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Chronicle of the Shadows: Vol. VI The Attack of the Shadow upon the Mistress Avaria

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  • Chronicle of the Shadows: Vol. VI The Attack of the Shadow upon the Mistress Avaria

    The Attack of the Shadow upon the Mistress Avaria

    Vol. VI
    Twelfth Moon
    Second Day
    Chronicle: To be Numbered

    Good Denizens of Marrach;

    In obedience to the will of the Lord Chamberlain, by request and with only the humblest hopes to prove of assistance to ye, the esteemed denizens of Marrach; I herewith scribe unto you this, the sixth Chronicle of the volume of Shadows, herewith to be entitled ‘The Attack of the Shadow upon the Mistress Avaria’ which is to include a further rendering of those most recent incidents of the Shadows, and further which hath occurred over the span of the fourth week of the eleventh moon ongoing, as is documented in the accounting of the events as followeth:

    Directly after the events which transpired in the Sunset room on Suns Day, the eleventh month and twenty-seventh day, the Mistress Avaria, waiting in the Outer Bailey Courtyard in search of Sargeant Howe, noticed a shadow adrift in the North passageway; and which seeming independent from any specific source, determined further to have a closer look.

    The shadow at first allowed Mistress Avaria’s watchful eye to fall upon it at great length. However when the Mistress extended her hand to determine the corporeal nature of its essence , the shadow suddenly leapt up across the intervening space and coiled itself about the Mistress’ head.

    The Mistress reports that she was immediately blinded. The shadow itself she described as an area of cold and darkness, with no notable discernible boundaries save for the temperature and the lack of light.

    Ser Lasaine, present at the time, did take amends to immediately assist the Mistress by laying a hand on her arm to indicate his presence, and upon her instinctual turning towards him to discover the source of comfort, fully exposed the shadow to the light of the candle which he was bearing.

    By all accounts, the shadow, noting the light, screamed.

    The shadow then immediately released its grip on the Mistress, nearly making its way to another sera present, Ashla, who was understandably lacking calm. The shadow seemed to be more aggressive with regards to the sera, but ser Lasaine again was abled to drive it off with the light of his flickering candle, upon whence it seemed to simply slip itself back into the darkness.

    It is to be noted that the Mistress Avaria suffered no permanent effects of her encounter with the shadow itself, and was restored immediately with her vision once the shadow loosened its grip upon her.

    This Chronicler requests forgiveness for any error in this missive regarding these lingerings, and asks only to be notified of such so that it may be duly corrected. Volumes II and III of the Shadows are still as of this writing forthcoming pending further clarification on events.

    So concludeth Volume Six of the Shadows.

    In service to the Lord Chamberlain,

    The yoke or the throne?

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