus. However, learning a craft (Embinding, tailoring, et cetera) is perfectly fine."

    Those interested in learning more or wishing to join their ranks on an either official capacity or otherwise are instructed to write Doctor Dolph to request about the Orderly position, which all members must begin as. Please simply include why you have interest in the Office, along with a short sentence or two about yourself as well as your normal waking bells, and the Doctor will attempt to meet with you.

    Anyone in need of a Healer can identify them by their caduceus pin (A symbol with a staff and twin snakes curling around it from the bottom up to the top of the staff, and two outstretched wings). or by summoning them by blowing into a silver whistle. Please contact Doctor Dolph if you wish to request permission to obtain one of these, as they must be obtained from the Jewelers.

    As of this writing, the current active roster of the Royal Healers are:
    Lead and Royal Chief of Medicine: Doctor Dolph
    Doctors: Doctor Aloria
    Apprentices: sera Natasha, ser Quinlan
    Nurses: Mistresses Ezraella and Merrynn, ser Sinistro
    Nurse’s Aides: Mistress Jerisa, seras Vasilisa, Elora, Kimmi, Xandie, ser Adahn
    Orderly: None current
    Special Training (Ranger Medics): Dame Eeva, Mistress Theresa, ser Crevan

    This chronicle will be subject to changes and corrections, as we humbly ask that readers indicate to us through their discretion any falsehood we may have mistakenly communicated. It is by means of the conservation of the Past that we continue to serve Her Majesty and give substance to those that follow.

    In service to Her Majesty Queen Vivienne, the Lord Chamberlain, the Chronicler's Office, and the Denizenry of our Gracious Queen's Realm;
    Penned by Eloire: Twenty-sixth day of the Second Moon, 6th YRA

    Updated by Dolph & Euphelia: Fourteenth day of the Tenth Moon, 18th YRA
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    Eloire Kysarrian